How To Use The L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod Hair Straightener – Violet LeBeaux

Today I’ll show you how I use my L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod to get super smooth straight hair. It’s totally awesome and doesn’t damage hair as much as a traditional straightener, I love it!

Here’s the text transcript:

Hey Besties!!
Look how lovely and straight my hair is!
Today I’ll show you how to straighten your hair using the L’Oreal & Rowenta Steam Pod!
I was lucky enough to win this Steam Pod as a door prize at the Garnier “Goodbye Damage” event.
I’m so glad that I did because this has become the love of my life.
This is my hair before I start. I washed it the night before, dried it and put some of the serum through.
This is the Steam Pod!
It’s like a normal straighter but it has a built in comb and these jets that shoot out steam.
The other half is the pod that goes on your bathroom counter.
It has suction cup feet that keep it in place.
The top comes off and you just fill it with water up to the max line.
It’s even comes with a water testing kit so you can see if you have hard or soft water.
Then pop it back onto the pod and you’re good to go!
Turn it on and wait about 90 seconds for it to heat up.
While you’re waiting, brush and section your hair into four sections just like you would for a normal straightener.
While you’re at it, pin back your fringe!
You can tell it’s ready when you close the straightener and steam starts to come out.
You’ve already applied heat protector, right?
Take a small section of hair, clamp the steam pod on top of it and move in the direction of the arrows.
The arrows are really important because it makes sure that the comb is going on the right side.
oooOOOoooo, soft!
Now just continue working section by section.
It can sound a bit scary because once you clamp it down the steam starts blasting out.
Even though it sounds scary it’s actually doing a lot less damage than a traditional straightener!
Before and after!
Frizzy, not frizzy. Silky smooth and shiny, not so silky or shiny.
Now repeat!
You don’t want to look like a before and after, right?
It’s actually really quick to do this, It takes me about 10 min max and that’s in my brain-no-workie just got up mode.
Don’t forget to do your fringe!
I do my fringe in two sections, bottom and top.
I’m not so much into the science-y side of things but you can read more about what it’s actually doing on their website.
I just care that it works!
Tadaa, all done!
Perfectly sleek and smooth and this will last pretty much up until I wash my hair again, about 3-4 days.
I can not tell you how much I love this steam pod.
I still use a traditional straightener for curling but this leaves my hair feeling great and healthy.
For more info check their website and thanks so much for watching, bye!~~~~~~~~~~~~



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited

How To Do A Beehive Updo Hairstyle – Tutorial

Today’s hairstyle is a big round beehive! After doing the pouf I decided on doing something a little more interesting with the back.

Here’s the text transcript with instructions!
Hello Besties!!!
Today we’ll be doing a big sort of poufy beehive updo kind of thingy!
So let’s get started!
Straightened hair is easier to work with for styles like this.
Separate you hair into two sections.
We’ll be working with the top half for the moment, so just tie the other section away.
Brush the top half foreword and then take a smaller section from the top.
Hairspray and then tease the bajeebus out of it.
Then roll the teased section down into a rough tube.
Pin it to the top of your head and shape with your fingers.
You could also use a rat instead if you don’t like to tease your hair.
Now we are going to take the section in front, hairspray and tease the back of it but not the front.
This way the pouf stays all smooth while still being volumous.
Place it over the top of the teased bit and then pin at the back.
So far it should look like this. Everyone keeping up? GREAT!
Grab a smaller section on the side, hairspray, tease the back and then fold over to pin at the back as well.
Repeat on the other side.
We’re using smaller sections this time rather than two huge sections on either side.
This will give us a more intricate, almost braided look at the end, because you can see each section at the back.
Keep taking smaller sections from the sides until you run out of hair!
When you get to this point you can either braid or fishtail the ends together.
I fishtailed it and it looked pretty messy because I didn’t have a mirror handy while filming this.
Then again, I’ll be covering mine with a bow so this is probably a little redundant…
You can make yours as intricate or plain as you’d like!
Then roll the rest of the hair up into a flat bun or leave it down if you’d prefer.
Mine was too long to do a french twist at the back, so I just rolled it into a bun and lined it to my scalp.
And pin in place!
So this is what the back of mine looks like at this point.
Of course you need hair accessories!
I like to use big flowers at the front and big bows for the back!
You can make the braiding more or less obvious depending on your preferences.
Either way, this is a fairly easy hairstyle that looks like it requires a lot more effort than it does!
Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you next time, bye!




A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited

Bonus videos: I had to make an intro for the youtube channel so here it is ^_^

Garnier Goodbye Damage Review, Event and Competition!

A few weeks ago I was invited by the lovely ladies of Brand Meets Blog to attend an event to celebrate Garnier’s new Goodbye Damage range.

