White Night Melbourne – Snapshots

After hearing how much fun it was last year, we decided to go to White Night this year.

We arrived at around 7 which was the start time but considering the sun didn’t go down for another 2 hours we just wandered around.
I became quite frustrated when some street photographers ignored the fact that I wasn’t interested in being whatever they were shooting and they kept following me around. I tried to hide behind James and even that didn’t deter them. I’m all for taking photos with people and street photography but when I’ve made it clear that I am not interested in participating in someone’s photos and  they follow me, I find that really creepy. And it happens surprisingly regularly and gets old really fast 🙁  Rude people are very frustrating and we met a lot of very rude people at White Night.
Then considering nothing had started we got bored and managed to snag a table at Starbucks.
When the sun went down and the lights came on. It was really quite beautiful.
Oh course it was more interesting with friends >_>
After doing Swanston St we went down to see Flinders St and that was a mistake!
It was absolutely stunning, but the number of people was intense! The news reports were saying there were 500,000 people there *_*
The smile in this photo lasted about 5 minutes.
Our group was separated and we lost James for a while. Celina and I were able to stay together by holding each others bags as we tried to get out.
A man with a pram continuously rammed Celina’s foot even after she asked him to stop. I was so angry by that point that I yelled at him and he didn’t even care, he just continued doing it to poor Celina. A little while after that we were trying to find James (no one’s phones were working either :/) and a man started digging his knuckle into my back to force me to walk faster. We were all literally pressed together so that wasn’t going to happen. Even after I asked him to quit it he continued. Ugh. Never again!
Once we found James he told us that a woman had been apparently faking labour pains to try and get people to move out of her way, but even that didn’t work! RUDE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.
We managed to get to Collins St where there was a little breathing space and found a pop up cinema and food trucks.
After that we couldn’t take being in the crowd anymore and gave up and went home :/
Next year, instead of attending White Night I think I will just stay home, enjoy having room to breath and cuddle Lottie. At least she politely pats me when she wants something. That’s right, my dog is more polite than most of the people we met that night. *_*

My Week In Photos – Melbourne Snapshots

It’s been a really long week. Also Lottie is a lion.

Lottie has decided that gardens make really great places to nap when we take walks -_-‘
I got to meet Caz from NerdBurger finally and she is AWESOME!
She even made me jewellery!
When we go out, Lottie sleeps near the door to guard the house most of the time. This time when we got home there was a tail poking out of the front door. I touched it and a very confused sleepy dog greeted us, it was adorable.
I hope you all had a good week!


Miss Marple’s Tea Room – Melbourne Snapshots

When James’ parents visited us recently we all took a drive up to the Dandenong ranges to visit Miss Marple’s tea house. It was adorable!

As you can guess, Miss Marples’ is themed on the books/movies/tv series.
It’s a typically styled English cottage and serves typical English styled food. I was worried about going because it’s always so busy and they don’t take bookings. We’ve actually tried to visit the last few times we went to the Dandenongs but the wait has been crazy. This time we got a table straight away which was lucky and we even managed to score a booth!
The staff were so lovely and friendly, they really made the day fun as they joked around with us.
The settings were definitely correct for the time period!
The tea I went with was the house special and apparently had won many awards. I enjoyed it but I prefer my tea to be super strong so I wouldn’t say it was the best I’ve ever had.
I ordered the Pimlico pastie. The serving sizes were HUGE. It was yummy and I like how handmade it looked.
Pasties are one of my all time favourite foods and this was was really yummy but also a little more subtle than I’m used to.
James ordered the scones which are apparently quite controversial because they look like this:
Traditional or not they were very yummy.
I tried bread and butter pudding for the first time because I wanted to be extra “English” haha! I really liked it actually but holy bajeebus was it huge. It was literally half a loaf of bread and I felt bad for not being able to come even remotely close to finishing it even with James’ Dad helping me! I still think about that dessert, I think I need to try and make one at home!
Miss Marple’s was really nice but I don’t really understand why there is always such a crazy wait to get in as it was all fairly standard tea offerings and the busy atmosphere was nice but took away from the experience a bit. I think it’s one of those places that you definitely have to go once though!
After that we went for a wander around the shops. The one thing I really love about this area is the abundance of flowers.
Puppy paw prints!
Bonus shot: This may be the creepiest toy shop I’ve ever seen. It had dolls hanging from the ceiling above the sidewalk. It was like a horror movie *_*

Queen Victoria Night Markets – Melbourne Snapshots

This week I made microwave fudge and it was AWESOME.

We went to the Queen Vic Night Markets because it was so fun last year.
This year there were way too many people though so it was very uncomfortable. A lot of Melbourne events are really getting far too big to be fun anymore 🙁
This is the face of a very unimpressed James who paid $10 for terrible sangria that seemed like it must be good because EVERYBODY had one, let that be a lesson to you kids.
This was apparently a silent disco. It may have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
I was craving okonomiyaki so I made a bee line to the Japanese stand at the back of the markets.
For the money it was pretty terrible :/
The night was saved by delicious Pierogi though! These guys are always so awesome! Also I love his shirt.
James got a meatball sub from The Meatball Co which was really good too!
All in all I don’t think I’m going to go back next year, it’s too crowded and the prices are pretty terrible these days for what you actually get. That said, next year when I’m craving Pierogi I’ll probably change my tune haha!

High Tea At The Windsor- Melbourne Snapshots!

We were lucky enough to be able to have high tea at the Windsor with James’ parents when the last visited and it was so much fun!

Even the trams were getting in the 1920’s mood for us ^_^

The Windsor is such a beautiful building, it still has all of it’s original detailing and features.
The tea menu was full of delicious sounding things!
James’ Mum was so cute!
Kris hid behind the scones for most of the afternoon.
How can anyone not be excited when presented with that many sweets?
Family photo time! The wait staff were very nice to take a heap of photos for us 😀
I thought my flowery nail art was appropriate for tea.
I tried champagne for the first time and hated it. All class!

The desserts were super yummy! I had never tried elderberry before but this jelly was so scrummy!
Of course, it wouldn’t be us if something stupid didn’t happen… James dropped the sugar tongs into the milk -_-‘ Can’t take us anywhere!
Some more of the beautiful old world details in the hotel…
These are the old elevators!
It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend checking it out if you have time and are in Melbourne! I’m one step closer to my goal of visiting all of the high tea places in Melbourne now haha!
Bonus pic:  This is James’ resulting food coma after eating all of those cakes.

My Week In Photos -Melbourne Snapshots

I’ve had a very crazy week, I kind of like leaving all of these photos uncaptioned because then you have to guess why on earth I’ve been taking photos of a broken deer head XD

I hope you’re all having a lovely one! What have you all been up to?


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