Melbourne Snapshots!

Today’s snapshots are a mishmash of things so enjoy 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1000523_1069 copy

James made delicious pasta and vegetable soup.

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Snapshots- L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Show


Quite a while ago (yes surprise I’m behind on things) I modeled in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival for Glamaz Melbourne.

Glamaz is a local store which imports Japanese brand clothes including a lot of Gyaru brands. LIKE!

They asked me to model LizLisa for them and I was like “HELL YES!” 😀 Anyway I’m sure you’re more interested in photos!

Myself, Yolada, Risa and Julia


This sentence is brought to you from our friends at ghd:

If you want to create a nice hairstyle you can use tools like hair straighteners for more than just straightening your hair. You can straighten, curl or create many other styles for your hair.

Melbourne Snapshots Beauty Events!

Snapshots time… finally! And you know what? I found a random folder I never posted originally so we’re starting off with photos from last year!

Melbourne-Photos-369-JimmyAmerica-Shu  copy

Violet and Jimmy’s Home Sweet Home

So you’ve probably noticed the lack of craft here lately. It’s come from a combination of having no crafting time and being uninspired.

My life is very heavily scheduled, until this year James and I didn’t take weekend or evenings off and when one thing goes out of whack the rest tends to follow quickly until I feel I’m constantly treading water instead of actually moving forward. And for a while that works, I’ve crossed off so many long term projects from my list this year and I’m making decent progress toward some more, but eventually I just get burned out.

I’ve been running around so much trying to get things done that the house is a mess and when the house is a mess I feel less like doing things. It snowballs until I end up back in front of the computer for 14 hours a day rather than crafting or doing something creative. And if I do have a minute spare all I want to do is procrastinate. I’ve gotten distracted already several times just writing this article >_<

Being in an apartment that isn’t particularly appealing doesn’t inspire me and if I’m not inspired I just don’t want to craft.

So it’s time to do something about that 😀


Welcome to my new series “Violet and Jimmy’s Home Sweet Home” ^_^

Snapshots- Tsumiki Design Hair Salon

Last weekend I was invited to visit a Japanese hair and nail salon in Prahran called Tsumiki Design. I’ve decided not to go to many events this year because I want to focus more on crafting and having time for James and myself but when I got the invitation for the Tsumiki event I couldn’t RSVP fast enough… a Japanese salon!? With stylists specialising in Japanese techniques!? And Japanese nail art!? YES PLEASE!

I’d honestly given up looking for a place like this in Aus a long time ago after several bad experiences but I always get my hopes up when something new hair or nail related comes up so my brain said full steam ahead 😀

My Hair History – Dove Nutri-Oil Advertorial

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Since I started doing hair tutorial videos one of the most common things I’m asked is for a hair care routine video. I really want to sit down and do a detailed video on that but in the mean time I thought maybe a hair history might be interesting!

So when I was 14 I dyed my hair for the first time, I was going to do it black but changed my mind to bright red at the last minute. No pictures of that because it would involve digging through boxes of old school stuff but I will get them out next time we move so you can all laugh at them XD

After the red, I let it all grow out when I was around 17 and did blue, that didn’t last long and was replaced with green and eventually black after it faded. My hair was quite long up until the black at which point I got sick of it and cut it into an angled bob with a short fringe!

After a while it grew out and I evened it out to this…


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