How To Make A Puppy Mattress – Lottie’s Home Sweet Home

Miss Lottie’s new-ish house isn’t nearly as soft and comfy as her old strawberry was 🙁 So I set about making it a bit more awesome by making a little mattress she could sleep on in the bottom. I’ve tried putting blankets and regular pillows in but she just shoves them to the back >_<

Anyway the end result was really cute!

Happy Birthday Miss Lottie

Miss Lottie is officially 2 years old now! Happy Birthday Miss Lottie!

She has been the absolute best thing in our lives for the last two years and she’s made us so happy. I think it’s really hard to be sad when you have a dog because they are always there waiting to greet you with excitement and love.

Happy Birthday Miss Lottie! I promise to make you lots of tuna biscuits 😀



Of course, even at 2 she is full of mischief and energy. For every one beautiful, touching photo like this:



There are like 50 of these:




Bonus pic: Miss Lottie is still a great pick up artist… “Sup ladies. How you doin’?” >_>



How To Make You Own Needle Felt Lottie

When I get bored and have an excess of needle felting supplies, things like this happen…

Lottie’s Favorite Dog Treats Recipe

Today I’ll show you guys the recipe for Lottie’s favourite dog biscuits! You can see, she will do pretty much anything for them…

Oh Miss Lottie – Melbourne Snapshots

Oh Miss Lottie. You provide never ending entertainment. Also, that lasagne is not yours and you are not Garfield.
You shouldn’t try to steal chips from people, it’s bad for you. And you are terrible at judging the height of things in relation to yourself.


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