Target Beret and Charming Cushion Published with Knitpicks!

So excited to say that my first 2 patterns have been released in book form as part of KnitPick’s collections this month! You can get them in physical books, digital books and individually. We’ve been working on these together for almost 9 months now so it’s really awesome to see them out and released finally!!

Briar Rose Home Collection

Charming Cushion Pattern


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Little Luxuries Collection

Target Beret Pattern

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Fireside Beanie – Knitting Pattern!


Some of my knitting patterns are finally available online! The first one is my Fireside Beanie which is part of a 4 hat set using KnitPicks Wonderfluff yarn.

The pattern is available on KnitPicks and Ravelry!


Fireside is a simple beanie pattern featuring polka dots over a three-colour base. The hat is worked in the round, bottom up and can be worn with the ribbing section flipped up for a fitted look or with it down for a slouched style. With an easy to memorise stitch repeat, this fun, fashionable and very quick knit, is great for last minute gifts.

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Bee Teapot Cosy

So for our Blairgowrie trip last year one of my knitting projects was this tea cosyp1050075

I made it holding 2 strands together, one of some generic mustard acrylic and one of my first batch of handpsun alpaca. Frankly the handspun was pretty crappy but it was one of the first BIG lots of spinning that I had ever done so it taught me a lot about technique. In fact when I ran out early and had to whip up some more, the new batch was so much nicer that there was actually a visible texture change in the tea cosy towards the top haha.


You can really see the difference in my skill level from above to below!


Luckily knitting will hide all manner of spinning mistakes so when it was all done it actually didn’t look half bad!

I did highly regret trying to do this on straight wooden needles that were not long enough and really not big enough. I was so worried about snapping one of them the whole time and this is really what pushed me into getting a nice carbon circular set!