Hello Kitty Cosmetics Competition And Review- CLOSED!

Limited edition Hello Kitty make up? Oh yes please. After my last review of the Hello Kitty range (cough and seeing my sizable collection of it) their PR department was lovely enough to send me some of the new limited edition items that are out this month and offer some prize packs for you guys!


Review first then competition details at the end 😀

First up the limited edition items starting with the compact mirror.


It came in a little protective bag which was a nice touch. It’s light black plastic with a slightly shiny finish. The Hello Kitty print on the front is made from silver hologram which has a rainbow finish in the sun. It’s quite subtle but very cute.


Inside are two mirrors, one regular one and one magnifying face mirror. It’s very thin, thinner than the face compact which makes it perfect to keep in the handbag while still being a good enough size to actually be usefulOverall I really like it and I’m considering decoing it. That’s another thing actually, the surface is perfect for deco because it’s so flat 😀VioletLeBeaux-Hello-Kitty-Make-Up-904_16667Next up is the travel brush.

It’s fairly small, and the bristles are quite short. I would probably use it for foundation because I prefer larger blush brushes. The bottom section comes up to protect the bristles so when the lid goes on which is useful. The casing is made of metal with the pink logo printed on the side. The bristles are synthetic and I’d say probably medium quality.


Last of the limited editions, the sharpener.

Plastic with the printed logo, I don’t know if there’s much to review with a sharpener… it sure does sharpen pencils XD


Actually inside it comes with a little removable pick thing which I was wondering about. Is it to remove clogs or broken pieces of pencil?? Either way it does it’s job and looks cute! You can also flip the lid so it goes the other way and holds shavings in on the go.


On to the non-limited versions!

Two more polishes, the orangish Kawaii Coral and silver Le Fric C’est Chic.

The polish is a nice formula as I mentioned last time, the bottles are cute and the colours are interesting. The Kawaii Coral is a bright slightly milky orange it is opaque in two coats and stands out a lot. The Le Fric C’est Chic is a super shimmery silver that reminds me a lot of the Ulta3 silvers. It is opaque in one coat and would be great for konad because of the amount of shimmer.


Lipgloss in “Girly Lip”. I have the Baby Lip colour in this too and I love it to death as a neutral but this Girly version blows it out of the water. It’s a shiny dark pink with blue undertones… it’s pretty much my favorite shade of make up ever 😀 It lasts a while but it’s not what I would consider a long lasting gloss. The colour and finish totally make up for that though and it’s quickly become a colour that I use constantly!


Eye shadows! Desert Dore on the left and Gunflower on the right 😀


This Desert Dore shade really surprised me. I normally hate neutrals but I found this to be so wearable that I fell in love. It has a gold shimmer through it and so it goes perfectly with pinks and stands out from my skin tone well. It lasts all day and doesn’t crease easily. One thing I love about these is that they stack, the tops are flat so if you have a couple of them you can stack them easily in a drawer.


The pink in this duo works perfectly with the above shade too and has a slight simmer in it so they mix really well. I wasn’t a big fan of the black shade in this one but I personally don’t use black a lot and it did go very well with the pink and neutral above.


And here are some photos of me wearing the make up! The lipgloss has worn off quite a bit at this point, it’s much brighter at first swipe.


Competition time!

Hello Kitty has 5 prize packs to give away:

Valued at $62.85 and are made up of three gorgeous Hello Kitty Cosmetics and three LIMITED EDITION Hello Kitty accessories:

  • Hello Kitty Mirror Compact (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Makeup Sharpener (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Retractable Powder Brush (Limited Edition available in April only)
  • Hello Kitty Nail Polish
  • Hello Kitty Diamond Gloss
  • Hello Kitty Duo Eye Shadow
  • Australian residents only (sorry everyone else, I am finalising 2 other competitions coming soon for you!)
  • Entries accepted from when this goes live until midnight 25th April 2012.
  • Winners will be judged on creativity.
  • I will contact winners via email for their details to give to the Hello Kitty rep who will send your products. You have 1 week to respond before another winner will be picked.
  • More terms and conditions here.

To enter just leave a comment on this entry telling me which product is your favorite and why 😀

Good luck everyone!

Name Bunny Competition Winner and Round Up!

