Aniversary Photos and Next Hairstyle #2

Last night James and I went out for our 2 year anniversary. We went to the same restaurant that we visited on our third date… Sizzler!

Ok so it’s not the ideal romantic place for an anniversary but it’s history! All you can eat is totally romantic XD

Nail Art and Hair

Hello lovely readers time for more nail art!

Today I’m getting back to my roots and showing you the nail art I was talking about last post. Very Hime-style and very over the top 😀 Exactly my style.

It’s been ages since I’ve done something this 3-d but I just couldn’t resist using these pretty flowers that I ordered a while ago.

Strapya World Review (and feature news)

Japanese export site Strapya World Review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first shop review! Be warned this is a big post with LOTS of pictures. I thought long and hard about which shop to review first but all the online spending that my K-Rudd Stimulus Money let me do gave me an idea! Everyone is always asking where I get my deco supplies from so here is a review on…

Strapya World!

Now a little background info:

Shop- Strapya-World Url- Location- Japan

Products- Decoden supplies, little fake foods, cell phone straps, Disney and Hello Kitty accessories, random Japanese kitschy junk.

Prices- Well it’s a bit hard to compare as it depends on the exchange rate. Prices are in Japanese Yen. You’re paying more than you’d actually pay in Japan but most of the prices are still quite reasonable as long as your exchange rate doesn’t suck as hard as the Australian Dollar.

James and Violet's Holiday Adventure!

Our working holiday on the Sunshine Coast.

Welcome to my holiday extravaganza! Well as some of you know I was away for a week, this is pretty much what I did… Beware… there are a lot of photos and this is the cut down version!!

We have quite a few clients up on the Sunshine Coast so James surprised me with a working holiday! Much hilarity ensued. Also, don’t expect Hime/Lolita here it doesn’t really work so well on the beach!

So here we are at the half way truck stop thing, we were eating lunch when James pulled out his camera to take a photo of his burger and the one of me above. Then the two guys approached us and started chatting to James about what a great hobby it was. They were also photographers and complimented me on my hair saying that they loved the 60’s and we chatted for a while. It ended turning into a mini-photo shoot! Everyone in the truck stop was staring, it was hilarious!

Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial

Welcome to my Hime Gyaru Hair Tutorial!

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS  HIME GYARU HAIR TUTORIAL HAS BEEN UPDATED HERE. The version below is achieved by teasing your hair, if you don’t want to tease it click here for the other version. This is also only one way to do this style. I have done several others so please check the tutorial section for videos etc.

Please note that there are a LOT of photos so dial-up users beware!

Hair Extensions

I found hair extensions that actually match my hair :D:D:D

That’s right! Now I can have massive Hime Gyaru curls too!

What do you guys think? Worth the $5 I spent on them?

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