Simple Ribbon Braid Hair Tutorial

I guess today’s hair tutorial could be a little bit festive if you wanted it to be! This hairstyle is regular braid but with a ribbon threaded through. This style is particularly good for people with darker hair who worry about the pattern of braids getting lost in their hair.

You can tie the ribbon in many ways but the easiest way I’ve found is to use a clip in hair extension. Open the clip and thread the ribbon through it.

Separate a small section  just above where you want the braid to begin.
And clip the extension in just below the part.
Flip the top hair over again and it will hide the tracks very nicely.
Now braid down from that point and hold the ribbon in one of the 3 sections you’re braiding with. Try to keep the ribbon at the front of the piece of hair every time you make the braiding movements so it will show up nicely in the design.
Once you run out of hair continue plaiting down.
For a bigger end result, puff out the braid/plait with your fingers.
You can cut the end of the ribbon off the bottom or you can get extra points by tying it into a big bow or a flower.
A cute and casual style which is great for all of the craziness at this time of the year!
Hope you guys are having a lovely month and let me know if you give it a try!


Natural Waves Using Buns – Photo Hair Tutorial

Today’s hair tutorial is another one which can be a bit hit or miss depending on the type of hair you have but it can’t hurt to give it a try because there’s very little effort involved! We’re going to try getting natural waves by sleeping in buns overnight!

To get these overnight styles to work I found that the best thing to begin with was a decent volumising spray. I like the one from Toni&Guy.

So to begin with, spray around the roots and allow to dry. If you want extra hold then activate it with some heat.
Volume! Feel free to stop here if you are on your way to a Whitesnake concert  \m/ >_< \m/
Now the buns, divide the hair into 3 sections, one at the top and one on either side. A lot of people will just do two buns but I like a lot of volume at the top so I do the extra one there.
Twist each section tightly into the bun and if you have hard to curl hair then add some more product.
It does look a little bit ridiculous… very much like an alien XD
Now enjoy a good night’s sleep!
And fast forward to the next morning!
Undo the buns…
Not looking like so much right now:
But separate each of the twists with your fingers.
That looks a lot better!
Considering how little effort went into it, I think this is a really great style for mornings that you know are going to be very hectic.
Definitely not going to work for everyone but it’s a good one to try out anyway because if it does work it’s great to be able to use less heat styling tools. Hope you found it helpful!

How To Do A Classic Twisted Hairstyle – Photo Tutorial

Today’s hair tutorial is something a little more classically styled than usual!

Begin by separating your hair into two.

Add a cute alice band and make sure there is hair hanging in front of it/your ears.
Take the hair in front of the band and pull it out, twist it in a circle to form a loop against the side of the head.
Pin the loop to the scalp with a bobby pin. I’m using dark ones so you can see them but you should use pins which are the same shade as your hair. You want the loop to sit quite far out from the head to get the cool twisty effect.
Grab another section of hair behind the first and include the tail of the first loop.
Twist it into a loop lower down and further back than the first and pin in place. You can see the full loop pattern below.
Repeat the two loops on the other side of your head too.
You should have something like this! Now to create the final loop, put all of the loose hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.
Use your fingers to poke a hole through the middle of the hair.
Pull the tail of the ponytail through the loop so it makes a nice twist. You can keep this tight or pull the band down further to loosen it up more.
I think this style looks really romantic with some long wispy strands curled down at the front too.
Such a romantic style, I feel like I should be on the cover of a novel when I wear my hair like this.
… less so when I’m holding my phone >_>
I hope you like the style, I’ve been feeling a lot more classic lately so let me know if there are any other styles like this you’d like to see tutorials for!

Mini Bun Hair Style Tutorial

For today’s hairstyle tutorial, let’s do mini buns!

This style is great for when you’re having a bad hair day because there’s very little that can actually go wrong!

To begin, divide your hair in half and pull the first hair section up to the top of your head where you want the bun to end up.
Twist it tightly while holding it up so it stays up. Twist the hair away from your head.
Wrap the twist around it’s base towards the other side of the head so it makes a spiral.
Begin wrapping tightly, but as you wrap pull a little less tightly around the base so it forms a good round bun shape.
Pin the end in place using bobby pins or a hair tie.
One down!
Repeat on the other side but this time twist in the opposite direction.
I think this style looks really pretty if you curl the pieces of hair just in front of your ears.
It also looks great with matching bows in front of each bun.
Easy! And it’s a really great style for days when you just can’t be bothered doing anything complicated!
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, let me know if you give it a try!

How To Apply Clip In Extensions

A nice easy tutorial today, I’ll be showing you guys how I wear my clip in hair extensions!

Clip in extensions are awesome. They are very versatile and if you buy ones which you can style then you can do all kinds of things with them. I have a lot of length with my natural hair so today I’ll be using them for volume.
To begin with, style your extensions to match your actual hair. Mine is straight so I’ll be straightening my extensions. Keep in mind that you can only heat style some types of extensions so make sure that you check first because if yours are synthetic you may melt them with that much heat!
My hair naturally from the back:
First thing to do is section your hair from the ears up and pin out of the way. Apply the first long track of hair here by clipping it just below the part line.
Like this!
When you let the rest of the hair down it should be invisible. You need to make sure the clips are as close and flat to the scalp as possible.
Section the hair a little further up and repeat again with another track.
Repeat again and again until you feel you have enough on the back. Make sure you don’t cross the tracks over anywhere you’re planning on parting the hair later or else they will be visible.
I like to apply a few smaller ones on the sides of my head as well. Not too many as it’s much more visible in this area because the hair is thinner.
Once you’re finished, brush through everything so the natural hair blends with the extensions.
Long and volumous!
At the back you can see the placement of my tracks below:
I think these give a really good thickness to my natural hair. I like to use them in styles like braids too because they give a lot of body to the designs.
Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you have any other requests!

Some Tips For Big Hair!

Seeing as I get asked about big hair a lot I thought I would share some extra tips for getting that volume today!

To begin with, big hair works best if your hair isn’t completely clean. Hair has more grip if it’s a bit dirty.

Obviously the easiest way to get volume is to use a teasing brush but the techniques you use will effect the finished height.  I prefer to take small sections and just tease the back side.
Hairspray is the other obvious tool. I know a lot of people who won’t use hairspray because they don’t like the feeling it leaves afterward. I used the be the same until I discovered brush out hairspray.  A good hairspray will brush out completely at the end of the day and leave pretty much no trace it was ever there. This Garnier one is ok but it’s not my favorite, I really like Cedel’s spray.
For volume, lift up sections of hair and spray around the roots. Hold the hair up until the spray dries it in place.
If you have hair which doesn’t like to hold shape you can also seal the hairspray in place even more by holding a hair straightener on it for a few seconds around the roots.
Once you have a decent amount of volume smooth the very top layer of hair down with your brush. This part will make it look more naturally volumous but you do need to be careful when you brush because if you do it too hard you will brush out all of the teasing and ruin your hard work.
Give it a final blast of hairspray and you should have nice volume. If you are having problems getting the volume you want and you have very long hair you may find that’s because of the weight of your hair. Styles like this (especially those used in fashions like gyaru) often have hair which is cut specifically to make teasing easier. These styles often have layers which start very high up compared to other styles. Short layers around the top make sure that the hair is light enough to stay up in that kind of volume easily with minimal teasing.
Of course, if all of this seems too hard you can just cheat by using a hair insert.
Then all you need to do is pin it in place and brush your hair back over the top.
Big volume for the win!
So that’s it! Of course everyone’s hair is different so what might work for some will not work for others etc. That said, when it comes to big volume it’s really hard to beat good teasing!
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