I missed yesterday because after several years talking online I finally got to meet the adorable Glo-w. So between that and going away on Thursday I’ve got a lot to catch up on today! Firstly I need to announce the winner of the name Miss Bunny competition 😀 This was such a hard competition to pick a winner of because there were so many good entries and so many of them fit her so perfectly. After thinking about it for several days and trying a few on them out on her I came to a decision…

The winner is Bergamot by The Moonlight Seedling!

Here’s her entry:

You seem to have found my good friend the Lady Bergamot! (Bergie for short) Bergamot was born in a field next to a tea factory in England, an Earl Grey tea factory to be precise, and grew up with her brothers and sisters.While her family was perfectly happy frolicking in the field, eating whatever was growing there, Bergamot liked to sneak into the factory and sample the fragrant tea, nibbling on the lovely scones some of the workers would leave out for her. Because she spent so much time in the factory, her soft fur became scented with the bergamot oil, so her mother named her Bergamot (though her mother insisted on pronouncing it “Berg-a-mo”, leaving the “t” silent, because she thought it sounded more fancy) Eventually, Bergamot acquired a taste for the finer things in life, and the factory workers dubbed her the “Lady of the Factory” (which made her blush so hard that it never went away!). She learned of things that normally go well with tea, such as lace and pearls and macarons. The staff made her and her family a nice cozy hutch in the garden behind the factory, decked out with soft, warm things, pink wallpaper, and all the tea and scones they could possibly want. One day a factory worker was looking a a website on her laptop, and it immediately caught Bergamot’s eye – a delicate flowery background, lavender and lilac and pink everywhere! There were tutorials about how to make cute clothes and accessories and how to do your hair and nails that all just looked sugar-sweet and perfect! Bergamot’s eyes got so wide and sparkly that they got stuck that way! The kind staff member told Bergamot all about this website. The lady who wrote it was named Violet, and she lived in Australia, and always had tea and yummy things, and loved little soft white bunnies! Bergamot was so enchanted, she wanted to go meet this wonderful lady, and maybe stay with her a while and learn how to make pretty things! However, being a bunny, she was used to being around a large family, and worried that she would be lonely with only one friend. Then the worker showed her Miss Violet’s Object of Affection – James! He could cook lovely things, many of which seemed to confuse Miss Violet, because he was from America, and they do funny things in America! So it was decided – Bergamot would go to live with Miss Violet and James in Australia, but she wanted it to be a surprise! So her flight was booked and her plans made in secret, without telling Miss Violet she was coming! She made a little bow out of a scrap of lace (to look more presentable), hugged her family and factory friends good-bye, got on her plane, and the next thing she knew, was sitting on Miss Violet’s doorstep, greeting her with her lovely bunny smile and a big box of Earl Grey tea from the factory!

The first time I saw the name I wasn’t sure about it because it didn’t seem particularly feminine but the more I said it, the more I fell in love with it because it reminded me of the stereotypical tomboyish romance novel Victorian lady who insists on being a little bit different. Now I can’t think of bunny as anything other than Miss Bergamot 😀 I picked Bergamot for a lot of reasons but especially because it is such a fancy original name, it gave me the idea that each different colour of bunny and animal could be named after different tea varieties 😀 The part in the story about James was so cute and the whole thing just fit so well with her. I’m planning to illustrate the story while I’m gone so I’ll post that when I get back too. Moonlight Seedling, I am sending you an email now to get your address and will post your bunny before I leave for Brisbane!

So please meet Miss Bergamot!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4028_9717 copy

I want to give some special mention to some of the other entries as well because so much time, thought and effort was put into them. Special mentions:

  • Paige/Valentine Toffee Verquise- For coming up with such an involved story and giving all of the other animals parts too!
  • Yuehime/Yuki- For coming up with the whole family of bunnies! I loved the idea of her Dad being called Mr Mochi, so cute!!
  • Ling/Gyarubunny- For making me laugh at the idea of a bunny trying to learn to surf to impress a hot lifeguard!
  • Lilly/Porcelain- For an entry which sounded like a Miyazaki movie while still using the line “That’ll teach you to go wandering through the woods, interrupting people’s leisure moments!”. I laughed SO hard at that!
  • Cazz- For the awesomely feminine boy bunny Cornelius Bumblepatch, I am SO going to make Miss Bunny a love interest called Cornelius with a monocle and top hat 😀
  • Sherlyn Koh/BabyMallo- For such a sugary sweet story that was very very cute.
I really want to illustrate some of those stories too, they are all so cute!

