Violet and Jimmy’s Gingerbread house

So this year for Billy Idol Day/Christmas I don’t know that we’re going to be doing. It’s been a hell of a year and between all of the traveling we’ve done in the last few months I think I have caring-fatigue. I’m thinking maybe we just sleep in, crawl to the couch, see who can deliver us food and play video games. That is the spirit of Billy Idol day after all. Even better if I can get a cool glove to wear while we do it…

I thought it might be more interesting to see the effort I have previously gone to… rather than photos of me shovelling chips into my mouth and yelling at drunks in the alley behind the apartment to STFU so I can watch reruns of Terrace House. BESTBILLYIDOLDAYEVER!

Last year (maybe 2 years ago??) James and I made a gingerbread house!


We used a recipe smooshed together from Pinterest and the place we bought the Gingerbread spices from.



_1290958James insisted that the trick was to double cut them. So we laid out all of the pieces of dough and cut out the templates before cooking.
_1290977 _1290981

Then after cooking them it was a race to try to get them cut again while they were still warm so the edges were nice and crisp.

_1290985 The walls were held up with cups and paper while the load bearing icing dried.

Then I added all of the decorative icing!_1300038 _1300057

Simple but effective! I actually hate gingerbread but this was so crispy and more like a biscuit than a cookie so it was really good!
_1300060 _1300061 _1300062 _1300065

Then you just need to wait until it gets dark and add some electric candles to really give it that Christmassy look! Of course for Billy Idol Day you should probably use real candles because I hear burning down your house is very seasonally appropriate!
_1300158 Now I need to look at these and get some motivation to actually put our tree up this year… or just keep eating chips. Either way >_>

Silent Saturdays… Cinnamon Scrolls

So James has been promising to write a post on how to make his cinnamon scrolls for over a year now and he never remembers >_>  So for today’s Silent Saturday we’ll make them without words. Direct all complaints and begging for recipes to James please ;D

James’ Candy Cane Mocktail Recipe

Last year James decided to make a mocktail for our Billy Idol Day feast!

Super Cute Filled Gift Chocolates Recipe

I have a lot of friends with birthdays around this time of year so I always struggle with little things to add to their gifts. This year I’ve been making a lot of filled chocolates using my tray from Daiso.


Pressed Sugar Cookies – Cute Food

Random cute food today: cookies! These cookies have so many different names but I’m going to go with Spritz cookies at the moment because that’s what my recipe said.


Strawberry Deco Roll Cake – Cute Food

Less of a tutorial today and more of an adventure in baking! A while ago, Kim came over with the idea that we could try our hand at baking together. Craziness ensued but we managed to product a perfectly good Japanese style deco cake roll out of it. We went with a strawberry theme inside and out!

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