Nuffnang Competition- A Blog Adventure Thanks to Kodak

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Kodak.
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I love making videos but I generally don’t have time to edit them so I don’t post as often as I would like. To celebrate the opening of Kodak’s online store, Nuffnang and Kodak gave me the opportunity to test out one of the new Kodak PlaySport pocket video cameras so I thought it would be a good chance to finally do something fun!

They asked me to share a day in my life and I thought it might be fun to cover some of the… misconceptions that people have had about me and my life in the past XD

Note- This video was edited using Final Cut Express.

As you can see, being a blogger really isn’t as awesome as a lot of people tend to assume hahaha! I just tend to work from 10am-10pm being boring in front of a computer, I don’t leave the house very often (thus the lack of snapshots posts lately!), I do boring things like send invoices and write email after email after email…. you get the idea XDThat said when I do actually get out and use a video camera it needs to be sturdy because well…I’m very clumsy.  I dropped the camera about 10 times in the short time that I had it >_< And of course all of our electronics need to be able tot survive one of my pillow throwing morning wake up calls! Luckily the Kodak PlaySport was apparently built for stuff like that! As I don’t do anything water related, I couldn’t really showcase this camera’s other main feature: waterproofness without taking it in the shower with me (not going to happen!). Of course after racking my brains for hours over how I could show that the Kodak PlaySport is waterproof and coming up with absolutely nothing… now I realise I could have shown you some marbled nail art techniques… with the camera actually in the water I was marbling on!! I always think of awesome things after the deadline is up >_<

Next time! Maybe I could even try to take some more video before I have to give it back… hmm…

Anyway here is the product information about the camera itself and details of the competition to win one of your own:

What they say about it:
Heads up, adrenaline junkies. The new KODAK PLAYSPORT Pocket Video Camera has as much appetite for adventure as you do. And it’s not afraid to get wet. This audacious little camera can plunge up to 10 ft. under water and capture the entire experience in full 1080p HD. And you don’t need to worry about blurry footage when things get a little shaky. With built-in image stabilization, the KODAK PLAYSPORT will stay steady as a rock. From the waves, to the slopes, to the mud-soaked trails, this baby was made for the extremes. Life’s an adventure. Soak it up with the KODAK PLAYSPORT.

  • Waterproof up to 10 ft. (3 m)
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Brilliant 2.0” color display, Capture 5 MP HD stills (16:9)
  • Edit and upload to the web with built-in software and included USB cable
  • Smart face tracking technology
  • Incredible low-light performance
  • SD/SDHC card slot expandable up to 32 GB
  • Rugged design
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with in-camera charging
  • Compatible with MAC and PC

Like what you see? Click here to find out more about the Kodak PlaySport and other great Kodak products.

So competition time!

Here are the details from Kodak about the competition you guys can enter:
To win one of these awesome rugged Kodak PlaySport cameras and a suite of great Kodak products, dream up a photo and write a blog post of what crazy adventure you’d  go on if you had a Kodak PlaySport – but the catch is, you need to take the photo at home.
So… if your dream is to take a Kodak PlaySport on Safari with you, all you need to do is to pose in a safari suit, with your  little sister’s stuffed animals as the wild animals in your “safari park”… Maybe include a pot plant that can pose as a palm tree…. you get the idea.
Prizes will be distributed as follows:

One overall prize winner (as judged by Kodak) will receive:

  • 1 x Kodak PlaySport
  • $200 voucher to Kodak online store
  • 1 x Kodak Pulse Digital Frame
  • 1 x Kodak 4Gig SD Card
  • 1 x Kodak Adventure Mount
  • 1 x Kodak Striped Bungee Neck Strap

There will be four runner up winners (as judged by Kodak). Each will receive:

  • $100 voucher to Kodak online store
  • 1 x Kodak Single Use Camera – Water and Sport

Competition will run from Tuesday 7th December 2010 and closes at 5pm EST on Tuesday 21st December 2010. *edit: dates change for the end of the comp /edit* The competition will be judged on creativity and is open to Australian residents only.

