Latest nail art style!

Here’s this month’s nail art style. It’s quite girly and blingy.

I love these nails, they’re my favorites so far! They have a pink base with black tips. The large jewels were put on first then the multi-coloured jewels and little balls to fill in the gaps. The last stage was the gold argyle pattern on the pink bits. Very sparkly and very attention grabbing!

I love this kind of nail art, super bling for the win!

I take thee hammer: adventures in diy

My introduction to fixing things and diy.

Today I bought a little pink portable nail polish dryer. It’s quite adorable but as it only cost $10 it’s not the most well make piece of craftsmanship in the universe. It wasn’t exactly made in the alps by blind virgin monks in solid gold castles.

So after taking it out of the box I noticed an annoying knocking sound when the fan turned.

I got out my tools and set to work. Yay for floral tool sets!
Fixing things has never been a talent of mine but after half an house or so of tinkering my little dryer work brilliantly!The only problem is that after gloating and rubbing my awesome talents in James’ face I noticed that I have 3 screws left over…Oh well! No one needs to know!After all that hard work I decided to have some fun and deco the little guy. Who doesn’t love Decoden?Meet my deco’d finger eater, NOM NOM NOM NOM!Unfortunately I ran out of jewels half way through, I’ll post some photos once I get around to placing another Strapya order.

Decoden Pill Box

As part of James’ Christmas present to me he placed an order to Strapya World for decoden supplies.

It arrived the day before Christmas Eve and I was ecstatic! The biggest part of the order was the 2008 Pink Girly Lucky Pack and sweet bajebus was it full of awesome!

So after spending a while just enjoying opening and sorting all the tiny packets of decoden jewels (the best part I think!) I decided to put my new toys to use!

This originally was my boring old pill box, now it’s much prettier!

I showed it to James’ Mum and she thought that my pretty green Advil were part of the decoration. That’s right, even my medication is pretty, beat that! XD
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