A Visit To The Cat Cafe

Last year we finally got our act together and visited the Melbourne Cat Cafe! I had been wanting to go for quite a while but never really had an excuse to until Valentine’s Day 😀 Cat date? Yes please!p1040432

The location we visited was inside a big Victorian style house near to the Vic Markets but I understand they have now moved to a different location on Guildford Lane and it looks totally different.


In the entry there was a gift shop and the ticketing area then you walked through the doors upstairs to find the kitties.


I was particularly excited to find Lottie the cat…


And I thought I did but then I overheard one of the staff calling her by a different name so apparently I wasn’t very good at cat hunting haha!

The cats were all very friendly and pretty much just lay around napping and enjoying the attention.


There were probably another 8 people visiting in the time slot we were in (mostly school girls) and the cats were spread out around several rooms so it was a bit awkward trying to find them without disturbing other people. I was expecting the kind of hustle/bustle of a regular cage but the whole ambiance was actually very quiet (no music playing) other than giggles when a cat did something adorable.


After wandering a bit, we found a room with table and chairs and ordered some snacks and drinks. There were no cats when we ordered but the second our food was brought up this happened…


Then this…


Then I was the most popular person in the place haha!



The food was definitely the Australian version of a cat cafe. Here, the laws about food preparation are a lot stricter than other countries so you can’t actually have anything served open. The options were things like plastic wrapped muffins, slices and small bags of chips and bottled drinks or coffee from a vending machine. I had a slice and James had a muffin and they were ok for packaged food but it did feel more like a picnic than an actual cafe especially considering Melbourne’s ridiculous obsession with cafe culture.


The cats were definitely happy to pose for photos and they even let me use my macro lens!

p1040482 p1040484 p1040490
p1040501 p1040508 p1040519
p1040526 p1040530 p1040537 p1040540 p1040546

All of the cats here are rescues so it’s nice for them to have so much affection from people now.

p1040548 p1040550

Overall while I really enjoyed myself and I’m glad we went to check it out, I can’t see myself going back to hang out.


On the way home we were caught up in the LNY celebrations in China Town!
p1040567 p1040576

Definitely a good day!

December V-Logs Part 1 :D

Every year in December James and I do every day V-Logs 😀 Even though this year I haven’t been online much we decided to go for it anyway hoping that it would give us something to look forward to after what has been a really stressful year. Here are the first 16 days 😀

Billy Idol Day / Christmas 2015

Hah I’m catching up on holidays! And this one was pretty good because for the first time ever we got ourselves a completely inappropriately sized Billy Idol Day tree! After agonising for days I ended up picking the fluffiest white one available and decorating it with pastel green, pink and gold. Our colours are always going to be green, pink and gold 😀p1020575

It’s pretty impressive at night! I wasn’t sure I was going to be bothered pulling it out again this year but it’s so pretty it might be worth it 😀


Lottie was too fat to fit in the hood we got for her. I am really not good at remembering sizes XD The lens flares around her collar look quite a lot like bells though so fitting!p1020580

I spent quite a while hand knitting us all custom stockings with special pictures on each.p1020586

Shockingly I don’t think they were all appreciated >_>p1020589 We went out for Dumpling Roulette which is basically what happens when you order a bunch of weird flavours of dumplings, forget what they are and then take turns seeing who ends up with the horrible ones.
p1020606 p1020659

I knit mini stockings for all of our friends pets!

p1020697 p1020732

We finally got to see the big yearly gingerbread exhibition and it sure made my house look a bit sad.
p1020745 p1020752 p1020758 p1020762 p1020766 p1020773 p1020778 p1020782

To be fair though, ours was delicious and when I tried the one I bought there it was pretty horrible.p1020788 p1020793 p1030084 p1030254 My Mum had surgery the week beforehand so we ended up just taking it very easy on the actual day. Here you can see what I mean about us never being able to get a good family photo… ever.
p1030292 p1030295

We got all of our food this year from Last Minute Chef which was fantastic. No cooking! Well, James made crescent rolls but only because he loves to bake. Weirdo.
p1030321 p1030330

We of course did our yearly walk around town. The city was a bit odd this year for some reason. The Myer windows were a story about a lost dog which kind of just bummed me out.

I finally managed to buy an icecream from those carts in the mall though! It was just as melty as it looked…p1030364 But you know, someone else enjoyed it!
p1030370 p1030374 p1030379 p1030381

After all of that we headed back home to settle in for video games and knitting. I started Chrissy’s sock yarn that day too which is in an upcoming post!p1030434

Ok maybe it is time to get in the mood and start decorating for this year!

Billy Idol Day / Christmas 2014

There’s nothing like looking through old photos to make you realise exactly how long it’s been since you were regularly blogging! So here I am back again posting and I’m not exactly 100% sure where I’ll be going with this but the weather is warm and this year it seems like I need some inspiration to get myself in a holiday kind of mood… So photos from several Christmas’ ago!

My hair was so long!!!

_1290922 I think it’s impossible for us to ever get a photo where we’re all in focus, looking at the camera and Lottie isn’t doing something weird XD

Our tree for the year was lights strung up with little clips, simple but so effective!


And Lottie had her own little feast XD


We went all out with the food this year too.

_1300073 _1300074 _1300075 _1300076

Cheese and snack table!


_1300083 _1300092 We bought some seafood from the market to try out, of course we thought we were getting it all cooked but in reality… not so much! James tried very hard to make the Moreton Bay Bug at the bottom work but it was pretty terrible haha!

We made up for that with roasted veggies and some kind of premade oven turkey thing from Woolworths!_1300107 YUM!
_1300113 We did our yearly trek out in the afternoon to get some bubble tea and the weather was quite good!
_1300125 Then the real fun started: NAP TIME!

We tried out the DIY slurpee cups that my Mum got us… they kind of worked haha!_1300188

The most satisfying part was smashing in that gingerbread house though! Demolition time!_1300195 Then it was just back to tea, video games and naps 🙂
_1300298…and stupid amounts of leftovers 😀_1300393

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