Once your entry blog post is live, you will need to post the URL on the Nuffnang’s blog post for it to be considered. Click here for Nuffnang’s Post!

Good luck everyone! I’m sure one of your would be able to put it to better use than I could with my non-rugged life! ^_^

Violet in Slumberland… Nuffnang/Magum Competition

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Magnum.
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I’ve been trying to clean up our house lately. When both James and I are spending so much time working it can get pretty messy because cleaning and tidying tend to be last on the list *eyes off the gigantic pile of clothes in the corner*…

But I’ve been trying to be more organised! First thing I wanted to take care of was my cupboard 😀 I have ranted quite a lot about my wardrobe because whoever designed it was a moron. It has 3 sliding doors, one of which opens to a wall which encases our water heater. The other two are divided by draws and storage cubes, either side of which is hanging space. Unfortunately one of those sides is useless because it’s not wide enough to put coat hangers in so out of 3 doors only 1 is useful >:(

…Anyway enough of the ranting, Nuffnang and Magnum are holding a competition where I’m supposed to tell you about my most indulgent fantasy, isn’t it sad that the first thing that came to mind was “a gigantic cupboard that could hold and display my things nicely” XD

So let me tell you a little story about my current cupboard, my most indulgent fantasy and what happens when you spend too much time organising your things…

Once upon a time Violet was trying to put her things in her cupboard but there was just no more room. She had been at it for hours to no avail.

Magnum Fantasy

She was no where near finished but was sooooo tired that she gave up.

Magnum Fantasy

Picking up an old magazine she decided to read for a while before heading to sleep…

Magnum Fantasy

Unfortunately she underestimated her ability to keep her eyes open and after 1 sentence had wandered off to slumber land…

Magnum Fantasy

Magnum Fantasy

Waking up, Violet was in for a surprise…

Magnum Fantasy

She handled it as gracefully as any princess would…


:O She had been transformed!

Magnum Fantasy

But where was she?? Again graceful as a princess it finally dawned on her…


Apparently in her wildest fantasies Violet dreamed of a huge mansion made of Ageha magazines. It was a gigantic manor house in the middle of sprawling highly manicured gardens. There was a hedge maze, rose gardens, well trained butler named Mr. Jensen. All of her money worries were gone as the manor was worth bajillions of dollars and she earned cash on the side from tour groups visiting the super awesome gardens. Also there were no bugs or spiders in the gardens, only lots and lots of adorable puppies!

More importantly there was cupboard space as far as the eye could see!

Obviously as this is in awesome slumberland high definition your tiny untrained eyes wouldn’t be able to cope with seeing the actual awesomeness that was this house… so to protect your brain from exploding here is an artist’s representation:

Magnum Fantasy

So what exactly does one do when living in one’s dream house?

Magnum Fantasy

Of course it’s time to socialize with the locals…

Magnum Fantasy

Or have some fun!

Magnum Fantasy

Of course there’s always work to be done so remember that modeling in 12 month old magazines is serious business, you don’t want to mess up on your first day by trying to…

Magnum Fantasy

If the work is all too much then you could always take a little break and look for some excitement.

Magnum Fantasy

Of course there are always more civilised things to do like…

Magnum Fantasy

Violet was no different from other girls, the thing she wanted most was to…

Magnum Fantasy

What girl wouldn’t want her own highly photoshopped magazine cover? At least the contrast wasn’t so high as to make her nose completely disappear!

After a long day of enjoying her gigantic magazine house there was only one thing left for Violet to do… enjoy the night with a horse driven carriage with James through her favorite Christmas window display 😀

Magnum Fantasy

Unfortunately during the carriage ride one of the horses tripped and sent Violet spiralling out of Slumberland forever…

Magnum Fantasy

She awoke with a start and some very princess-y four letter words when she realised her stupid cupboard was still only half cleaned…

Magnum Fantasy

It had all been a wonderful magical dream… then all of a sudden she felt something hard and metal in her hand… It was Miss Bunny’s beautiful spoon!

