Cheese, Beaches and Flowers – Snapshots from QLD 2

On to the next day of our Queensland trip!

There weren’t any tours because it was Easter but we sat down for a very cheesy lunch.



Here is the matching vlog, there are bits from The Big Pineapple there too!

I made fun of Celina and Tobias for not being able to finish their deep fried Brie… then I failed too >_>


Snapshots From The Sunshine Coast And Brisbane

A couple of weeks ago Celina, Toby, James and I visited the Sunshine Coast!

We had a mad dash to the airport because of James’ stupid McDuff luck >_< I bet I wouldn’t be as stressed out at airports if he didn’t have such bad luck!!! Below with my new Hideo Wakamatsu suitcase. I’ve decided that it’s officially pretty enough to counteract James’ terrible airport luck.



Anyway we made it to Brisbane late on Thursday night and had late birthday dinner with James’ parents and brother. Then we made the drive up to Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast… James and I had a bet on exactly how long it would take to get there. Teeeeechnically he won but I’m still disputing that though >_>

We crashed early that night at the Zanzibar unit and woke up to this in the morning:


10 Tips To Pack In Style – Win A Hideo Wakamatsu Beauty Case

As you guys know, we recently did quite a bit of traveling. I get a lot of questions about how I pack so I thought that doing a video in the style of the Friday Fun ones I used to do would be the easiest way to give some tips! I’ll be bringing back the Friday Fun videos soon too so let me know if you have any requests!

Luggage is from:

If you want to win a Hideo Wakamatsu beauty case like mine just check our this blog post:
This competition is for Australian residents only. .



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10 Travel Tips.

Hello we’re currently on holidays in Brisbane. We got back a few days ago from The Sunshine Coast and now we’re staying at James’ parent’s place.
Trip? That means time for packing tips!
I get a lot of questions about how I fit all of my clothes and junk in because I try to pack fairly light.
So I thought I would just make a video and show you guys!
Travel Tip #1.
Get the best suitcase you can afford. Hard case with 4 wheels is my favorite.
Two wheels is not enough, two wheels is never enough!
The four wheel ones are so good because you can pretty much push them around with a finger.
And I’m not very strong so I need a suitcase that wheels itself.
So for this trip I’m taking my new pink Cherry Blossom suitcase.
It’s from Hideo Wakamatsu and they were nice enough to send it to me.
My suitcase is a bit different to most other suitcases because it has a lot of other extra features.
For example it has a little coat hanger that comes with it.
It also has these dividers which unzip and then the second one on this side which clips down over here.
So when you open the suitcase everything is completely flat and nothing will have moved around which I really like.
Travel Tip #2
Use space bags or smaller bags to separate everything.
By space bags, I mean these vacuum sealed bags, I’m sure they have other names in different countries.
Even if you don’t plan on vacuuming them up they are really useful for dividing things and then if you have to open your suitcase in the airport or at your destination nothing will have moved around inside.
So you won’t get an avalanche of junk falling on you. k
Tip #3.
Bring a scarf.
Especially scarves you can crush up and they basically stay the same.
This one goes will pretty much everything, it’s light enough that it’s good for summer but when it’s bunched up it will keep you warm in the airport.
I hate being cold on planes
Tip #4
Pick good crushable fabrics.
I like to take things made of chiffon because they are floaty and breezy for a holiday but also easily crushable and they never crease.
You could roll this skirt up and throw it off a cliff and it would still look like this.
You know, unless it got snagged on some branches or something or a condor stole it and flew away and ate it because it thought it was a fish.
I don’t know what condors eat…
Chiffon is really good so I always pack lots of chiffon.

Turn on captions or visit my blog for a full transcript.

Win Beautiful Bracelets From Earth Jewel Creations

This giveaway was sponsored by the Earth Jewel Creations.

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As you guys know, we recently took a trip to The Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The Snapshot posts and vlogs are coming but I couldn’t wait to post about this! One of the highlights of the trip was visiting The Big Pineapple to see their new markets and meet Jo from Earth Jewel Creations. The Big Pineapple has really changed a lot since I was a kid but I’ll post more on the when I write up my Snapshots!

Earth Jewel Creations is one of the permanent stalls at the markets and having seen Jo’s handmade jewellery online before I was quite excited to try some on.

Jo was lovely enough to allow me to do a giveaway with some of her jewellery so you guys can enjoy it too, the details are at the bottom of the post!

Here I am with Jo trying on one of the jewellery wraps.


The store specialises in jewellery made from beautiful gems as well as hand stamped customised charms.


The pieces I was most interested to see on our visit were the suede jewellery wraps. They are adjustable so you can wear them a lot of different ways (one of my favorite things ever!) and they come in a lot of different colours and with different charms.



The big ball charms are detachable too so you can move them around.


Jo was nice enough to give me a White Magnesite/Pyrite wrap and I made a video on all of the different ways to wear it:

Queensland Holidays!

Today we are heading up to Queensland to do a whirlwind tour of the Sunshine Coast and then spend a week in Brisbane. I won’t have much time to update so I thought you could keep up with me here! Check back everyday for more photos and I’ll be uploading daily mini vlogs before I have proper internet again in Brisbane to upload the real blogs 😀

We haven’t scheduled a proper meet up but on Saturday morning we will be at The Big Pineapple markets from around 9:30 if anyone wants to come say hi!


Visiting Canberra for #humanbrochure Day 3 – Snapshots

This trip was sponsored by the Human Brochure Campaign.

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Hello! Time for Day 3 of our trip to Canberra 😀

Read about Day 1 here!

Read about Day 2 here!

Read about Day 3 here!

Day 3 was the last day of our Human Brochure trip and it was both happy and sad. I was really looking forward to collapsing in a heap at home but I was also having so much fun in Canberra that I would have liked to stay a couple of extra days to do the things we missed out on like going to the Zoo etc.

We were up bright and early to check out of East Hotel, James went down for breakfast but I opted for a few extra minutes sleep XD



And the vlog from the day, my favorite part is Lottie’s reaction to us coming home at the end!


Bye beautiful hotel room that was bigger than my apartment, I’ll miss you ;_;


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