Black Chanel Style Cardigan Make Over

Dear Old Boring Black Cardigan With The Weird Sleeves That Make My Arms Look Dumb,

Please stop being so old and boring so I have more reason to wear you out.


Apparently writing letters to your clothing doesn’t actually work. Who knew?

So this is how I fixed that problem instead and turned Old Boring Black Cardigan into something which is a little more my style and a tiny bit Chanel inspired.


Cute Bees And Flowers For The Bedside – Home Sweet Home

Another quick fix for a Home Sweet Home Project today: mini flower vases.


Pink Bling Decoden iPhone 4 Case

I don’t know why I can’t seem to settle on a phone design XD This one I think will be sticking around for a long time because I really love it. It’s over the top and completely impractical which I think is a little bit me!

And this one has my initial on it which is very much me 😀


How To Sew A Basic Ruffle Skirt

Yay a sewing tutorial! I receive a lot of requests for sewing tutorials and I do want to do them but they take a lot more time to prepare and it can be hard to make patterns which actually resize to any body type and shape correctly.

So I thought we would start it off with the most basic skirt possible. There are no zippers, no overlocking, no buttons, no waist band sewing, no anything. As long as you can sew in a straight line you can make this skirt.

It’s great because it’s extremely versatile too, you can use this basic pattern for so many different types of skirt and styles. Make it longer for a basic Lolita style skirt, make it shorter and sit higher on the waist for the kind of Gyaru skirt that’s been in all the magazines recently, make several layers or ruffles for something more fairy kei. It all depends on fabric choice and how you decorate it.

Mine isn’t any particular style, just the bare basics so you can see the idea and run with it.


Rock Style Ankle Boots Customisation

A couple of years ago I did a boot customisation. I took some gigantic boots and cut them down to be nice and fitted. You can see the original boots customisation tutorial over here.

It’s time for the sequel 😀 😀 😀

This time I took some poorly fitted weird boots my Mum was getting rid of and turned them into cute ankle boots!

I made these…


Out of these…


How To Make A String Nautical Style Container


This craft project was really inspired by James. Our conversation went something like this:

Violet: I have all this string, what should I do with it?

James: *inappropriate suggestion not fit for the internet*

Violet: -_-‘ I meant a craft project!

James: That could be considered a craft project…

Violet: What about something for around the home?

James: How about some kind of nautical home accessories? Like to hold flowers or candles or something?

Violet: Holding candles in flammable string might not be a great idea but sure let’s see how that goes!

This was the pile of string I was trying to be inspired by:


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