ACEO Friday!

Another ACEO today.

I love a subtle tattoo on girls. I think sleeves are awesome but it really depends on what look you’re going for. I mean it probably wouldn’t look as hardcore and awesome if you were going for a look like Himegyaru, but even then who’s to say!

I really want to get a tattoo one day but I’m too scared of the pain! For a while I wanted to get a charm bracelet on my wrist but it’s the most painful place to get them and I’d probably only get 2 charms on my tiny wrist!

This one was given away as a gift to a client but click the picture to be taken to the ACEO etsy sale page 🙂

Spots and Stripes

This piece was originally for a Spots and Stripes competition on Redbubble. It was for the Shanime group, basically a competition featuring whoever could combine spots and stripes the most effectively in one picture. Not bad eh?

My good friend Vestque actually runs the Shanime group as well as the Lolita group. You can see her page here or go to her blog here! She’s really awesome, I just love her to death so go buy her stuff!

Are you a fan of spots and stripes together or is it all too much?

ACEO Friday!

My dear gypsy ACEO.

This little lady was done with pen and watercolours. I really do love the mystery of gypsies. There was a children’s book I read a while ago about gypsies/rom that sort of inspired me into doing this. Damn I can’t remember what it was called… It’s a series and I think the second one was “The Silver Horse”… there was a charm bracelet and the kids had to get all of the charms back (one per book) or their family would be killed. Hmm, I’m going to have to look into this.

As always click the picture to be taken to the ACEO etsy sale page 🙂

ACEO Friday!

ACEO Friday time again.

Good old Betty Sue sure does love chatting to her girlfriends on the phone! The pin up inspiration continues and I’m running out of things to say about it! I hate writing these descriptions, I’m so terrible at it.

As always click the picture to be taken to the etsy ACEO sale page 🙂

ACEO Friday!

And today’s ACEO Friday is all Alice-y again.

Yet another in my Alice in Wonderland series. This one is the Queen of Hearts. Every story needs a good villain, I was deathly scared of her when I was a child. I think I’ll alternate the Alice series and some orange and yellow ones I’ve been working on. Thoughts?

*edit* I just got my first article about Graphic Design published over at Womenwise Marketing. Click the link to go take a look. I’m going to be a featured author there with a new article to help women with Graphic Design every month! Exciting!

This one has been sold but feel free to click the picture to be taken to the etsy ACEO sale page 🙂




Geisha Art Post

Today’s art is Geisha themed.

I’ve been doing canvases for Blue Crane Design which I just love! Oil painting is fun but can also be quite challenging. I am only a novice at oils so I enjoy the learning process.

The flash kind of killed this pic, it looks lots better in person. The reds are really vibrant.

So shall I post more art? I think I’m done with painting geisha but not sure what I should do next.

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