Outfit Of The Day The Holiday Edition and Face Facts Contest!

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Outfit time again, this time it’s about the outfits I wore over the holidays 😀

Let’s work backwards from New Years!

VioletLeBeauxP1030744_1407 copy


Shirt: Vanity BoxSkirt: Valley GirlShoes: Present from CatBag: Christmas present from my Mum

Hair accessories: Present from BG Dino

VioletLeBeauxP1030747_1407 copy

It was so hot that night that all I wanted to do was stay inside and sit in front of the open fridge door. Instead we trekked all over the city watching various fireworks. I can’t wait to post the rest of the photos from this, it was such a pretty night, I’m so behind in Snapshots >_< Seriously in December I took over 1000 photos… and that’s with the terrible ones cut out!

VioletLeBeauxP1030743_1407 copy

My bag strap broke about 30 seconds after we took this photo so I had to carry it around by the mini handle all night, totally my luck!

VioletLeBeauxP1030742_1406 copy

Here’s the make up from that night too!

VioletLeBeauxP1030907_1423 copy

I’ve been wearing a lot of plum colours mixed with gold lately.

VioletLeBeauxP1030905_1423 copyVioletLeBeauxP1030906_1423 copy

Plum and white blended is my favorite. You can see my eyes closing more and more in these shots because it was so late at night, I fell asleep on the couch right after XD

VioletLeBeauxP1030904_1423 copy

I’ve been filming lots of hair videos so here’s a random shot of one of the looks I was doing, I make awesome faces while adjusting lighting 😀

VioletLeBeauxP1030608_1393 copy

This one was my Christmas Billy Idol Day outfit! The weather was going crazy from 35 degrees to raining every few hours so I wanted to be extra comfy. Of course my hair only lasted about as long as the tram ride!

VioletLeBeauxP1030023_1334 copy

Dress: Lizlisa

Cardigan: Ice

Scarf: Forever New

Shoes: Big W decorated by me

VioletLeBeauxP1030021_1334 copy

I’m so glad I dressed in layers, the heat was horrible for the first few hours but as soon as the rain hit my scarf and cardigan were perfect protection!

VioletLeBeauxP1030019_1334 copy

While I was digging around I found these old outfit shots I don’t think I ever posted too! Same shirt but two very different coordinations: skirt and shorts ^_^

DSC_2220_684_JimmyAmerica.comVioletLeBeauxP1050325_9563 copy

Oh and speaking of Billy Idol day, I can’t resist sharing one of James’ gifts to me this year! He designed me a shirt with Billy Idol and my favorite litteral music video phrase 😀 😀 😀
LOVE!! I can’t wait to have this printed, I’m going to wear it all the time!


Very related to shirt design, if you’re in Aus and you are creative do check out the competition Face Facts Tees is holding at the moment, it’s a campaign for educating young people on drug use consequences so I personally think it’s a very good cause and wish I was in the age group to enter myself!

Here’s the full information for those who want to enter:

Don’t miss your chance to win up to $2,000 cash, festival tickets and get your design on this year’s Ecstasy. Face Facts t-shirt for the National Drugs Campaign!

If you’re aged between 15-21, simply create an image that shows your support for an anti-drugs theme, including this year’s tagline “Ecstasy. Face Facts” somewhere on your design and upload it to our online gallery. The top designs as voted by you and your mates will be in the running for great prizes. So go on – get creative!

This is a wonderful way for Australia’s youth to hear an important message about the negative effects of ecstasy, paired with an amazing opportunity for aspiring designers and creative types to have their work used in a national campaign.  The competition will have two winners in different age groups:

•The winner in the 15-18yrs category will receive a $2,000 cash prize plus a $200 Moshtix voucher.

•The winner in the 19-21yrs category will receive a $2,000 cash prize plus a double pass to Creamfields Music Festival summer tour.

A runner up prize will also be awarded in each category.
Entries will appear online at the Face Facts Tees competition hub in a voting gallery accessed via http://www.facefactstees.com.au/. The winners will be chosen from the top 10 designs with the most public votes. Each winning design will be printed into a limited edition t-shirt to be distributed as part of this year’s Ecstasy. Face Facts campaign at Creamfields Music Festival, Rock the Schools and other media  outlets.

