How To Make A Puppy Mattress – Lottie’s Home Sweet Home

Miss Lottie’s new-ish house isn’t nearly as soft and comfy as her old strawberry was 🙁 So I set about making it a bit more awesome by making a little mattress she could sleep on in the bottom. I’ve tried putting blankets and regular pillows in but she just shoves them to the back >_<

Anyway the end result was really cute!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Fabric
  • Lace
  • Stuffing
  • Needle and thread or a sewing machine
Measure out enough fabric for the pillow and cut two pieces.
Now put the fabric with the good sides together and then place a piece of lace between them along where the seam will be
Stitch along that line making sure you’re going through the edge of the lace as well.
When you open it back out the lace should poke out like this:
Continue all the way around the edge leaving a little gap at the end.
Poke your fingers inside the gap…
And turn the whole thing inside out.
Fill the pillow with stuffing.
And then close up the hole.
Now stitch diagonally through the pillow:
And then diagonally the other way so it forms diamonds.
And that’s it, all done!
So cute! And a perfect fit for her new house.
Of course, that doesn’t stop her from sleeping everywhere else… like on my plate -_-‘
Oh Lottie.

Happy Birthday Miss Lottie

Miss Lottie is officially 2 years old now! Happy Birthday Miss Lottie!

She has been the absolute best thing in our lives for the last two years and she’s made us so happy. I think it’s really hard to be sad when you have a dog because they are always there waiting to greet you with excitement and love.

Happy Birthday Miss Lottie! I promise to make you lots of tuna biscuits 😀



Of course, even at 2 she is full of mischief and energy. For every one beautiful, touching photo like this:



There are like 50 of these:




Bonus pic: Miss Lottie is still a great pick up artist… “Sup ladies. How you doin’?” >_>



How To Make You Own Needle Felt Lottie

When I get bored and have an excess of needle felting supplies, things like this happen…

To make you own needle felted Lottie you will need basic needle felting supplies and wool in creams, beiges, black and a little orangey red.
Make 3 sausagey legs and felt a crease to make the feet. These should be beige with extra cream on the foot part.
Make a body which looks like an egg. The chest area should be white and very proud looking while the back is beige. Attach the legs as well.
Add a white tail which is a ridiculous proportion to the body. It should be extra fluffy and highly decorative.
For the head use mostly beige with details in white. Lottie’s face looks like a fox so pointy snout, big eats and cheeks so fluffy they also seem highly decorative.
Attach the head to the body.
Lastly you need to add a face. A little brown nose is accurate but black is fine too. Don’t forget to put eyes on which absolutely beg you for the treats you’re holding.
Seriously Human, give me all of your bacon. I need it to live.
That sounds about right!
Real Lottie isn’t so sure about this though >_>
In fact she is highly uninterested.
And kind of insulted. Honestly, if she were going to beg it would be for tuna. Speaking of which… do you have any tuna… Lottie needs it to live >_>

Lottie’s Favorite Dog Treats Recipe

Today I’ll show you guys the recipe for Lottie’s favourite dog biscuits! You can see, she will do pretty much anything for them…

I had wanted to make her treats for a long time but she wasn’t very interested in a lot of the ingredients that most of the ones I found online had. I ended up making a hybrid and adding things she loves. Obviously if your dog has dietary concerns you should adjust as needed and please do check with your vet before giving your dog anything new.
You need:
  • Large can of tuna (around 180g)
  • Half a jar of peanut butter (around 80g)
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of flour
  • A little water

In a mixing bowl add the oats…
The flour…
The tuna (including the juice)…
And the peanut butter.
Mix it together into a big ball.
It needs to be sticky enough to roll out and cut into cookies so if it’s too brittle to roll then add a little bit of water.
Knead into a big ball.
And then roll out to around 1cm thick.
Cut into appropriately dog-themed shapes.
And pop them in the oven at 150 for around 20 minutes or until they dry out and are hard to the touch.
While they are baking, you might have someone who would like to help clean up and lick the spoon.
They look pretty much the same when cooked.
Let them cool before giving to Lottie so she doesn’t burn her little tongue.
Now see how many tricks you can make her do in one go!
Hope you enjoyed this as much as Lottie did, let me know if you try it out for your dog!

Oh Miss Lottie – Melbourne Snapshots

Oh Miss Lottie. You provide never ending entertainment. Also, that lasagne is not yours and you are not Garfield.
You shouldn’t try to steal chips from people, it’s bad for you. And you are terrible at judging the height of things in relation to yourself.



You are the king of jumping on rocks though even if you miss a few times…


Balance is really not your thing.



You insist on claiming every small space in the house as yours including inside bags, cardboard boxes and under pillows and blankets. Bonus points if  human is already laying on any of those. Also, the back of the couch is where a cat is supposed to sleep, not a dog. You may be at least 1/2 cat.


You try to steal my pillow like every night and look extremely pleased with yourself.


You try to lick strangers when they pat you… and look extremely pleased with yourself.



You have a terrible nose for finding treats which are right in front of you. You have hay fever which is so bad that you are more likely to sneeze on your treats than find them.



But the fur right between your ears is so soft…


And I like your beard hair.


And you like to walk around our block.


So long as we all walk together and no one breaks formation…


And you love to snuggle while we watch movies on the cough.


What a lovely dog you are Miss Lottie.

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