Originally I had just planned on putting the photos in a Snapshot post but after I actually used the products properly at home I really wanted to review them fully because they made such a ridiculous difference on my hair! I am alway so sceptical of hair products that make massive claims like the ability to fix split ends but this time I was really pleasantly surprised.

Garnier was nice enough to provide some products for me to giveaway as well down the bottom of the post if you want to try them!

I hadn’t been sure what to expect because Garnier’s branding is usually a little playful, I definitely hadn’t been expecting this…

Garnier Goodbye Damage - Violet


The theme of the event was “Hair Crimes” so we were all subpoenaed to appear in court for our crimes against hair.


My crimes were over processing, teasing, pinkening and allowing my hair to be used as a puppy chew toy! The idea behind the new range is that it can supposedly fix 1 year’s worth of damage within one week of use. It contains Amla strengtheners plus fruit vitamins and all kinds of other fancy things.

I have been bleaching my hair for around 3-4 years and dying it for 12 so I really wasn’t expecting it to do anything amazing to me.


The police officer (who was a super nice guy btw) made sure we were thoroughly read our rights and then we were sentenced to having hair make overs with the Goodbye Damage range




Some of the bloggers fought back but there was no escaping the law 😉





In case you want to see more of the action here’s my vlog from the night:

So back to it, I was given an amazing scalp massage and a wash and condition with the Goodbye Damage range. I have always loved the fruity smell of Garnier products and having an entire room full of it was fantastic. The new range smells more or less like all of their other ranges so a big plus if you like that.

After the conditioning some of the extra treatment serum was rubbed through as well for extra protection.


While I was getting my hair washed the police officer started giving some of the other ladies shoulder massages!



Then everyone started getting in on the massage action, it was so much fun and everyone was giggling the whole night.


I moved over to the blow dry station next to have some more treatment oil rubbed through and a fun new style.

This is me explaining how I usually wear my hair… BIG! XD



While my hair was being blown out it definitely felt a lot smoother but at the time I couldn’t tell if that was actually an improvement in my hair or just that I never blow dry my hair properly if I can avoid it!




I told Nicole to go nuts and do whatever she wanted with my hair, I love being able to see people have fun and have their own creative freedom to work, what she came up with was amazing too!

In this photo I look like I’m more interested in the delicious brie I was eating than the hair… which was only partially the case… I LOVE brie and this was so good!



Ready for the finished look?



Taadaa! I thought it was like Marie Antoinette meets a 1960’s greaser!




Many more photos with the officer after my transformation haha.


Garnier Goodbye Damage - Violet (after)



After all of that I ended up winning the door prize which was amazing and totally crazy!


It was a massive pack of Garnier products along with a Parlux 3800 hairdryer and a L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod! I can’t wait to film a video with the Steam Pod, it is one of the best styling tools I’ve ever used.

Garnier Goodbye Damage - Violet (winner)


All of that is fun but what about the actual products? Claiming to be able to remove a year’s worth of damage is a huge thing!

After all of the treatments my hair felt amazing. It was soft and smooth and easily manageable but I never judge hair products on how they feel at an event like this. It’s all well and good when a professional stylist is taking care of your hair, how did it work when I got home?


Since the initial treatment I’ve been using the shampoo and conditioner every 2-3 days and then smoothing the split ends serum through towel dried hair.

It’s been a few weeks and I am really surprised at the huge difference this has made to my hair. My hair is very hardy but it’s impossible to bleach to the level I’m at for as long as I have without sustaining some damage. I have used the standard Garnier products before and even though they smelled and felt nice to use they didn’t really do anything amazing to my hair. This range was different, waaay different.

The shampoo seemed fairly standard, it lathered easily, smelled great and cleaned my hair well. It seemed quite gentle and my hair felt super soft after use.

The conditioner was much thicker than usual conditioner so I found myself having to use a lot less. It’s the consistency and same feeling of the thick conditioners which are included in my L’Oreal bleach kits. It felt really good in my hair and washed out easily. My hair felt light and airy after using both of them and dried a lot faster than it used to

Now the really impressive part… the split ends serum. The ends of my hair especially tend to get split often because the pink I use is quite drying. I’ve tried all kinds of products to combat split ends and nothing worked well and I thought that it was impossible to fix them so I generally just chopped them off when I found them. I didn’t even bother taking a “before” photo of my hair/ends because I didn’t think this would work, then after the first use I couldn’t believe I had around 70% less split ends. I actually sat there when we got home and searched through the ends of my hair looking for them because I was so sceptical. After a few weeks of use… I can’t find ANY *_* WHAT IS THIS BLACK WIZARD MAGIC??

I don’t normally get this excited about products but I can’t believe I actually found something that fixed my split ends, especially because it’s not crazy expensive either at just AU$11.95.

