How To Plait and Looped Plait Classic Hairstyle Tutorial

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I’m back from Queensland and getting back into the swing of everything! This week I’ve got some big announcements as well as some competitions coming up but let’s kick things off with a hair tutorial 😀

Looped plaits are a really versatile style because they go with a lot of different fashion looks. I really love these with classic Lolita styled outfits but they can be dressed up or down and worn with just about anything.

And the video:

Seeing as this is a fairly easy style I thought I would show you the basics of how to plait as well. Start with brushed hair.How-To-Plait-Tutorial31


Divide it in half, we’ll be plaiting each side.



Have two hair ties ready, I usually just keep them on my wrist so I don’t have to search around for them later.



Divide the first half into three sections. I’ve labeled them and colour coded so you you can see how they move in the photos.


Take section #1 on the left and move it over #2 so it’s now in the center.



Now take section #3 and move it over the top of #1 so it now becomes the middle piece. Basically you do this over and over again, taking the left section then moving it to the center, then the right to the center, then the left, the right, the left etc until you run out of hair.


So the next step would be to take #2 and move it to the center over the top of #3.


You’ll start to see this pattern forming:




I suggest if you’re just learning to plait to try doing it on someone else first or use pieces of ribbon until you understand the basic hand motions. It’s much easier to understand it when you can see what you’re doing!

And just continue that until you reach the end then tie off.



Now the looping part of this style! Take the end of the plait and make a loop by holding it just behind your ear.



Like this:



Pin it in place, you may need a few pins crossing over to hold it in place. The easiest way to secure it is to push a few of the pins through the hair tie so they don’t slip out later.



Don’t forget the other side!



Once you have repeated on the other side give it a blast of hairspray.


To make them a bit bigger you can gently pull the sides of the plait to separate them.






Now you just need to add some cute accessories and you’re all finished. This style looks great with an alice band or some clips on the side.


Hope that was helpful!


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Side Swept Beach Hair Tutorial

I’m getting ready to go to Queensland this week so have an early hair tutorial 😉

Queensland is putting me in a beachy mood so what better than a one sided hairstyle? It reminds  me a bit of a mermaid ^_^



So start with brushed hair. This looks especially great with waved hair or curls.Beach-Hair-Tutorial09


Decide which side you want the hair brushed over to and grab the other side.


Brush it over to the other side. Surprise XD



This looks best with a really deep part line.



Like this:



At the back, grab the hair at the bottom.



Twist it upwards like this:



Pin it in place. Make sure you place one of the bobby pins right in the twist and one in an X shape with it. This is the strongest way to hold pins together. I think I need to do a bobby pin basics tutorial because a lot of people tend to have problems with them.



It should look roughly like this. Now your hair will stay over one side all day without you constantly having to flick it every time the stupid wind at the beach decides to blow the other way.

You can also use this as a base to add decorations and flowers.



From the front it’s pretty plain though…



So grab a small section of hair in front of your ear and fold it backwards. Don’t pull it tight, this is a relaxed style.


Pin it in place and add a decoration like a hibiscus flower or something else nice and beachy. Fluff out the rest of your hair so it’s very full.


Easy and perfect for the beach!






Now I just have to actually go to a beach…


Ok! I’ve got to get back to packing, see you all in Queensland!

How To Do A Faux Short Ponytail Hairstyle – Photo Tutorial

Time for another hair tutorial. This week I’m doing a faux mini ponytail!


As usual, here is the video version of this style and the downloadable one is down the end!

I love having long hair but sometimes it’s nice to have short hair too. I don’t want to cut it so how can I have a little cute ponytail without the commitment of a cut? It’s actually pretty easy!


Start with putting your hair up into a high ponytail. Don’t pull the hair through the whole way on the last wrap of the elastic.



So it should make a little loop with the tail part around the front like this:



Now push the loop down on the back of your head so it sits flat. Pin it in place like this:



Now tease the ends of the hair a bit. This will prevent them from splitting later.



Pin the ends of the hair down just in front of the hairband to your head.



Fluff the hair out and add some hairspray.



Now flip the hair back over the loop and fan it out so it covers the bump properly.


It should cover the whole loop and look just like a really fluffy mini ponytail! I like to add a bow to the front for a finishing touch.



Pretty cute and no commitment!



My hair being pink makes this look more obvious and harder to hide the bump, it looks a lot more natural when the hair is all the same colour XD


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and good luck if you give it a try!