Magnum Fantasy

And Violet knew at that moment that even if her gigantic awesome house of awesome didn’t end up being made of magazines, even if she didn’t have a butler, even if no one wanted to pay to see her garden because it didn’t exist and even if the only horse drawn carriages in reality smell mostly of horse poop… everything would be ok because she was going to have the most well organised cupboard EVER. 😀

The end!

So competition time!!

Magnum is having a competition for you guys and you could win AU$1000!

*EDIT* How to enter and the terms and conditions have completely changed! See below! */EDIT*

Here are the new instructions:

1. Play the Magnum dice game and try to obtain the highest score possible
2. Leave your highest score and answer the question, ”What will you indulge in with $1000?” in a comment. (The comment must include their preferred contact method in case they win [blog URL, Twitter or E-mail Address].
3. Competition period is running from November 24 until midday on Tuesday December 14, 2010.
4. The winner will be the entry deemed most creative across all 23 blogs taking part in this campaign (See Terms and Conditions for full list)
5. The winner of the $1,000 prize will be announced on Friday December 17, 2010.

**Please note, entries that have been submitted prior to this change will still be accepted and considered.

Terms and Conditions can be found at:

So what would you all indulge in with $1000? Haha you all know my answer… new cupboards!!

Nuffnang Competition- Win a Barina Spark!

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Holden.
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I am all kinds of not a car person. Other than getting me from point A to point B via shopping at point C I couldn’t care how many horses were squished into the engine to make it go so fast.

James loves cars. Well not all cars, he loves classic (pre 1974) muscle cars. He used to spend hours telling me all about his 1963 Valiant with a bored out slant 6 engine with triple SU carburetors, racing needles and a torque flight transmission. Unfortunately  my mind tends to play this when ever he starts:

That’s why when Nuffnang approached me about doing this post about a new Holden Barina Spark my mind started playing a nice happy version of the “I Dream of Jeannie” song. I feel a little bit bad for Lynda for that phone call because I’m sure there was a long awkward silence as I day dreamed between the word “car” and “design your own” (which is what eventually snapped me out of it) XD

So as I eventually understood, this competition isn’t so much about cars as it is about creativity! I like being creative 😀


The idea behind the new competition that Holden is holding is that you get to personally design your own Barina Spark however you want and then if yours is voted to the top (via Facebook, Twitter etc) you win a Barina Spark!

Now that’s the kind of thing that I can get on board with, I don’t even have my driver’s licence but I want my own VioletMobile! XD

So want to see what I came up with?


I went through a whole lot of design ideas before I finally settled on one. I wanted to incorporate everything I loved and what this blog is all about! I wanted it to leave a trail of sparkles every time it drove somewhere screaming “VIIIIIIIIIIIIOLET” XD But you know, apparently sparkles are not road legal so I settled with it just looking awesome!

I downloaded the Photoshop template and started playing around with it…


This is the design I decided on after much contemplation:


You have to make a cute little wall for your car to be displayed with too so I made this:


The next step was to upload it all to the site! If you don’t want to use Photoshop you can build your design on the site using their tools too.


Next you make the wall thingy and submit it all!


So this is my finished design! I called it the “Wheels of an Ingenue” mwahahahahaha get it??

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 4.35.10 PM

Stripes, flowers, pearls and my monogram on top… you know so all my rich friends with helicopters will know it’s me XD

Very me right?

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 4.36.47 PM

If I had a Barina Spark like this I would totally learn to drive mwahahaha XD

So if you enter the competition on you can win a Barina Spark but you can also win prizes like these just by voting:

  • Myer vouchers
  • iPads
  • Goldwell Hair Products
  • subscriptions to Harper’s Bazaar and Cleo
  • Kit Cosmetics Packs
  • Terry Biviano Vouchers

If you want to vote for me just click my design below to be taken to the page or go make your own! If I win I am so going to have to actually decorate it like this!!


