Outfit Of The Day The Holiday Edition and Face Facts Contest!

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Outfit time again, this time it’s about the outfits I wore over the holidays 😀

Let’s work backwards from New Years!

VioletLeBeauxP1030744_1407 copy


The board game that almost ruined our relationship… Nuffnang Scrabble Competition

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You guys remember the Pictionary incident right? The reason that we don’t play board games in our household? Well apparently Nuffnang thought that our relationship could stand a Round 2 because they asked me to write about Scrabble. Oh yes, Scrabble.

Scrabble has a history in this house, James’ family love it. They take it VERY seriously. I suck at anything that requires me to put letters in the correct order. I’m good with numbers but not with letters >_<

But of course we’re both very competitive and also not great at following rules… rules are for suckers. Also we both cheat. And we play Scrabble with extra points if you can make a word from an internet meme or something dirty… also we have a rule that you can put down any word as long as you can justify it’s existence.

Unfortunately that leads to scenarios like this…


Nuffnang Competition: Rolling Stone Magazine

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When Nuffnang asked me to write about Rolling Stone magazine being a good present idea for Dads I laughed a bit, my Dad has had a subscription for like 40 years already so apparently it’s true XD Not exactly sure about the timing of this considering here in Aus, Father’s Day was almost a month ago… his birthday was in March and Christmas is months away XD Though if I said that to my Dad I imagine the conversation would be…

I wanted to do drawings of this conversation again using my awesome mini Violet doll but I’m still sick so use your imagination >_<

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s not Father’s Day

Dad: Do you need an excuse to get me presents?

Me: Well you get Father’s Day, what do I get?

Dad: Everyday is Children’s Day…

Me: So where’s my Children’s Day present then?

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

I’m sure it’s all very nostalgic for his days in the British music scene but whenever I think/read/hear/anything involving the words “Rolling Stone” all that happens is that I get the Dr. Hook song stuck in my head. It lasts for WEEKS. I mean I *love* Dr Hook and I love the song but now every time someone mentions it I want to strangle them a bit because I know I’ll be singing this for the next month. Just so I’m not suffering  enjoying alone…

Outfit of the Day – One Day in Paradise #2

Remember a while ago the lovely Marie from One Day in Paradise sent me some dresses? I showed you the ways I co-ordinated the first one over here. I promised to show the other dress and the shoes she also gave me and here it is!

You’ve seen the first couple of co-ordinates before in other posts but my favorite one is at the bottom.

I first wore it at a Keihls event.


Reasons why Microsoft should hire me a personal assistant…

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I actually previously hated the 07 Office Suite for Mac set, I found it to be slow and Word never shut down properly for me. I’ve been using various Microsoft products for Mac for 7 years now and the difference between the programs then and now is pretty extreme! You can imagine when Nuffnang asked me to review Mac Office 2011 I was full of both apprehension that it might be better and dread that it might not be. I was pleasantly surprised so yay!

The main difference I noticed using the ’11 version is that everything is faster, had fancier graphics and is more Mac designed rather than just being Mac compatible which is what the older ones felt like. Windows is really pushing the cloud mentality so there is also the option to connect everything online and get extra templates etc. The templates still look like Word templates though so you need to inject your own creativity. Over all they are definitely an improvement over the last lot, the speed difference alone is reason to upgrade considering how much time I used to waste waiting for Word or Excel to open.

You know the one thing missing from this though? Clippy the office paper clip! Sure he was a little enthusiastic but I feel it was a feature that could have been improved on… Like you know if it had been a mini version of me. That would be a pretty sweet improvement in helping me write blog post I imagine it would be so advanced it would be pretty much like having a personal assistant. In fact let’s view the conversation in the eyes of the new Clippy and me on a typical morning here…

Early morning at Violet’s house:

Microsoft Advertorial

Why I Don't Play Board Games… Pictionary Nuffnang Competition

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I’m an only child so growing up board games were never my favorite pastime. It’s kind of hard to play them with one or two people-me and my mum. James however has 2 siblings so he grew up loving them and his love has forced me into many a game of Scrabble!

So when Nuffnang contacted me to test out the new incarnation of Pictionary I was well… apprehensive. I’ve never played Pictionary before so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I took it along to our romantic getaway at the Langham to see if we could have some fun. That’s what happens on romantic hotel getaways right? People play board games? Uhuh. Well this is what happened…

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

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