This obviously wouldn’t be a good review if I didn’t point out the flaws though: I hate the packaging. I know one of Garnier’s things is bright colourful packaging but the orange is like fluorescent. It sounds so silly but am really picky about how my bathroom looks and having things colour coordinated so the orange is a turn off for me. I also didn’t like the pump bottle that the Split Ends serum came in because the serum is quite runny so it had a tendency to dribble from the pump down into the lid which was a bit messy. All of those issues are just personal though and can be very easily solved by decanting them into different bottles. Also if you aren’t usually a fan of the fruity smell that all of the Garnier products have then this range probably isn’t for you. I personally love it though!

So the verdict? I am going to 100% continue using these three products and also look forward to trying some of the other things in my gift pack, I will let you guys know if the other things are this crazy good too. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a range like this which has made me want to get rid of all of the other shampoos/conditioners/whatever that have been clogging up my cupboard because I think I’ve actually found my Holy Grail set! If you have a similar hair type to me I’d definitely give it a shot.

Bonus pic: here I am with super smooth nice hair, no split ends and wearing the Hair Crimes pyjamas they gave me.


Competition time! This competition is provided by Garnier Fructis.

After talking about my results with the range Garnier has been generous enough to offer 3 sets for you guys to try.

Each prize pack includes:

  • 1 x Garnier Fructus Goodbye Damage Fortifying Shampoo RRP $5.95
  • 1 x Garnier Fructus Goodbye Damage Fortifying Conditioner RRP $5.95
  • 1 x Garnier Fructus Goodbye Damage Split Ends Serum RRP $11.95

Important information:

  • Sorry this one is for Australian residents only (I’m pretty sure the range is already out everywhere else already anyway!)
  • Entries are judged on creativity so be creative!
  • Competition closes Friday 2nd August 2013 at 5pm AEST
  • See the full terms and conditions here.

To enter the competition, leave a comment telling me about what hair crimes you’ve committed!

Flicked Fringe Retro Hairstyle Tutorial Video!

I don’t usually talk about sucky things happening here but this week has been an absolute bust. I haven’t been able to finish anything at all that I started >_<

Between catching a cold while standing on a freezing air field tarmac on a photography job with James, craft projects failing miserably, several friends having major life crisis’s and illnesses, family members being in hospital, Lottie stealing some panadol and spending all day throwing up… it’s just been kind of a sucky 2 weeks.

So instead of spending the night editing and then posting one of the craft tutorials that failed fairly miserably I’m calling today a wash and going to bed early to kick my cold and regroup so I can do better tomorrow!

Sometimes rather than trying to push through crappiness you just need to reset your clock, watch a movie, eat some junk food and wake up for a new day tomorrow!

In lieu of a real post here’s a hair tutorial video I forgot to post last week!

Today we’re doing a style which has a little bit of a retro twist! The deep part with a flicked fringe is really fun and you can dress it up or down.

Written Instructions:

Hello Besties!
Today we’re doing a side swept look with a lot of volume and some retro curls at the front.
But first… Dance break!
Sorry, I watch kpop playlists while I film these and sometimes you just have to dance!
Ok, start with some pre-curled hair. Use your teasing comb to take a section and tease it at the root.
Then give it a blast of hairspray.
After another little dance break, take another section of hair from the other side.
Then tease that at the root and flip it over to the other side.
Repeat this until you think it looks good.
I flipped over three sections.
Now tease back your fringe and push that over to the side until it looks like you’ve been in some kind of storm!
Very lightly brush the top to smooth over the teasing.
Now leave that side and we’ll come back to it later.
Take the remaining section of hair, pull it backwards and pin it in place with your favourite accessory.
Now back to the other side again.
Very lightly brush your hair so it smoothes but doesn’t kill the volume for the tease.
Now shape the bottom of your fringe into a bit of a was and hairspray in place.
At the end of the wave I’m adding a little curl with my finger and some hairspray.
To accent this wave even further I’m going to add a second curl just behind it facing the other way.
You can add as many curls as you want in as many sizes as you want, just hairspray the bajeezus out of them.
So this is my second curl. Taadaa.
I like how over the top it looks but you can obviously tone this down a bit if that’s your style.
Having these curls makes the side swept look much more obvious as well as fabulous.
Now separate your other curls while you spray to finish everything off.
And you’re done.
It’s cute and a little bit saucy.
Please like, comment, favourite and subscribe if you liked it!
Thanks so much for watching. Bye!~~~~~~~~~~~~



A blog and Youtube channel about a girl and her quest to make everything sparkle. New craft, hair and beauty tutorials every week!

Violet LeBeaux spends most of her time trying to think of ways to make life prettier, posting said ways on her blog and drinking very strong tea. She writes about big hair cute things, girly fashion, beauty finds, sometimes Hime Gyaru fashion (姫ギャル) and crafty tutorials.