I would love to see how creative you guys get so leave me your url in the comments if you enter so I can go look ^_^

So what do you all think of my big pink frilly Barina Spark? James says that if I win he refuses to drive in it because it’s too un-manly so I’m going to actually have to learn XD

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party turned pink!

I don’t think I need to tell you all how much I love tea parties. I will use pretty much any excuse possible to hold one 😀

So when the lovely Celeste mentioned she wanted to enter a Nuffnang contest about the Mad Hatter’s tea party I said “Come on over it’s tea time!”.

Some of you saw a teaser on Twitter on Saturday so here is a guest post by Celeste of what happened that day ^_^


<3 Violet

With the long weekend in sight, it was a perfect time to unwind.

And what better way to unwind than to have a beautiful tea party with the lovely Violet Le Beaux?

We all know that Tea Parties are the love and joy of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, in fact, our very own Violet was channeling a little bit of Alice today, with the long straight blonde hair and the black headband. Just needed a beautiful blue dress to go with it… Hmmmm wonder if we could swipe one from the Tim Burton exhibition?

I do so love Alice in Wonderland. But everytime I read through the book, I felt that the Mad Hatter’s tea parties always lacked a little something… Can you guess what it was that it lacked?

It lacked a little PINK, and a little Charm and was also sorely missing in some princess action.

So we changed it around, to make this tea party perfect! Starting with the adorable little pink tea pot, which was perfect for tea for two. Tea for the day was Rose and French Vanilla from Dilmah, very very yummy!

It’s not just teapots that need to be pretty. We polished our very best fancy tea set and coaxed the flower pixies to come out to play. You can’t just set a tea set down and call that a tea party! I mean, next you will be saying that merely having tea would be good enough!

Every single aspect has to be perfect. For the perfect tea party, you can’t go wrong with cake tea spoons. There’s more than one way to eat your cake, after all. Violet keeps a collection of such silverware beauties around for when princesses and maidens come round for tea. Which is quite often, as we do love our teas.

Just look at the amazingly beautiful hanky that Violet embroidered! Polite tea party conversation involved the ooh-ing and aah-ing over such delicate handiworks and there was much discussion on how we could add more pink to the world. Pink world domination! In the gentlest and most princess-y of ways, of course.

Pour out the tea, give it a swirl with your cake spoon, and you are ready to go! Tea Party to relax your weary souls, and something the Mad Hatter himself would have been proud of. Had he been a fan of pink of course. Oh, and of princesses. It’s not very Mad, but it was definitely very Rad.

And what tea party would be complete without nibbles and cakes? I brought along for us all, Chocolate and Coffee Fudge Cupcakes, don’t worry I’ll share the recipe with you soon. It was quite rich and quite decadent. Fit for a beautiful spring afternoon’s tea party.

We had a beautiful afternoon, having our very own tea party with a nod towards the Mad Hatter for sharing his love of tea parties with us. There’s really nothing more relaxing than having a girlie afternoon with your best girlfriend over some decadent cupcakes and amazingly delicious tea.

So, would you care to join us for a cuppa or two?

Images courtesy of myself and Jimmy from Blue Crane Designs

Keeping cool in style over the years… Nuffnang Competition!

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Panasonic Air Conditioning.
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Over the years I’ve gone through a whole lot of styles. I didn’t always like pink things, in fact when I was growing I was the biggest tom boy! I’ve been going through my wardrobe to clean out and make space for things and it’s kind of been like taking a journey back through time!

I’m pretty happy with my current style. It’s not perfect but I think it represents me pretty well where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keeping Cool Photos

But I’ve been at a lot of different stages in my life and each had its own look. Not many of you might remember but when I started my blog I looked more like this:

Keeping Cool Photos

That shade of red has always been my favourite, I spent a year in it then and maybe 4 years with that colour in high school. My look was much more toned down during this time.