How To Do Messy Curled Buns – Hairstyle Tutorial

Today’s hairstyle is one of my favorites: a messy curly bun 😀

This style works really well with super cute outfits and is surprisingly easy to do.




Here is the video version:

Start with brushed hair.


Curl your hair, the more you curl the puffier the buns will be. The method of curling doesn’t make a difference but I prefer to use a straightener.



Through the magic of the internet mine magically curled itself! WIN! I wish the internet did my hair every morning >_>



Now pull your hair up into pigtails just above your ear.



Mess up the curls so they get super puffy. You can also hairspray at this point to give it extra hold!



Now grab the top half of the pony tail.



And scrunch it upwards in your fist.


Hold it up above the band at your scalp and pin in place.



Once it’s pinned it should look something like this. The style is messy and unpredictable so it will probably look different every time you do it!



Now grab the left over hair. Scrunch it up to sit under the band.



Pin that in place too!



And from the side:


Don’t forget to do the other side too!



Give the whole style a blast of hairspray.


And that’s it! Much simpler than it looks!



This style looks great with bows or alice bands. It’s a fun style and good in hot weather!


Hope you have a good weekend!

How To Do A Big Puffy Bun Bear Ear Hairstyle… Thing

This week’s video is a tutorial on how to do some puffy bear/Minni Mouse/whatever you want to call it ears ^_^

The new video set up is quite fun to film in but the natural light coming through the back can make lighting very frustrating. It changes as the sun reflects off different buildings making even white balancing annoying. I love it so much but because of that I don’t think I’ll be able to film there often >_< Now I need to work out where I can film that’s not going to be effected by the stupid windows. Who knew having natural light would be a bad thing in this situation! (I can hear James saying “I told you so!”)

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

How To Do A Big Puffy Bun Bear Ear Hairstyle Tutorial




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Bear Ear Hairstyle Instructions:
Time for another hair tutorial.
Today I’m doing something a little bit different.
This style is pretty out there but also pretty versatile.
I’ve seen some people calling it Minnie Mouse ears, others calling it bear ears, others calling it big double bun ear thing… ok that one was just me but that’s not the point.
Either way let’s get started.
First off, separate you hair into two sections and pin away your fringe.
So tie you hair up into really high ponytails like this.
The higher they are, the higher your ears will eventually be.
I find that this style is easiest to do if you’ve already straightened your hair first.
Straightened hair is just easier to get to sit the way that this hairstyle needs to.
These ears we want to be really big.
So once you hair your hair in the ponytails, pull them upwards and then tease around the base.
The teasing is what’s going to keep it all together eventually so you won’t have any weird gaps.
When I fold it like this you can see what I mean.
Without the teasing it would still work but it can be a lot harder to get a completely even gap free finish.
But if you do prefer not to tease your hair it’s definitely still possible.
After you’ve done the teasing give it a quick blast of hairspray to set and then grab another hair band.
Pull it over the ponytail and again depending on how stretchy your hair tie is.
Then only pull the ponytail half way through so you’ve got a big poufy bit sticking up now.
Grab the end of the ponytail and wrap it around the base.
What you’re doing here is obscuring the band.
Of course the ends of my hair are pink so it just makes it more obvious but if your hair is all one colour it works a lot better.
Fluff out the loop that you’ve got.
You can see because it’s teased it all stays together.
Fluff it out and pull the hair right around to the middle so it’s covering the band and forming a complete circle.
Then just pin it in place.
Now you just need to repeat on the other side. Tease at the base, hairspray, use a hair tie to form a loop.
Wrap the ends of the hair around to hide it.
Pull it around so it forms a huge bun and pin as many times as you need to.
Pretty cute!
As far as bear ears go, there are actually two versions of this.
A huge puffy one like this and a little one which is a little less crazy.
So if you want me to do a tutorial on that version let me know in the comments.
Once you’re all done with that all you need to do is give the whole thing another spray with hairspray.
Maybe add some cute little accessories and if you’ve got a fringe just style it as you would normally.
All done!
And pretty damn cute if I do say so myself.
That’s one gigantic puffy ear of some kind!
Lottie was super annoyed that I stole her favorite toy for filming this tutorial so she had to come and let you know what I jerk I was.
Here’s a very public apology, I’m sorry Lottie… I’m not really.
So whether you’re using this as bear ears, Minnie Mouse ears, I don’t know, squirrel ears or just big cute poufy buns, it’s really easy to do.
Hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure you check out the blog post linked in the description for heaps more tutorials and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, favorite or whatever you want to do.
Thanks so much for watching, bye!

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