I want to say thank you for the awesomeness so when the bunny store opens anyone who entered the competition will be emailed a special discount and I’m going to come up with something extra for the special mentions too because SO MUCH AWESOME! Thank you so much to everyone who entered!

Ok enough about bunnies for now, it’s video time ^_^

This week I didn’t have time to do many tutorials but I have started making a mini V-Log every day. I’m going to do one every day in December because it’s such a busy month for me. I thought it would be a fun way to show you some more of my life… and James features in them a lot too. So here are the ones I’ve put up so far.

Morning Make Up-

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Day 4-

Day 5-

Next here are the week’s beauty reviews! I have a Vanity Box review going up here tomorrow and then photo versions of the video hair tutorials which were reader requests.

Ok! I think that’s it for now, I have to go start packing >_<

December Competition Time! Name Miss Bunny Plushie


So competition time eh? As I mentioned a while ago I’m going to try out doing a competition per month using things I’ve made for tutorials as prizes. Today we kick off the first one with Miss Bunny!

You all know I’ve been making plushies like crazy and I’m especially obsessed with the bunny ones. I’ve been so obsessed I’ve even drawn a wallpaper with her too which will be up for download next week. Problem is, I’m terrible with coming up with names and Miss Bunny seems to have EXPLOSIVE AMNESIA and can’t remember her own name or back story! OH NOES!

If you want more information about her search for a name or photos for inspiration take a look at Miss Bunny’s Day Out post.

To Enter

Make a comment on THIS entry (not Miss Bunny’s Day Out) telling my what you think Miss Bunny’s real name is and her back story. Be creative! For example, you could tell me how she got her name, where she grew up or her personality. You can post pictures or link to a blog post if you want to but it’s not required (my spam filter might catch links but I will approve them as they come in).

I will pick the winner based on creativity and which name/story I think fits the best.



The winner will receive 1 bunny plushie handmade my me.  I will include a couple of other little trinkets in the package too depending on the winner’s personal taste but the bunny is the main prize.



Entry is available to readers worldwide, void where prohibited.

Prize will be sent via Aus Post Airmail.

Entries are open from the time this goes live until AEST Midnight Thursday the 1st of December 2011.

More terms and conditions here.

You may enter more than once with different ideas.

Winner will be contacted via email.

So there you go! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with and let me know if you have any questions 😀 Thanks for entering and good luck!


Plushie Bergamot Bunny’s Day Out

Once upon a time there was a bunny who still didn’t have a name. In fact, as it turned out she had amnesia… explosive amnesia!

The bunny and her owner Violet thought long and hard what her name and life story could be but couldn’t come up with anything at all so they decided to call her Miss Bunny until someone could remember who she was. Man explosive amnesia sure is inconvenient like that!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_3966_9654 copy

Miss Bunny was quite upset at her lack of a name and memories and so decided to venture out into the world to see if anyone knew her.

She took Miss Violet and Mr Jimmy along as transport in hopes that one of them would remember where she came from …VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050271_9509 copyShe visited desert islands but no one remembered her…VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050275_9513 copy


She went to the ACMI museum to find inspiration. There were cool video games and Australian film industry things there but no names.

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050283_9521 copy


Bunny did however have to watch James play aforementioned video games for way too long to be healthy.

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050289_9527 copy

Back to her search, Miss Bunny wondered if she couldn’t find her old name maybe she could get a new one and maybe that talented guy who made Jasper Morello could come up with something old timey for her… but no.

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050292_9530 copy

After spotting some very famous Australian toys just like her, Bunny thought she could get some inspiration… unfortunately “Little Ted” and “Big Ted” weren’t exactly poetic names either >_<‘

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-050308_9546 copy

Refusing to give up, Bunny decided to continue her search at a winery near Mornington Peninsula… at least then if she had no luck she could drown her sorrows!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4028_9717 copy

It was a beautifully picturesque place and gave her lots of inspiration for photos but nothing in the way of remembering who she was so she decided to break for lunch.

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_3998_9687 copyVioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_3997_9686 copy

Or rather she and her traveling companions were very distracted by lunch!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4076_9695 copy

After a suitable amount of time relaxing she went back to hunting for inspiration among the beautiful daisies. Maybe the natural habitat bunnies were supposed to live in would jog her memory!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4043_9732 copyVioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4045_9734 copy

All it made her think of was more food…

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4145_9833 copy


And instead of doing something constructive like asking around or making a list of names Miss Bunny just continued cam-whoring around with the beautiful scenery.

