Happy Halloween!


Our pumpkin last year! This year we’re traveling for a photoshoot so we couldn’t have a party >_< Maybe next year though! Hope you had a fun night!

Daisy Chains

Before I cut my hair… (in fact it was actually like last Summer >_> ) we went flower picking out in the suburbs so I could get some supplies to make fun resin things with. I ended up with a whole lot of flowers, but for the most part I picked daisies because they are my favourite. Melbourne is full of flowers in the warmer months and coming originally from a city that pretty much never had wild flowers, it’s like a beautiful fairy tale.


_1230670 _1230671_1230664 _1230672 _1230674 _1230675 _1230676 _1230678 _1230681 _1230684 _1230687
_1230699 _1230703 _1230717 _1230720 _1230722 _1230723 _1230726 _1230732 _1230734Lottie not so much…
_1230798 _1230802


Birthday V-Log!

I know I’ve been missing for quite a while… but here’s a V-Log because yay!

I’m not sure when I’ll be back again, I’m trying my best to not put pressure and deadlines on things anymore but there have been a whole lot of changes in my life to update about and I will get to it!

Hope you guys are really well! <3

Silent-ish Saturdays

I will at some point start talking properly in these again >_>

Silent Snapshots

I’m currently off on a mini Easter get away with James, Celina and Toby and because I won’t have internet access I thought I should schedule something… my brain can’t think about anything other than this holiday though so….  Silent Snapshots? Silent Saturdays? Maybe we can make that a thing for a while!

Enjoy my random arty photos and with any luck (assuming the weather isn’t working against me), I’ll be all relaxed next week from laying on a beach with a good book! I hope you all have a lovely weekend whether you are celebrating Easter or not ^_^

Carlton At Night

For this week’s quiet snapshots post we went to visit James’ brother in Carlton. I seem to get in these moods which I just feel like taking more artsy nonsense photos lately so here is Carlton at night.

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