How To Needle Felt Rose Gloves – Tutorial

Recently I have been making a lot of presents for people! I like making presents because it means getting to craft and not having the results taking up a lot of space here 😀

The only down side is I have to wait for them to receive it before I post photos and tutorials haha!

I needle felted these gloves as a birthday gift for Christina who rocks.



How To Jazz Up Sunglasses For Summer! Tutorial


Well it’s not Summer here but I think I’m a bit tired of Winter so I’m pretending it is >_>

For someone who only ever seems to wear one pair of sunglasses I sure have a lot of them hanging around the house. So on a mission to get rid of the things I didn’t use I decided to give some of the sunglasses a make over and actually start using them!

The end result is pink and green, perfect for a warm Spring day out! Now if only we had some warm days!


DIY Spiked Shoes! -Tutorial

Oh my god… two tutorials in a row? Unheard of recently! To be fair, this is such a self explanatory tutorial it’s more just inspiration really…

I am super picky when it comes to flat shoes. SUPER picky. I spent months trying to find ones to replace the ones Lottie killed.

So eventually I found some but I didn’t think they were quite fancy enough so I took a few minutes and added some extra spikes, and this is how they turned out!



How To Silk Paint With Sharpies and Copic Markers – Tutorial!

I go through seriously obsessive craft phases. I think you’ll all remember the last cable knitting/crochet one that lasted a good couple of months right? I’m still kind of in that obsession but I had to take a little break after completing some really big projects. In the mean time I decided to try something that I hadn’t done since I was at school: silk painting!

I loooove silk scarves. In fact this craft combines my two favorite things in the world: silk scarves and painting. But I didn’t really have any supplies for it and I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on something I wasn’t sure would last longer than the obsession stage. So after googling around and looking for different techniques I discovered something fun: alcohol based markers like Sharpies and Copic markers can be used to permanently colour fabric and you can create interesting designs by breaking them down with rubbing alcohol. Did I want to try this? HELL YES!!!

Unfortunately in Australia you can’t buy straight rubbing alcohol (because apparently the government thinks people want to drink it… seriously). You can buy Isocol but it’s not a high enough percentage of alcohol (and super expensive). As it turns out though, alcohol gel hand sanitizer is just high enough for it to work and you can water it down to liquid or use the gel consistency to create a water colour like effect. YAY!

Let’s do a really basic design to start with:



Fun Printing Shirts

I’ve been experimenting with painting different fabrics lately. Later this week I’m hoping to get some silk painting supplies to play with which I am super excited about. My two favorite things in the world: painting and silk scarves!

Back on topic, my first attempt with printing was for BraveBirdFly’s birthday last year. I made her a kitty shirt!


My First Cable Knit Cardigan! Finished Project!

This is the feeling of having finished your first cable knit sweater project:



I have wanted to learn to cable knit for years but it looks so complicated so I was scared off. I was given a lovely birthday present from my friends Dino Slippers and I used it to bite the bullet and purchase yarn and cable needles to try it out.

Of course I didn’t try a small project first, I made a gigantic cardigan XD

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