Even before then I had short black hair like this…

Keeping Cool Photos

Back in those days I was a Lolita. I wore Lolita clothing pretty much 24/7 and I loved it to death. I was obsessed with it completely and uncontrollably.

Keeping Cool Photos

I couldn’t find any photos because before that I was quite camera shy so I made you an artist’s representation of how before that… I was really into punk and alternative styles! I wore red eyeliner all the time and I had spiky blue extensions. I even had blue/green hair at one point but I still can’t find photos of it on my hard drive. Apparently I was wearing this style was before I understood the importance of labelling photos for future reference! XD

Keeping Cool Photos

Back in those days I was also a pirate 😉 Historical re-enactment for the win! I need more excuses to wear my corset again!

Keeping Cool Photos

Now you’re probably wondering what the point of this is right? Well the one thing that all of those fashions have in common is that they are full of layers and very un-summer friendly.

Australia is hot. With the exception of Melbourne right now everywhere I’ve lived in Australia has been ridiculously hot. If I was picking fashion based on climate I pretty much failed miserably.

So the question is how do you keep cool in summer when you’re wearing like 20 billion layers of clothing? I’m not proud of this but….

A funny thing happened when I was going through my accessories section. I picked up an Angelic Pretty bow and it was exuding Lolita…

Keeping Cool Photos

So much so that I was accidentally pulled through a time machine vortex which was swirls and swirls of petticoats and frills. I was lucky not to be crushed by the sheer weight of the petticoats.

Keeping Cool Photos

It took me back in time… but as I didn’t have a camera for my magical adventure you’ll just have to make do with my time machine induced “artists representations”.

This was me:

Keeping Cool Photos

Unfortunately this was the climate I was in:

Keeping Cool Photos

See the thing about Lolita clothing is that under the dress is a blouse, under the blouse is a petticoat and under that petticoat modesty says wear bloomers… plus socks or stockings. Pretty much the only places you’ve got to sweat are your knees and arms if you’re wearing a short sleeve blouse.

In Summer it’s not fun. Bloomers are great for protecting modesty but they are also insanely hot to wear under so many layers!

Keeping Cool Photos

But I was a crafty Lolita.

Keeping Cool Photos

I used a trick which has been in play since fridges were first invented…. underwear (in this case bloomers) in the freezer!

Keeping Cool Photos

Epic cool = EPIC WIN!

Keeping Cool Photos

And this allowed me to be cool and breezy as I did the miserable walk to the train station to work in the mornings.

Keeping Cool Photos

Hopefully you enjoyed my little walk back through memory lane ^_^


So Panasonic and Nuffnang are holding a giveaway for those of you who are just coming in to Summer (like me ;_;)

Panasonic have just launched a new range of Eco air conditioners which are aparently both smart and stylish. They’ve even won awards like “Good Design” Award. They have also launched a smart phone application to help people with choosing an air-conditioner easily. Here’s what they say about it:

The simple-to-use Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard application allows customers to enter information on their room environment and receive product recommendations. Once you have made your selection, you can access product details, features, images, videos and locate your nearest retailer instantly.

Panasonic has launched a new stylish range of Air-Conditioners featuring improved energy efficiency for reduced power consumption.

  • The 2010 range features the new Eco Patrol Sensor – a human sensing technology
  • Inverter technology, providing temperature control for greater energy efficiency and comfort in the home.

AC Sizing Wizard App features:

  • Easy navigation that allows you to find the right Air Conditioner you, and locate your nearest dealer/installer.
  • Enter information about your room and then it pops out recommendations for the right a/c.
  • Scroll through product recommendations and see the main product features, specifications
  • You can also find out more information through videos, images and handy hints.
  • Once you have chosen the right Air Conditioner you can use the ‘Where to Buy’ function to find your nearest retail outlet or specialist Air Network Installer on Google Maps, or contact Panasonic Customer Care for more info.

