Miss Lottie’s First Trip To The Beach – Melbourne Snapshots!

We’ve wanted to take Lottie to the beach since she was little but traveling with her on public transport is a pain in the butt so we waited until we could plan a proper day out with our friends.

Riverside Picnic With Miss Lottie! Melbourne Snapshots!

Melbourne is too unpredictable for picnics. It was supposed to be amazing weather but the entire time we were relaxing at the river it was chilly and windy!

Lottie couldn’t care less though!

How To Pretty Up A Puppy Harness

So when we first started walking Lottie everyone we spoke to told us we had to have a harness. That is a whole can of worms to get into right there which I don’t have time to debate but the only harness we could find that actually fit her at the time was cat harness from Daiso. It was pretty flimsy and a pain to clip on and off a wiggly puppy so I set about making it a bit better until we could find another one.

Yes, complete with crappy diagrams 😀


Happy Birthday Miss Lottie!

Guess who turned 1 recently?


How To Turn a Kids Sweater Into A Puppy Sweater

I admit that I am a craft supply/clothes horder. I love finding new uses for items of clothing which I can no longer wear and that’s how Lottie came to have a cute new sweater.

While she doesn’t really *need* a sweater because of all of that fur, she is a total baby when it comes to the cold so the second it’s under like 15 degrees she’s trying to take my hot water bottle >_> we are both only children so neither of us share well and this was the compromise. Luckily it works so she can have her warm tummy and I can be selfish and not have to share my hot water bottle!


Needle Felting Lottie’s Pet Bed

Miss Lottie’s fanclub totally spoils her rotten. Kim, who is her #1 fan bought Lottie an adorable strawberry house!


She absolutely loved it so I decided to customise it to match the lovely card Kim painted too!

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