Estée Lauder Lipstick – Review

Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

Brand: Estée Lauder

Colour/Shade Name: Bought 4 years ago but on the website the closest I can match it to is the Signature lipstick in Terracotta.

Opacity: Very high.

Packaging: Standard classic Estee Lauder style, a little over the top but that’s probably just my opinion because I’m not a fan of gold, it doesn’t go with anything I own.

Price: Probably ridiculously high in Aus. I think I paid around $38 for it, the Aus website has most of the lipsticks at $40+ now. As per usual you can get them online and overseas for much much much less. (edit- James is convinced that this originally cost $60 but I can’t imagine paying that much so I remain unconvinced!!)

Estee Lauder Lipstick ReviewThis was the first non-cheap-crappy lipstick I ever bought, in fact I didn’t even buy it now that I remember, James bought it as a present when we were out shopping one day XDThe texture is absolutely lovely, not as buttery as the pure gloss lipstick that I have also from estee lauder but still really nice none the less. It is a really pure red and is reasonably versatile in that it can be worn just dotted lightly on the lips or completely coated for a bold look. I love the glossy finish on it and it feels quite moisturising on.

Bare lips:

Blank Lips

One coat:

Estee Lauder Lipstick Review

The only major problem that I have with this lipstick is that it has a serious tendency to migrate… like really badly even if you’ve done everything right. Primer, lip liner etc does nothing. This is not one of those kiss-your-boyfriend-drink-from-a-cup-no-marks lipstick commercials XD It’s really pigmented too so once you’ve gotten it on something it can be hard to get out without staining, white shirts beware!

VERDICT: Great colour, the price and migration do kind of suck though. Probably wouldn’t purchase again but certainly wouldn’t throw it out. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Houndstooth Nail Art Tutorial Video

Houndstooth is one of my favorite patterns so making nail art in it is a fairly logical next step XD The pattern itself is very basic if not a little time consuming to make. Your finish will really only depend on how steady your hand is and how thin your brush is, in this tutorial my brush is looking a bit ratty so the result is a little wobbly around the edges. That said when you’re more than 10cm away you really can’t tell haha!

Again no sound, sorry! Vimeo has been really unreliable lately so I’m gradually moving completely over to Youtube. Feel free to go look at my channel there now 😀

Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you give it a try!

Heart Shaped Face Washers Knitting Pattern

I kind of fell in love with this yarn when I saw it at Lincraft. I have a bad history of buying novelty yarns and then having absolutely nothing to make with them so I banned myself from buying them… but I’m not very good at sticking to buying bans so this made it home with me anyway!

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

Took me a while to think of what to make (and you know I’ve got almost the whole fricking ball left over after this project anyway so any suggestions are welcome…. anything other than scarves!) but in the end I settled on making heart shaped knitted facewashers as a start.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

I used 7mm needles an cast on around 20 stitches.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

I knit in garter stitch until I had finished a complete square.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

And then cast off leaving around 20cm of extra yarn as a tail.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

Now place the square like this with the tail at the top.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

Basically we’re going to squish down the point into the centre to form the top of the heart…

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

So using a needle stitch from the top corner down and bunch it up. Tie off and weave any ends in.

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

Taadaa hearts!

Knitted Face Washer Tutorial

Give them a wash and they are ready to use ^_^ I use mine to remove make up at the end of the day because it’s so soft and gentle and once dirty, can just be thrown in the wash. Considering the whole ball of yarn cost $5 you could make 1 for each day of the week and never buy cotton pads again. +1 for the environment  and much cuter too XD

Quite a few of you guys have written to me asking for a beginners knitting class kind of tutorial. I’m thinking of trying to shoot that soon, is there anything specific you want included? Would you all prefer videos or photos?

Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial Video

I’ve been enjoying making nail art videos now that I’ve grown out my natural nails so I hope you enjoy this one I did for Valentines 🙂 This one has 3 different designs to alternate on the nails.

Silly thing is I didn’t even end up wearing them today, I went with nautical nails in the end XD Hope you all found the video useful and whether you celebrate the holiday or not I hope you all have a great day!

Basic Diagonal Nail Stripe Tutorial Video

This is a really basic nail art tutorial for nice even diagonal stripes 😀 Again no sound, hoping to fix that with the next batch of videos.

This is the basic technique that I used for these nails:

Striped Gradient Nails

So to get the full effect of those nails you would need to do the following:

  1. Pick out 10 individual colours that form a gradient and paint each nail as a base.
  2. Add the diagonal stripes to each finger
  3. Add a cluster of 3 point backed diamantes using clear polish as a glue. Press them into the nails quite hard so they are secure.
  4. Add a couple of heart shaped diamantes to either side of the clusters so they form line from one side of the nail to the other.
  5. Top coat the hell of it and done!

Once you master this technique it’s really versatile and can be used in any number of styles. I hope you guys found this useful 🙂

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