They are also starting to make little webisode things to explain the technology in simple terms. Here is one of the videos/TV Commercials from their site:

So the prize for this competition is an air-conditioner from Panasonic’s new range PLUS the installation into your home! That’s pretty damn awesome, I want one… I need an aircon XD

What you need to do is leave a comment answering the following question:

“What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to stay cool in summer?”

You know what my craziest thing is so I’m looking forward to hearing all about yours 😛

This competition is for Australian residents only and you can view the full terms and conditions here and the information from Nuffnang here.

*edit* Please note that the date has been extended until the 25th of November. The updated terms and conditions can be found here:

The update Nuffnang information is here:

Good luck, I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to see your entries!

The Cutest Thing Ever and Easy A Winners

First thing today…

Thank you so much for everyone who entered the Easy A competition! I really enjoyed reading your entries, a lot of them were really heart felt and had so much effort put in. I also now have a long list of books which I want to read too!

So the winners have all been contacted by email and here they are:


Hi Violet,

It’s weird, but I just got off the phone to my sister who mentioned this film to me.

Which film most resembled my life in high school?
I’d have to say Mean Girls. Quite often in school you forget who you really are and become someone you are not purely for popularity’s sake. I was quite like Cady. Before I became a “Queen Bee”, I was a person who did things because they excited me, not because it was something I should be seen doing. I had friends who made me laugh and not just people who made me look good. You learn a lot of hard lessons in high school and just after you finish it and I was no exception to that. Luckily I figured out who I was before I became a total “Mean Girl”.


Sounds silly, but I felt Ender’s Game reflected what high school was like for me. I was in a gifted student program, and dreaming that we were all being groomed for an epic space fighter program was what got me out of bed some days X


When I’m working next year my life will be like House of God, I’m sure…


I’m still in highschool, just finishing this year. But this kinda struck a chord. In year five we read through Bridge to Terabithia, about a boy meeting a new girl in school who’s very unconventional and creating an imaginary world of their own until her untimely death. Now, this sounds childish, but from year four onwards I’ve always been put down and bullied for not following the crowd, being artistic or just simply being shy. What made it worse, was that I never said anything to anyone, instead I created in my head a world of my own filled with characters that interacted with me and so on. I then began to draw this world and honestly to this day it’s still growing and expanding because even now, in year twelve, I’m still shy, still different, still being bullied and still without many friends. Except, like Leslie, I have my own world.
I can imagine that it’s weird to clutch onto fantasies and imaginary friends at this age, and it probably just adds to my social failings, however, I’m so attached to this world it’s like a safety blanket and thanks to it I’m now generally unaffected by what any one says. I guess then, my life is my own, but somewhere it’s reflected in Bridge to Terabithia C:

Haha, that was kinda long. Sorry ^^”

Kimberly Grace

Violet, I have thought long and hard about the book that reflects my life. And it’s not the nicest of stories, but I would have to say the Picture of Dorian Grey. This reflects the struggle I had with my mother and her Demons for so many years. I could see all that was happening to her, getting worse and worse (due to alcohol abuse) where to the outside world she was this pretty normal, loveable excentric mother, but behind closed doors she unfortunately had this demon brewing. It made school life and relationships hard for me. And she unfortunately like Dorian in the novel finally lost her fight with her demons. I have since been able to develop a relationship with an amazing guy, and although I have lost a mother and alot of time, I now am moving forward with a beautiful boy and learning from her lesson.

Now the second part of my post today is even more exciting for me! Writing this blog has allowed me to meet some lovely people over the last few years and one of the people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing is Shouri.

Shouri is an insanely talented artist who writes an adorable webcomic called Springiette. It’s been one of the blogs that I always read when I’m feeling down because it’s so sweet it cheers me up!

A long time ago she mentioned that she wanted to draw a picture of me… this is what arrived in my inbox this morning…

I LOVE IT! Seriously I couldn’t believe how much detail she went in to, I wish I could show you some of the tiny details but the original file is massive. Every single eyelash is in place 😀

So thank you so much Shou you completely made my day with this! I am so lucky!

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