James’ Cabled Hat

Super retro photo filters haha! James needed a new beanie so after a loooong search for a pattern he actually liked we ended up with this:


The yarn was just some Magnum super soft acrylic which works well for him because his beanies tend to end up shoved under the couch or sandwiched in other things and accidentally thrown in the wash etc.


The pattern was nice and easy to follow though every time I knit with metal circular needles I remember how much I hate them for being slippery!

_1220432 _1220433

Cabled Cushion Cover

MOAR CABLING! I am so obsessed with cabled knitting!

This was a quick and easy pillow case that I improvised on the way back from a trip to Bendigo.

005-cable-knit-cushion-cover000-cable-knit-cushion-cover 001-cable-knit-cushion-cover 002-cable-knit-cushion-cover

Of course, I ran out of yarn so I had to put fabric on as the back.

003-cable-knit-cushion-cover 004-cable-knit-cushion-cover 005-cable-knit-cushion-cover 006-cable-knit-cushion-cover 007-cable-knit-cushion-cover


Cat Cup Cozies

I know I vlogged making these last year but I’m pretty sure I never put up the photos… So today here are some mini kitty coffee cup cozies. You know I spent way too much time trying to work out whether it was “cosy” or “cozy” and whether it was a US/UK spelling difference or if one was just incorrect >_>

_1290440_1290400 _1290406 _1290410 _1290411

Also, how good is marshmallow fudge? Seriously, best thing you can possible make in a microwave!

_1290414 _1290416 _1290419 _1290424 _1290429 _1290431 _1290433

I actually think my favourite part of these was doing the blush. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to use real blush before but it looks so soft and cute!

_1290437 _1290439


Resizing T-Shirts

Ages ago I grabbed a heap of these little crop tops for $2 a piece at a sale. They didn’t have my size in a lot of them though so I just took the next size up. They are perfect for Summer or for wearing underneath dresses that don’t have sleeves though so I got my overlocker together and finally took them in a bit.


This was a super easy fix because they are made of stretchy tshirt fabric. All I had to do was find one that did fit and then trace around it.

Pinning is useful for this kind of thing.

_1250148 _1250149 _1250151

So helpful.

_1250152 _1250155 _1250156

Then overlock down the side seam from the sleeve down.
_1250161 _1250162 _1250165

Rinse and repeat for the bajillion others!

_1250167 _1250169 _1250170 _1250172

This also works for long sleeve!

_1250173 _1250174

And depending on the kind of knit sweaters too!

_1250176 _1250179

A Green Leaf Cardigan

Knitting break!

Continuing on in my adventures of cardigan making, I decided to try something a little more on the complicated side.  I chose Spice Trail from the East, a free pattern from Knitty which uses a few different stitch patterns. I did mine with some cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and switched to a short sleeve version so it was a bit more suited for Summer.

This was my first time doing a bottom up cardigan in pieces which was seamed together afterwards. I hated seaming it all together so much that I think I will convert all of my patterns to either top down or in the round to avoid ever having to do it again hahaha!


That said, the pattern was fun and easy to memorize quickly and while I didn’t love the leaves while I was working on them, they turned out to be a very striking pattern when completed.

018-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 002-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

It helps to have a good model.

003-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 004-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 005-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 006-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 007-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

My favourite part of the pattern was the eyelet cable rib. I want to use this on other projects because it’s stretchy but it lays really flat.

Omg so many seams:


014-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 015-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 016-Green-Knitted-Cardigan

I love the V pattern on the back!


021-Green-Knitted-Cardigan 022-Green-Knitted-Cardigan


Bee Mittens

After we went to Bendigo to look for yarn and the not-so-pink cliffs last year, Celina and I discussed in great detail the need for mittens. I mean it’s Melbourne and they’re only needed like once a year… but can’t hurt to have nice ones for that once a year?

I decided for mine I wanted to practice some colour work so I drew up a basic flip top and flip thumb mitten shape and added a honey comb pattern with a bee/wheat/crown motif on the front. I loved doing the colour work but I didn’t consider my colours well enough so the bee pattern is too pale. I’m considering embroidering over it… but I guess I’ll think about it when I need mittens again that one time next year haha!


000-knitted-bee-mittens012-knitted-bee-mittens 001-knitted-bee-mittens 002-knitted-bee-mittens 003-knitted-bee-mittens 004-knitted-bee-mittens 005-knitted-bee-mittens
007-knitted-bee-mittens 008-knitted-bee-mittens 009-knitted-bee-mittens 010-knitted-bee-mittens 011-knitted-bee-mittens


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