Lottie Is Growing Up

Omg how much has Lottie grown?


Fabric Shopping – Melbourne Snapshots

It’s snapshots time!

Oh Australia, cheap signs like these are why overseas tourists become so confused about our wildlife. Why is a koala the baby on board the kangaroo?!


Cute Puppy Lottie Photo Spam!

It’s time for some more Lottie Loving 😀 (but not the kind she gives to the stuffed dog we gave her *_*)

She’s getting so good with her tricks now. My favorites are Shake and Dance, she is so freaking cute when she dances!


Ridiculous Places Lottie Naps

Lottie loves napping in weird places. I think she’s kind of a weird dog, she’d have to be a little weird living with us haha.

Lottie sleeps in a blanket burrito.


How I Made Lottie’s Puppy Halloween Witch Costume


Today I figured I would do a quick walk through of how I made Lottie’s Halloween costume. I’m not really sure how I feel about dogs wearing cutesy clothing in general because I know some of them hate it. As she’ll most likely need to wear a coat when we go out in winter next year our vet suggested getting her used to it now while she’s still little. I haven’t made her any real coats yet so I figured I’d get in quick and do something that could double for Halloween.

Shameless Cute Puppy Gifs :D

I really have nothing productive for you today but I’ve been completely obsessed with making gifs of Lottie at the moment so I thought I’d share some of my favorites 😀

They are so much more expressive than photos so you can get an idea of her personality!

She has a lot of moods, this is cuddly Lottie:



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