James’ Delicious Halloween Food

James put so much effort into out Halloween foods last week that I thought it would be a shame not to show them off!

He spent all day cooking because Halloween is his favorite holiday of all time, we had so much food it was ridiculous.

He made Mummy sausage rolls. He made his own Crescent Dough (they don’t sell it in Aus) from scratch!


Poppin’ Cookin’ Sushie Candy Set

I’ve posted a couple of videos of our adventures with Kracie/Poppin Cooking Japanese candy making kits but I thought those of you who can’t watch the videos might like to see some of the results too.


Strawberry Flavoured Mini Chocolates – Food Friday

Today’s Food Friday is quick simple and has very cute results!

Mini chocolates 😀


Kimchi Pancake Recipe

One of my favorite Korean restaurants, Gami Chicken, has the most delicious kimchi pancakes. They are quite expensive though so one day during a massive craving, James decided to try and make some at home.


Jimmy’s Healthy(ish) Oven Baked Donut Recipe

It’s time for another one of Jimmy’s guest posts!!! Neat! Oh, and we’re making baked donuts. OMGKJDNKJDCNKD!!!!!! YES!!! YESYESYES!!!!!!!




Tea Flavoured Jelly Recipe :D

Finally a food Friday… on a Saturday. I think I have the flu ;_;

It’s one of James’s favorites actually: Peach Melba Tea from Oriental Tea House. I’m in their Tea Tester program so when James found out theyoffered me a box of the Peach Melba he threatened to break up with me if I didn’t give it to him XD

We made the tea as an ice tea and it was delicious, but not overly exciting, so I thought I’d bam it up a notch and try something a little different.

A while ago while I was on a jelly binge we found a new “create your own flavour!” box and snapped it up thinking of the delicious flavours we could make! The possibilites were endless… cotton candy…strawberries & cream…unicorn…but that was just the problem >_< Too many choices! When the Peach Melba tea arrived the same day we ran out of regular flavoured jelly we decided it was fate, we would make the worlds first PEACH MELBA JELLY!!!


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