How To Use The L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod Hair Straightener – Violet LeBeaux

Today I’ll show you how I use my L’Oreal Rowenta Steam Pod to get super smooth straight hair. It’s totally awesome and doesn’t damage hair as much as a traditional straightener, I love it!

How To Do A Beehive Updo Hairstyle – Tutorial

Today’s hairstyle is a big round beehive! After doing the pouf I decided on doing something a little more interesting with the back.

Bonus videos: I had to make an intro for the youtube channel so here it is ^_^

Garnier Goodbye Damage Review, Event and Competition!

A few weeks ago I was invited by the lovely ladies of Brand Meets Blog to attend an event to celebrate Garnier’s new Goodbye Damage range.

Originally I had just planned on putting the photos in a Snapshot post but after I actually used the products properly at home I really wanted to review them fully because they made such a ridiculous difference on my hair! I am alway so sceptical of hair products that make massive claims like the ability to fix split ends but this time I was really pleasantly surprised.

Garnier was nice enough to provide some products for me to giveaway as well down the bottom of the post if you want to try them!

I hadn’t been sure what to expect because Garnier’s branding is usually a little playful, I definitely hadn’t been expecting this…

Garnier Goodbye Damage - Violet


Flicked Fringe Retro Hairstyle Tutorial Video!

I don’t usually talk about sucky things happening here but this week has been an absolute bust. I haven’t been able to finish anything at all that I started >_<

Between catching a cold while standing on a freezing air field tarmac on a photography job with James, craft projects failing miserably, several friends having major life crisis’s and illnesses, family members being in hospital, Lottie stealing some panadol and spending all day throwing up… it’s just been kind of a sucky 2 weeks.

So instead of spending the night editing and then posting one of the craft tutorials that failed fairly miserably I’m calling today a wash and going to bed early to kick my cold and regroup so I can do better tomorrow!

Sometimes rather than trying to push through crappiness you just need to reset your clock, watch a movie, eat some junk food and wake up for a new day tomorrow!

In lieu of a real post here’s a hair tutorial video I forgot to post last week!

Today we’re doing a style which has a little bit of a retro twist! The deep part with a flicked fringe is really fun and you can dress it up or down.

Written Instructions:

How To Do A Twisted Plait Hairstyle – Video Tutorial

Happy Monday!

This week’s video tutorial was a reader request. I wore this style in a couple of outfit posts and the hair was a lot more eye catching than I thought it would be. It’s so easy that I usually wear it on my lazy days XD

Hope you enjoy!

Written transcript:
Hey besties!
Welcome to another hair tutorial!
This one is a viewer request from an outfit post I did a while ago while I was wearing it!
Twisted Plaits
Start with some clean, brushed hair and divide it into two sections.
Take the first section, divide it into three sections, then plait it down to the very bottom.
Make sure you start the plait fairly high up, just behind the top of your ear.
You want the plaits to be quite tight otherwise the end result won’t stick up correctly.
Now secure it in place with a hair tie at the end!
Now repeat on the other side!
Plait! Plait like a swiss mountain girl in a fairy tale!
Secure it in place and you’re halfway there! Or you know, leave it like this and call it a day! Lazy win!
Now take the first plait and twist it backwards as tightly as you feel comfortable.
Then roll it around it’s self into a little bun and then pull the hair tie off at the end.
Once it’s off, continue wrapping the hair tightly around the base.
As you go, pull the plait out a little bit and it will form a twist, like this!
Once you’re finished put a hair tie back on it to keep that sucker in place!
The end result should look like this.
Now (obviously) repeat on the other side!
Twist it backwards…
…roll it up on itself…
…pull it out a little bit…
…and hair tie it in place!
Adjust it as necessary so they are the same length.
Accessory time! You can go big with a hair flower but I like to wear this with a simple pearl headband.
Tadaa! Cute, adorable and a little bit different to plain old buns or plain old plaits.
This looks a bit different because of my gradient, but it looks GREAT with dark hair colours.
Let me know if you give this one a go and thanks so much for watching, bye!

Casual Back Hair Bow Video Tutorial

I realised I forgot to post last week’s video tutorial as well as this week’s *_* I don’t know where my brain is these last few weeks. I will be replying all of your comments and emails asap! And there will be a new Sew Fun this week all about Overlockers/Sergers.

Today’s tutorial is another bow hairstyle. Bows never get old!

Here is a tutorial for a big bow:
And here’s a tutorial for a mini bow:

And two photos tutorials of the mini and big bow hairstyle tutorials:

One of my projects recently has been transcribing all of my videos to make closed captions and so they can be very easily translated. If you would like to be involved in the translation process and you speak another language send me an email!

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