Crochet Gumball Cozy

I made this as a gift for Cazz who is awesome and loves Gumball. I did take the photos for a tutorial but it’s been a really long time so I can’t remember the stitch counts etc. I’m sure if you were super dedicated you could count them from the photos though haha!

I went through a serious phase making these character mug cozies. I think it’s because they are so quick and easy to do so there’s a lot of instant crafting gratification.

017-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy000-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 001-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 002-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 003-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 004-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 005-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 006-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 007-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 008-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 009-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 010-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 011-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 012-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 013-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 014-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 015-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy 016-Crochet-GumBall-Cozy

With some of Cazz’ awesome collection and on a cup which is way too small hahaha!


Knitted Cupcake Hat

This swirly cupcake hat was made for a friend who was going through a bit of a rough patch and needed some serious cheering up. Who could be sad with a cupcake hat? There were a lot of instructions online for crochet versions but I wanted to knit one. In the end I came up with a method which was kind of a bit like entrelac going round in sections. I ripped it out like 4 times trying to get the swirl to be natural and wish I’d written down a pattern as I was going now!

_1270642_1270355 _1270356 _1270370 _1270468 _1270618 _1270632 _1270633 _1270635 _1270636 _1270637 _1270638 _1270641 _1270642

Crochet Glasses

Because why not I guess? I can’t actually remember why I made these? I think it was possibly to be able to try on different frames of glasses to decide which to order online haha! Either way they are actually quite a cute project ^_^

009-Crochet-Glasses000-Crochet-Glasses 001-Crochet-Glasses 002-Crochet-Glasses 003-Crochet-Glasses 004-Crochet-Glasses 005-Crochet-Glasses 006-Crochet-Glasses 007-Crochet-Glasses 008-Crochet-Glasses

James’ Cabled Hat

Super retro photo filters haha! James needed a new beanie so after a loooong search for a pattern he actually liked we ended up with this:


The yarn was just some Magnum super soft acrylic which works well for him because his beanies tend to end up shoved under the couch or sandwiched in other things and accidentally thrown in the wash etc.


The pattern was nice and easy to follow though every time I knit with metal circular needles I remember how much I hate them for being slippery!

_1220432 _1220433

Cabled Cushion Cover

MOAR CABLING! I am so obsessed with cabled knitting!

This was a quick and easy pillow case that I improvised on the way back from a trip to Bendigo.

005-cable-knit-cushion-cover000-cable-knit-cushion-cover 001-cable-knit-cushion-cover 002-cable-knit-cushion-cover

Of course, I ran out of yarn so I had to put fabric on as the back.

003-cable-knit-cushion-cover 004-cable-knit-cushion-cover 005-cable-knit-cushion-cover 006-cable-knit-cushion-cover 007-cable-knit-cushion-cover


Cat Cup Cozies

I know I vlogged making these last year but I’m pretty sure I never put up the photos… So today here are some mini kitty coffee cup cozies. You know I spent way too much time trying to work out whether it was “cosy” or “cozy” and whether it was a US/UK spelling difference or if one was just incorrect >_>

_1290440_1290400 _1290406 _1290410 _1290411

Also, how good is marshmallow fudge? Seriously, best thing you can possible make in a microwave!

_1290414 _1290416 _1290419 _1290424 _1290429 _1290431 _1290433

I actually think my favourite part of these was doing the blush. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to use real blush before but it looks so soft and cute!

_1290437 _1290439


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