She lives with her adorable boyfriend Jimmy, fluffy puppy Miss Lottie and Bergamot Bunny in Melbourne, Australia.

Email: [email protected]
Advertising: [email protected]
Mail: PO BOX 372, Collins St West, VIC 8007, Australia


Music: Garageband unless otherwise credited

How To Do A Twisted Plait Hairstyle – Video Tutorial

Happy Monday!

This week’s video tutorial was a reader request. I wore this style in a couple of outfit posts and the hair was a lot more eye catching than I thought it would be. It’s so easy that I usually wear it on my lazy days XD

Hope you enjoy!

Written transcript:
Hey besties!
Welcome to another hair tutorial!
This one is a viewer request from an outfit post I did a while ago while I was wearing it!
Twisted Plaits
Start with some clean, brushed hair and divide it into two sections.
Take the first section, divide it into three sections, then plait it down to the very bottom.
Make sure you start the plait fairly high up, just behind the top of your ear.
You want the plaits to be quite tight otherwise the end result won’t stick up correctly.
Now secure it in place with a hair tie at the end!
Now repeat on the other side!
Plait! Plait like a swiss mountain girl in a fairy tale!
Secure it in place and you’re halfway there! Or you know, leave it like this and call it a day! Lazy win!
Now take the first plait and twist it backwards as tightly as you feel comfortable.
Then roll it around it’s self into a little bun and then pull the hair tie off at the end.
Once it’s off, continue wrapping the hair tightly around the base.
As you go, pull the plait out a little bit and it will form a twist, like this!
Once you’re finished put a hair tie back on it to keep that sucker in place!
The end result should look like this.
Now (obviously) repeat on the other side!
Twist it backwards…
…roll it up on itself…
…pull it out a little bit…
…and hair tie it in place!
Adjust it as necessary so they are the same length.
Accessory time! You can go big with a hair flower but I like to wear this with a simple pearl headband.
Tadaa! Cute, adorable and a little bit different to plain old buns or plain old plaits.
This looks a bit different because of my gradient, but it looks GREAT with dark hair colours.
Let me know if you give this one a go and thanks so much for watching, bye!

Casual Back Hair Bow Video Tutorial

I realised I forgot to post last week’s video tutorial as well as this week’s *_* I don’t know where my brain is these last few weeks. I will be replying all of your comments and emails asap! And there will be a new Sew Fun this week all about Overlockers/Sergers.

Today’s tutorial is another bow hairstyle. Bows never get old!

Here is a tutorial for a big bow:
And here’s a tutorial for a mini bow:

And two photos tutorials of the mini and big bow hairstyle tutorials:

One of my projects recently has been transcribing all of my videos to make closed captions and so they can be very easily translated. If you would like to be involved in the translation process and you speak another language send me an email!

Anyway what this means is that I will be posting text instructions with the videos as well so you should be able to follow along. Eventually all of these videos will have photo tutorials to match but for now here is the first transcript!Casual Back Bow Hairstyle Instructions!
Hello Besties!
Today we’re doing yet another bow hairstyle.
This one is really casual and is on the back in a half up/half down style.
Let’s get started!
This style looks really great if your hair is already curled.
Brush your hair backwards and start with your fingers at your ears.
Pull them upwards so you are grabbing a section on either side of your head.
Make sure that you leave the middle bit because we’ll be poking through there in a minute.
Tie the sections with a hairband but on the last loop don’t pull all the way through.
Make sure that the ends of the hair are pointing down and there’s a loop above the tail.
Just like this.
Separate the tails into halves and push them to either side.
Now separate the loop into halves and push them to the sides too.
Grab a little bit of hair from underneath the band.
And pull it upwards over the top of the loops.
This is going to form the middle part of out bow.
To pull it through and hide the band, what you need to do is poke a hold beneath the hairband.
You can use your fingers but I used a teasing comb.
Just to make enough room to pull that piece of hair that we are using through it.
You can either continue wrapping the hair around to hide the band more or just let it hang loose.
That depends on if you want to hide the band or if you are planning on covering it later with an accessory like a bow or a flower.
Now puff up the loops on the side so that they look more bow like and give the whole thing a blast of hairspray.
Pin anything in place that’s sticking out weirdly.
I was aiming for a casual version of this style so I left it a bit messy.
You can also do a sleek, elegant version by using a bit more hairspray and smoothing down all the fly aways.
What you should have is a nice bow at the top with some cute curly ribbons hanging down below.
Tadaa! Totally cute.
All done!
The perfect cute but casual hairstyle!
I’ve done a lot of other bow tutorials for mini and huge bows, so make sure you check those out too.
I hope this was a useful video.
If you enjoyed it make sure to like, comment, favourite, subscribe or whatever you want to do!
And thanks so much for watching!
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