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4029_9718 copyVioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_3996_9685 copy

She was even nice enough to let Miss Violet in on the photos… but only once…

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4024_9713 copy

Miss Bunny ventured deeper and deeper into the forest looking for someone who might remember her. She came across streams, beautiful flowers and very well manicured gardens but none of them seemed familiar!

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4092_9780 copy

Even after trekking through the darkest of the forests she came back empty handed…

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4089_9777 copy

Well not quite empty handed, she did manage to find a very pretty flower to take home ^_^

VioletLeBeaux-Plushie-Bunny-_4104_9792 copy

On the long drive back into town Miss Bunny had time to think. She was so close to giving up when she remembered that the awesome readers of Miss Violet’s blog were all awesomely creative people! That sparked an idea in her little bunny brain.

Maybe they could remember who she was and what her name was! Maybe if Miss Violet bribed them with a competition to win their very own bunny they would tell her!

And so it was sorted. Miss Bunny and Miss Violet discussed the idea at length and came up with the competition which will be on the blog this coming Thursday. If you want to win a Miss Bunny stay tuned until then and start thinking of a name for her!

Nuffnang Competition: Rolling Stone Magazine

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Magshop.
For more information on sponsored posts please click here.

When Nuffnang asked me to write about Rolling Stone magazine being a good present idea for Dads I laughed a bit, my Dad has had a subscription for like 40 years already so apparently it’s true XD Not exactly sure about the timing of this considering here in Aus, Father’s Day was almost a month ago… his birthday was in March and Christmas is months away XD Though if I said that to my Dad I imagine the conversation would be…

I wanted to do drawings of this conversation again using my awesome mini Violet doll but I’m still sick so use your imagination >_<

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s not Father’s Day

Dad: Do you need an excuse to get me presents?

Me: Well you get Father’s Day, what do I get?

Dad: Everyday is Children’s Day…

Me: So where’s my Children’s Day present then?

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

I’m sure it’s all very nostalgic for his days in the British music scene but whenever I think/read/hear/anything involving the words “Rolling Stone” all that happens is that I get the Dr. Hook song stuck in my head. It lasts for WEEKS. I mean I *love* Dr Hook and I love the song but now every time someone mentions it I want to strangle them a bit because I know I’ll be singing this for the next month. Just so I’m not suffering  enjoying alone…

Dad was the one that filled my first ipod with Dr Hook songs so you can go ahead and blame him for that too.I wonder if everyone from that generation remembers the music as fondly? I certainly prefer it to most music today XD I think my Dad would probably like a music magazine subscription, though he’d probably prefer it in ipad format because most of his life is on that thing now XDHmm maybe our conversation could go more like this:

Me: How about I get you a special edition of Rolling Stone?

Dad: What’s so special about it?

Me: I’m on the front cover because I totally formed a band in the last 20 minutes, wrote some  awesomely deep songs, toured 50 cities and played to sold out crowds and broke up due to musical differences… *strikes excited pose*

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

Me: -_-‘


Anyway Magshop are having a competition at the moment and here’s what they have to say about it.

Still need to get a Father’s day gift? Surprise dad with a music magazine subscription from Magshop online magazine subscriptions  before 4th October and you could win a Volkswagen Golf!


Do all Dad’s have music obsessions and quote a lot of British comedies too? It probably helps that mine is actually English XD

I hate major unfinished projects…

I really do. There are too many of them around my house staring at me and laughing because I haven’t had the time or motivation to completely them. Damn you unfinished projects! DAMN YOU!

I keep procrastinating >_<

I procrastinated earlier this week by entering the Kawaii.i “Kawaii Fashion Coordinate Contest”. I entered with the outfit I wore to Blogopolis, most of the photos were from my phone so here’s a decent close up of the nails/make up from the day. Voting is open now so if you like it feel free to click here and vote for me or any of the other cute entries!

Back to crafting things, here is a small selection of the projects currently cluttering my house and taunting me with their unfinishedness…

Embroidered clip top bag…


Ipad Case with included detatchable handbag…



Quilted Bag Remake…


Gigantic Monster Scarf for the beginners knitting tutorial…


Okokokokok no more procrastinating by writing posts like this, I’m going to go actually try to finish something… or at least make some kind of progress with one of these. They are all for tutorials so if you have any preference to which I finish first let me know… it might actually motivate me haha!

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