Blinged Diamante Decoden Lipstick Palette

Long time no post huh? Things have been a bit quiet here lately, it’s been one of those weeks where everything seems to be piling on >_< I’ve had the flu so feeling fairly un-energetic during a week that was very high paced for work. All of that means no energy left over for blogging which really sucks 🙁 I should be back up to posting every day next week again though and I’ve almost finished setting up my gallery and some other things which I’ve been planning for a long time so please look forward to that!

Back to it, one thing I did manage to do this week was deco my purse lip colour pack. I bought the container from Daiso several weeks ago and filled it up with lip colours that I use regularly.

Deco Lip Stick Holder

New iPhone 4 Decoden Knitting Queen

I’ve been waiting for my phone contract to end for ages so I could upgrade and when I finally got my new phone the first thing I did was of course try to plan out some deco for it!

Iphone Deco

Cute Custom Decoden Baseball Cap

Firstly! As a lot of you probably know Queensland was recently flooded quite badly. That’s where I used to live before I moved down here to Melbourne. Nuffnang put together a charity auction to raise money for the victims and my donation was 4 sets of my nails. Currently the bidding is up to $20 for the package so please do go have a look because it’s a good cause and a huge bargain right now!!

Click here to visit the auction!

When I was a kid I pretty much lived in baseball caps and after looking through waaay too many gyaru photo dumps on Tumblr they started to grow on me again. Very practical for both Summer and covering dark roots 😉 After spying this one at a tourist store for $6 I set about making it much more “me”. Now it’s become know as my “I’m-busy-working-and-if-you-interrupt-me-right-now-and-I-lose-my-train-of-thought-I-will-beat-you-to-death-with-this-hat”… hatwork hat because I wear it when I’m writing important emails XD

Decorated Cap Tutorial

I wanted to make it match the shoes I decorated way back here so I pulled out all my supplies again ^_^

Decoden Pink Heart Shaped Calculator

So my Mum bought me this cute little calculator for Christmas as something to deco, how could I say no to a challenge like that XD

Calculator Deco

First thing I did was put together a basic design by laying out the main pieces on the calculator…

Calculator Deco

I transfered the flowers to the side while keeping the design in tact so I could see what needed to go where. Then one by one I glued them in place.

Calculator Deco

Now let’s talk about glue. Again another question I get at least once a week is about the glue that I use. Glue which can be used for deco:

  • 99% of the time I use epoxy glue. It comes in 2 parts which are mixed together. This stuff is hard as nails and once you glue things with it they aren’t coming off so make sure you’re sure before you glue.
  • E9000. I haven’t used this but many other people recommend it.
  • Clear nail polish/super glue. Only useful on false nail. They don’t hold very well so if you use them on a phone or whatever it’s not going to last.
  • Hot glue. No. This is not good for deco. Not only is it not durable enough but you will probably burn yourself and also it doesn’t stick well to flat smooth surfaces.
  • Jewels that come with sticky backs. Meh they are ok but eventually the sticky loses it’s stick and they either peel off or you will lose the jewel. Generally I peel the sticky off first then epoxy them down or just use them on things that won’t get knocked around like this calculator.

Calculator Deco

So after gluing down the flowers I started adding larger jewels around the edges of the buttons…

Calculator Deco

Then smaller jewels, stars etc…

Calculator Deco

And I just really kept going until I felt there was enough. Done!

Calculator Deco

This is the kind of deco that only takes a few minutes especially if you’re using sticky back jewels ^_^

Calculator Deco

Of course you probably shouldn’t let your boyfriend take the before/after shots -_-‘

Calculator Deco

I haven’t decided if this is finished yet, I might continue the deco around the other other side but I’m more focused on my next big project… my laptop. I’ve finally settled on a new design for it so I just need to get off my butt and get some parts now 😀

Nail art and Decoden

Just a quick post to show you some nails and deco that I did a little while ago.

Nail Art


Panasonic TZ10 Camera Decoden!

All I seem to do lately is workworkworkworkwork but it’s all going to pay off soon and I’m hoping it will be worth it! So today as a little break I decided I would show off what I did to the camera that let you look into my brain the other day 😀

Started off all black and boring and ended up like this:

My Camera Deco

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