Crochet Autumn Leaves Scarf

My love for my red entrelac hat required a matching scarf. I wanted to use up the rest of the yarn as well as continue the theme of Autumn leaves. It was kind of successful? I combined a few different knitted patterns for the leaves but nothing worked quite well enough so I decided to crochet it… and while I like the results of the leaves individually I didn’t really like the end result so much because it’s hard to tell they’re leaves >_< Oh well maybe I’ll reuse them as some kind of crochet leaf bunting or something? Who knows!

012-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves000-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 001-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 002-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 003-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 004-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 005-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 006-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 007-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 008-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 010-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 009-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves

013-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves 014-Knitted-Autumn-Leaves



A Knitted Alpaca!

This little guy was a great project to use up some left over yarn and he made a lovely gift! I made it up as I went along so there aren’t really any instructions but enjoy the photos!


017-Knitted-Alpaca000-Knitted-Alpaca 001-Knitted-Alpaca 002-Knitted-Alpaca 003-Knitted-Alpaca 004-Knitted-Alpaca 005-Knitted-Alpaca 006-Knitted-Alpaca 007-Knitted-Alpaca 008-Knitted-Alpaca 009-Knitted-Alpaca 010-Knitted-Alpaca 011-Knitted-Alpaca 012-Knitted-Alpaca 013-Knitted-Alpaca 014-Knitted-Alpaca 015-Knitted-Alpaca 016-Knitted-Alpaca

019-Knitted-Alpaca 020-Knitted-Alpaca 021-Knitted-Alpaca 022-Knitted-Alpaca



Striped Flip Top Mittens

Last year I went on a mitten binge. I made like 4 pairs of flip top mittens in a month. The first pair I made was a going away present for Stef and I based them roughly off this pattern.



They were made using light pink from Bendigo Woollen Mills and the red from Fibra Natura Sensationals which was left over from my cardigan.

_1220528 _1220530

I changed the pattern to make the thumbs flip top as well so they could be used for texting but I wished I had ribbed the edges to make them a little longer too so they could cover up the hole more.

_1220533 _1220534 _1220535 _1220536 _1220538

I really loved the yarn I used on these but I didn’t love the end shape. I just can’t seem to find the perfect mitten shape!


Chocolate Dipped Nail Art Tutorial

I can’t believe I haven’t done an nail art tutorial for this look before *_* I’ve worn it so often that I figured I had already done one… but I guess not?

This year I’ve been keeping my nails really short again but I’ve started to grow them again recently so I’m  interested in making them pretty again 😀

So let’s get going with some chocolate nails!

Start off by doing a base coat in a pastel colour. I went with a matte peach this time which was a mistake because it chipped in about 3 seconds flat >_> I love matte polish but it’s so hard to maintain!

Pick a nice chocolatey colour and load up your brush so the bottom of it is round like a drop. Press the drop onto your nail and drag it up slightly to make a tear shape like this:

Use the same technique to make another drop which is lower than the first.

Join them by adding a drop between them. This polish has a shimmer in it so you can see the drops well.

Add another drop on either side so the whole nail is covered. You want the brown to take up about half of the nail.

Wait for it to dry and then use a toothpick or a nail art brush to paint on some sprinkles. I used some more pastel colours that came in the same set as the peach bottom coat.

Once the whole thing is dry, give it a top coat.

Rinse and repeat for all of your other nails! … Don’t actually rinse though because that would probably bump the nail polish!


Celebrate with some cake in real life now!


Crochet Bear Coffee Cozy Tutorial

This bear looks like how I feel >_> Over the weekend our horrible neighbours finally moved out and they had a loud blow out party and trashed their place as a final “suck it” to their landlord. It was loud and late at night and I just want to sleep for about a week now. I don’t really have a lot of energy lately to start with!

Instead let’s make a crochet bear coffee cosy 😀 I’m using a 3mm hook and crocheting with 2 strands of yarn at once to give it a mottled effect.

I measured the size off a Starbucks cup holder but I think the Aus sizes are smaller than the American ones so probably best to measure your cups locally!

Start by chaining 40 and joining in a circle.

Chain 2 and then start single crocheting around the chain. Continue going around in a spiral around and around. Make sure you mark where the beginning of the round is so you can count accurately.

I wanted a thin bear so I did 6 rounds then bound off.

Next, join on some yarn around the front where the first ear will start. Single crochet 4 stitches then turn, chain one, skip the first stitch and single crochet into the next 2 stitches. Slip stitch into the next stitch and bind off.

Repeat this for a second ear on the other side.

To finish the top and make the ears look nice and round, slip stitch all the way around the top.

Use some black yarn to sew on a face. You can choose to make it look a little happier and less sleep deprived if you like >_>

Of course, it’s much cuter if you add some blush too. I always used to use yarn or felt or something physical to make blush spots but lately I’ve been using actual blush and it’s so much softer and cuter!

Yay grumpy bear!

I hope you guys are well and having a good week. I will catch up on sleep and have enough energy soon to stop disappearing for weeks at a time I hope soon!

DIY Washi Tape Flags

Today let’s do a mini craft! I saw these little flags at a junk store a while ago but figured I would save some money and diy. I made about 30 of them for our Billy Idol Day lunch and only used 3 >_>

So cute though right?

You need:

  • Cute tape, I used washi tape but you can use whatever
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors

Literally all you do is take a piece of tape at least twice as long as you want your flag…

Fold it in half over the toothpick so it sticks to itself…

And then snip the end into points.

Rinse and repeat till you have enough!

This really probably is the easiest tutorial I’ve ever made here haha! But they look so cute when you poke them into cupcakes or bowls of stuff. I’m using the left overs now to jazz up lazy dinners! I’m having a lot of lazy dinners lately >_>

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