Yummy Microwave Lemon Curd Recipe



So James is obsessed with lemon curd and lemon flavoured things in general. We decided to try our hand at actually making it because we thought it would be cheaper… turns out lemons are like $2 a piece at the moment and we used 2.5 lemons so really this was probably the most expensive lemon curd ever. It was still totally yummy though.

DIY Tea Bags – Yummy Tutorial

You guys know how much I love tea. There’s no debate about how much I love tea. I have a deep dark secret though… I hate loose leaf tea. Well not so much the tea itself but I hate tea strainers. They are always so cute but they never strain tea properly so you always end up with stray pieces of tea floating around which I just can’t stand for some reason. It didn’t bother me so much but now that I have clear mugs it drives me crazy.

So the solution which doesn’t involve me throwing out all of my loose leaf tea our of frustration? DIY teabags from Daiso!


Delicious Food From The Grand Europe Expedition

Ok kids, it’s time for some serious European food loving. While we were in Switzerland pretty much our number 1 priority was eating… and we did a lot of it. So get ready to be hungry because this is all food!



How To Make Strawberry Sugar Cubes! Video and Photo Tutorial

This time for my weekly youtube tutorial I wanted to try something different and so we have a new series… Violet Sucks at Cooking… But Looks Adorable Doing It!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.56.19 PM


DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes3.37.30 PM


For the first episode I decided to make my own flavoured sugar cubes in cute little shapes.

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.12 PM


The hearts are my favorite!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.20 PM


So get yourself a cute outfit and let’s get started. I made my chef hat, here’s how I did it!

DIY-Strawberry-Sugar-Cubes2.57.43 PM

And here is the video version!

So let’s get started.

My Epic Billy Idol Day Cake

This year for Christmas/Billy Idol Day we didn’t do too much in the way of anything really. We hung out at home and took Lottie for a walk. The big thing that we did involved me spending several hours baking an extremely epic cake. I spent so long on it that I have a LOT of photos!

I present a raspberry Billy Idol Day Cake complete with Billy’s Fist as a topper 😀 😀 😀



I slaved away in the kitchen for hours to make this cake. I hand made 3 kinds of icing!!



The fist topper is made of marzipan (which I can’t actually stand but was the right colour) and the glove was shaped on and painted with food colouring. I made the roses out of my fondant, more on that later!

The little chocolate bows, hearts and jewels are from a daiso chocolate mould and covered with edible glitter. Omg I love edible glitter, whoever invented it is a genius.



Around the bottom there are little plastic hearts also from daiso, a row of raspberries that we picked at the farm and a marshmallow twirly rope.



The cake itself was raspberry flavoured and had a lot of raspberries inside it too, SO delicious!

The icing you can see around the cake is buttercream and that’s what was used to stick the layers together as well.



I’m still learning to pipe nicely but I think this is pretty good progress!



The inside was crumb coated in cream cheese icing (my favorite) and I hand made the marshmallow fondant too.



While I was baking it there was a minor mishap with the marshmallows as I accidentally bought the wrong ones and they didn’t melt the way I expected them to XD Check out the bonus photo at the end for the fallout of that mishap!



To be fair most of these photos are very similar so I wouldn’t blame you for just skipping down



We lit the candles to serve it and it was DELICIOUS. James ate so much haha!


The problem with baking these big cakes is that we only ever get through like a third of it before it’s bad >_<



Just a couple more photos… because… XD



What is your favorite flavour of cake? I want to make some more! Stupidly I actually enjoy the decorating part more than I do the actual eating so I think I need some new flavours to change my mind!!


Bonus photos:

This is the mess you get when you buy the wrong marshmallows. It looked so pretty though that I almost wanted to just leave it haha!

photophoto[1]photo[2]Now I’m craving marshmallows>_>




Violet And Jimmy’s Trifle Battle 2012

It’s time for Trifle Battle 2012!

In the left corner we have Violet’s Mini Snack SizedTrifle!


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