Happy Halloween!


Our pumpkin last year! This year we’re traveling for a photoshoot so we couldn’t have a party >_< Maybe next year though! Hope you had a fun night!

Daisy Chains

Before I cut my hair… (in fact it was actually like last Summer >_> ) we went flower picking out in the suburbs so I could get some supplies to make fun resin things with. I ended up with a whole lot of flowers, but for the most part I picked daisies because they are my favourite. Melbourne is full of flowers in the warmer months and coming originally from a city that pretty much never had wild flowers, it’s like a beautiful fairy tale.


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_1230699 _1230703 _1230717 _1230720 _1230722 _1230723 _1230726 _1230732 _1230734Lottie not so much…
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Birthday V-Log!

I know I’ve been missing for quite a while… but here’s a V-Log because yay!

I’m not sure when I’ll be back again, I’m trying my best to not put pressure and deadlines on things anymore but there have been a whole lot of changes in my life to update about and I will get to it!

Hope you guys are really well! <3

Silent-ish Saturdays

I will at some point start talking properly in these again >_>

We’ve gone through some big changes over the last month or so, Kris has gone back to QLD for a while so I’m working as James’ assistant again which takes a decent chunk out of my time and I’ve been working really hard to create more products for my Creative Market shop.

I want people who aren’t using graphics like designers to be able to access my artwork too so I’ve been working on setting up places to buy prints, shirts and that kind of thing as well.

I feel like I’m at a turning point in my life and I want to turn into the wind and go the direction that makes me happy and the more I get into it, that’s illustration.

These photos are so old… Bergamot’s cousin Oolong came to visit with Becky!

Becky has even come to visit with Oolong again since then >_<

So… I don’t know exactly where I’m going right now but I am happier than I’ve ever been so I’m looking forward to sharing it more with you all ^_^

This didn’t turn out to be a very silent snapshots did it? Maybe I’ve found my groove again after all 😉


Silent Snapshots

I’m currently off on a mini Easter get away with James, Celina and Toby and because I won’t have internet access I thought I should schedule something… my brain can’t think about anything other than this holiday though so….  Silent Snapshots? Silent Saturdays? Maybe we can make that a thing for a while!

Enjoy my random arty photos and with any luck (assuming the weather isn’t working against me), I’ll be all relaxed next week from laying on a beach with a good book! I hope you all have a lovely weekend whether you are celebrating Easter or not ^_^


Carlton At Night

For this week’s quiet snapshots post we went to visit James’ brother in Carlton. I seem to get in these moods which I just feel like taking more artsy nonsense photos lately so here is Carlton at night.

Less artsy but how good is frozen yoghurt?? I am obsessed right now, mostly because the one in Emporium has some kind of jelly pudding that looks like dolphins and is delicious 😀


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