Quiet Time Melbourne Snapshots!

It’s been pretty long week between visitors, James’ birthday and a whoooole lot of work things. I will write about it all properly but for now… let’s just have some quiet catching up photo time and decompress haha!

Changing Seasons

Well I couldn’t find my shots from Christmas/Billy Idol Day… so this week will be all about Melbourne’s different seasons.

Most of you guys are overseas and I get a lot of questions about the seasons here. Probably because I talk about them like they are exciting… which they are to me because I grew up in North Queensland which only has 2 seasons: hot and slightly less hot. Growing up there, seasons were something you saw on American tv and I don’t think I really saw trees dropping their leaves until a few years ago!

Melbourne has 4 really distinct seasons.

Winter – June, July and August.

Winter is quite cold, I don’t think it’s gotten to below 0C while I’ve been here but the highs are usually between 8-12C but the wind chill is lower.

Sailor Moon Halloween Outfit

I had to get up at 4:30am this morning for a conference skype so I don’t think I’m quite running on all cylinders today… Ahaha Halloween photos… next week we’ll have Christmas!

I think you can guess who I was for last Halloween… I had 2 costumes, this version was my half arsed one which I pulled out of my closet:

Jacket: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Supre
Scarf: Tie shop

A Walk In The Park

Hey Besties!

Today has been a little bit of a different day for me. Normally at this time of day I would be sitting at home wading through emails and trying to get some work done. Instead I had to help James bring some photography gear out to a job so I have a few hours to kill waiting for him before we take it back home again.


I had a bit of wander around Carlton park and found a nice shady bench to sit on. It’s a really lovely park and has some beautiful buildings as well.


I wish we lived closer because it’s really refreshing to just sit here in the cool breeze and people watch.


My camera connects directly to my iPad (which I’m writing this on) so here are some of the photos I’ve taken so far ^_^


This is like a live version of snapshots haha! I even managed to balance the camera on some sticks for a where I walk shot! I’m trying to break in my new shoes today but the backs still rub quite badly so I had to add some socks. I’m thinking of trying out knitting some lace socks like this for my first sock project.


There is a group of little old ladies monopolising the basketball court as they work out. They totally look like they are having some kind of gang meeting in their work out clothes.

It was supposed to be very hot today but there is a lovely breeze coming through…that said a weird yellow bug just crawled onto my bag.


There are heaps of people here with their dogs too. I think Lottie would love rolling around in the grass! We’ve considering trying to buy an apartment again when our lease is up so maybe we should look in this area. Kris gave me some directions to lovely cafes but I wanted to take some photos in the park first.


Let’s see, what else is happening today? I’m a little desperate to go home because I will hopefully have a package of new watercolour paints waiting. I say hopefully because I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now for the package to get from Byron Bay to Melbourne but that’s a story to put in the review I’m going to write when/if it arrives >_>

My comfy bench…


I’m really excited for these paints because it’s a lot more colours than I’m used to and they are actually set into fabric so you can fit a full colour pallet onto a page of paper for portability *_* it would have been really nice to be able to sit in the park and paint today but I’m a few hours early I guess. Timing has really not been my friend this week!

The grass here is all covered in dew drops, it’s so pretty.



There are an awful lot of people making out in this park XD

I’ve been keeping busy at nights by knitting a new shirt. It’s using stretchy yarn that has some elastic woven in so it should give a good fit when it’s done. The endless rows of stockinette have been really relaxing while watching tv at night and it’s the perfect project for watching subtitled TV.


We bought a subscription to Crunchy Roll and I’ve been totally obsessed with the show Servant X Service. It’s so freaking funny and I hope they make another season! We are having issues getting the streaming to work with Chromecast though so I think we will cancel next month and see what else is available. I really wish Funimation was available in Aus because they have all of the 90’s shows I used to watch! Stupid licensing laws. We might have to get a VPN at this rate.

Ok, James and Kris have finished up at the job so time for me to pack up and head home to check my mail box 😀


I hope you guys enjoyed the live snapshots haha! It was really fun to write so maybe we can make it a proper thing again ^_^




Where I Walk

I’m still completely obsessed with these photos. When I have enough of them I think I’ll turn them into like a massive collage photo and print them out for our wall. Maybe when we move house we’ll have a space to display them. I think that would be so lovely to look back on all of the places we’ve been!

A Week In Photos

There are a lot of snapshots to catch up on from last year! I think I should do the Halloween ones and Billy Idol Day first but these photos were already uploaded so I’ll do them next time ^_^

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