Hair Extensions

I found hair extensions that actually match my hair :D:D:D

That’s right! Now I can have massive Hime Gyaru curls too!

What do you guys think? Worth the $5 I spent on them?

Here is a washed out shot just do you can see the back:

I can’t believe I actually managed to find something this awesome for this cheap! I found them at a terrible discount store but after doing some research I’ve discovered that they are made from one of the higher quality synthetic hair. Not bad huh?

I just can’t believe that they actually match my hair. The reason I’m surprised is that my hair was black for a very long time but recently I dyed it red. So as a consequence it is sort of red fading into black at the tips.

So what do you think, better with long hair or short hair? I am a big hair extension fan and now I want to get them in a lot of different styles to match whatever I do with my hair next.

Latest nail art style!

Here’s this month’s nail art style. It’s quite girly and blingy.

I love these nails, they’re my favorites so far! They have a pink base with black tips. The large jewels were put on first then the multi-coloured jewels and little balls to fill in the gaps. The last stage was the gold argyle pattern on the pink bits. Very sparkly and very attention grabbing!

I love this kind of nail art, super bling for the win!

Luxury Facial

If you were to ask James what he did today he would giggle, say he gave me a luxury facial and then giggle again. No, no it’s not what you think, but my skin is just glowing!

I think one of the best rescues you can give to your skin are those little facial sachets, they are freaking awesome! My favorite brand is Montagne Jeunesse and today I got to try out Peach Kernel and Walnut Exfoliating Masque. See they spell mask all fancy and French so it must be good!

Anyway my skin feels so smooth and fantastic it’s great! I can’t stop touching my cheeks! Man I wish I had enough money to have one of these everyday!

Nail Art Style- Black and White Nautical Pirates

This week’s nail art style is nautical.

I love this style so much! Credit where it’s due I copied the idea it from these nails. She has such fantastic ideas and style! If I wore stick on nails I would have ordered from her several times over by now!

Apologies for the small photo.

I’ve always been in love with pirates and nautical themes so this seemed perfect for me. The thumbs have anchors, the middle have wheels and the pinkies have compass points. I tell you what, putting that many tiny balls on there was a pain but they are so cute!

Doing fun nail art designs like this makes me want to order some more supplies so I can do fancy designs more often. 

Nail Art Style- Pink Princess

Here is my nail art for this week.

It’s a simple pink cute princess style with lots of glitter and shine.
This is one of my favorite nail art styles so far. I love how elegant it is while still being completely over the top. You can’t get much more girly than 2 shades of pink with glitter, pearls and diamantes!

These ones took quite a long time to do because each layer had to completely dry before I could start the next one. The pink polish was a present from James and while I LOVE the colour, it takes quite a long time to dry so I managed to mess it up a few times and had to start again. Also I accidentally fell asleep at one point so surprisingly I had to redo that coat XD

I’m slowly progressing in nail art and while it’s probably going to be a long journey, I think it will be worth it!

Nail Art Style- Red Hearts

This nail art style was from around a month or so ago.

It was the first time I had ever tried doing my own acrylic nails and I loved it! The design is a plain red with pink diamante hearts and tears on either side so it kind of looks a bit like CLAMP style wings. I’ve been pretty obsessed with nails for a long time now but I’ve only had acrylics once before and they were done at a salon. They are really short compared to a lot of people’s nails but I’m still getting used to the idea of longer nails so I thought this was a good length to start with.

Here is some other nail art I’ve done.

I have been a nail biter since before I can conceivably remember and having acrylics are great to combat that because I can fiddle with them all I want but they’re not going anywhere! So yay for nail art!

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