Violet’s Big Hair FAQ

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my hair FAQ so I thought it was high time to make it a bit more comprehensive!


How To Do A Plaited Headband With A Pouf Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair tutorial time again 😀 I am pretty happy with how regularly I’ve been able to get these done, the new set up makes me so much more motivated. Now I just need to finalise my video set up with some new lighting and I’ll be set!

Today I’m showing a basic small pouf style with two plaited headbands.


Start with clean brushed hair.


Pull out a small piece of hair from the nape of your neck.


Now plait down the whole length of the hair and tie off.


Repeat with another piece of hair on the other side of your head.


Put those to the side of the moment while we make the pouf.

Pull a large section of hair up from the top of your head.


Pull it forward on an angle and then use your brush to lightly tease/back comb the back of the section.plaited-headband-instructions21

Now fold it backwards gently so the pouf is as high as you like and pin in place. I like to shape it with my hands so it’s nice and round. You can fluff it up with your fingers too. If you don’t like the shape just pull it up and start again.


Now grab one of the little plaits and pull it up and over your head to the other side. It should sit at the part between fringe/bangs and pouf. You can pull the side bits of hair behind the plait for a smooth look or leave them in front for a soft look. Pin the plait on the other side of your head, mine reaches just behind my ear but as long as it goes over half way you should be fine.


Now pull the other plait to the other side. it should cover the end of the first plait. Tuck the end of it under the first plait and pin in place.


If the ends are really obvious then pin a little of your loose hair over the top. Give the whole thing a burst of hairspray.


And that’s it! I like to curl the ends of the loose hair so it’s a very floaty soft look but I think it works really well straight too.




I hope you enjoyed the tutorial 😀

I’m going to continue doing these as regularly as possible so if you have any hairstyle requests please let me know!


How To Do A Hime Gyaru Hairstyle Pouf Using a Rat Tutorial Video

After the excitement over my hair last week I was asked for a tutorial on it by some of my lovely newer readers. I’ve done tutorials on this style a couple of times which are listed below but I hadn’t done a video of myself doing it yet so I figure that would be the easiest way of answering any questions. When I did the style on Celeste a few months ago you guys asked how I could do it on myself, so… taadaa!

The main difference between this version and the one I did on Celeste is that we teased her hair completely. Because my hair is bleached I am more worried about damage these days so I choose to use a hair rat inside so I don’t have to tease my hair as much.

The other main question I get about this style is what can you use as a rat? I use a rolled up bandana covered in a crappy old hair extension but you could really use anything light which is in the shape you want. Foam, fabric, whatever. Just something to hold the shape.

This is the last time I’ll be doing something on this style but feel free to check out the other tutorials I’ve done on this style here:

So hopefully that helped and thanks so much for watching!  Over the next week I’ll be implementing a lot of the suggestions you guys made in the survey last week so keep an eye out for them 😀

Medium Length Hime Gyaru Hairstyle Tutorial with Celeste Video

A while ago Celeste came to visit and we decided to have some fun and experiment with various fun hair styles and make up 😀 Celeste had never tried big hime style hair before so I thought I would use her as a life sized doll and play with her hair. We made a quick little video showing the steps. I thought I would post it because I often get questions about my hair. While I’ve done tutorials in the past this might be useful as you can see a bit of detail and how quick it is to create.

That and you can enjoy giggling at us as we go. The audio was no good but if you can imagine this conversation in the background you’re pretty much set…

Violet: *does hair*

Celeste: :O it’s huge!

Violet: Bigger the better 😀

Celeste: *trying very hard to muffle juvenile laughter*

Violet: Ahahahahaha bigger the better, I get it!

Celeste: *Sends photos to room mate*


Celeste: -_-‘

Violet: *snicker snicker snicker*

And much laughter was had all around.

So hope that was a little useful ^_^ We did a couple of other styles which I will posts too. Next time we do something like this I’ll have a new lighting set up so everything will be nicer quality yay!

If you want to see Celeste’s post about her make up check over here.


How To Style a Hime Gyaru Wig

As carrying on from yesterdays post on Fashion Addict here is how I styled the blonde one into a hime gyaru wig 😀

The technique I’m using is pretty much the exact same technique for standard hime style hair but because it’s a wig there’s no fear of damage so you can pretty much go nuts. Or if you are happy to brush out lots of tangles this is a perfectly fine way to style your actual hair.


As per usual with these I point out that this is just the way I do it and there are lots of other techniques or methods that you could use. I’m certainly not an expert!

So this is the wig to start with, it’s just a plain old multi-tone blonde wig. The cut is layered and it has a light wave to it. As you can see it has very little volume.


Melbourne Snapshots- Celeste's Nuffnang Panasian Meet up/Graduation!

This is a special edition of Snapshots which is fairly Celeste-centric because she’s moving away ;_; Nuffnang threw her a going away party which was also the first meet up of the year!

The girl of the day:

Nuffnang Pan Asian Meet

<3 <3 <3

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