Check out the Face Facts site for more information, to enter or to see the other entries and vote!

The board game that almost ruined our relationship… Nuffnang Scrabble Competition

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You guys remember the Pictionary incident right? The reason that we don’t play board games in our household? Well apparently Nuffnang thought that our relationship could stand a Round 2 because they asked me to write about Scrabble. Oh yes, Scrabble.

Scrabble has a history in this house, James’ family love it. They take it VERY seriously. I suck at anything that requires me to put letters in the correct order. I’m good with numbers but not with letters >_<

But of course we’re both very competitive and also not great at following rules… rules are for suckers. Also we both cheat. And we play Scrabble with extra points if you can make a word from an internet meme or something dirty… also we have a rule that you can put down any word as long as you can justify it’s existence.

Unfortunately that leads to scenarios like this…


VioletLeBeaux2-scrabble-advertSome of the words in our game were not really appropriate for audiences under 18 so they have been blurred. Props if you can guess what they are (especially considering most of them don’t actually make sense and aren’t real words!).VioletLeBeaux3-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux4-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux5-scrabble-advertVioletLeBeaux6-scrabble-advert

James is famous for how long he thinks about his moves. It’s so frustrating to watch!!


But at least that leaves time for me to cheat…


The arguments we have about the words tend to last even longer than James’ thinking.


This is pretty much how all of our games end -_-‘ What can I say, I’m an only child who doesn’t do well losing…


So in the end our game looked a bit like this…


Here is a short run down of some of the words we made up and their definitions:

– DAESO- The word you use when you don’t have an “I” to spell DAISO, also possibly some kind of dance. Usage: “I’d like to do the Daeso with you”

– TAZO- The Australian version of Pogs, sadly this one is not made up.

-FUNSTUFF- What James tries to convince himself playing board games is

-XANDER- Name. Usage: “I’m a friend of XXXXXaaaaanderrrrrrrrrrrr”

-NEWT- A crusty old river boat gambler from a book we’re reading at the moment.

-MALTOSGARD- The place Norse Gods go for frosty milk shakes after a hard day’s punishing mortals

-JIRIRIIY- The word Violet uses to win the game and get rid of all her tiles. Usage “Suck it James, I win with Jiririiy!”

So competition time!

Terms and conditions here. Aus residents only, closes 5:00 pm AEDST on 28th October, 2011.

If you want to win your own game of Scrabble leave me a comment answering the following question:

What is the best made up word you’ve ever cheated at Scrabble with? Feel free to make up an awesome one now and include it’s definition 😀


Nuffnang Competition: Rolling Stone Magazine

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When Nuffnang asked me to write about Rolling Stone magazine being a good present idea for Dads I laughed a bit, my Dad has had a subscription for like 40 years already so apparently it’s true XD Not exactly sure about the timing of this considering here in Aus, Father’s Day was almost a month ago… his birthday was in March and Christmas is months away XD Though if I said that to my Dad I imagine the conversation would be…

I wanted to do drawings of this conversation again using my awesome mini Violet doll but I’m still sick so use your imagination >_<

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s not Father’s Day

Dad: Do you need an excuse to get me presents?

Me: Well you get Father’s Day, what do I get?

Dad: Everyday is Children’s Day…

Me: So where’s my Children’s Day present then?

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

I’m sure it’s all very nostalgic for his days in the British music scene but whenever I think/read/hear/anything involving the words “Rolling Stone” all that happens is that I get the Dr. Hook song stuck in my head. It lasts for WEEKS. I mean I *love* Dr Hook and I love the song but now every time someone mentions it I want to strangle them a bit because I know I’ll be singing this for the next month. Just so I’m not suffering  enjoying alone…

Dad was the one that filled my first ipod with Dr Hook songs so you can go ahead and blame him for that too.I wonder if everyone from that generation remembers the music as fondly? I certainly prefer it to most music today XD I think my Dad would probably like a music magazine subscription, though he’d probably prefer it in ipad format because most of his life is on that thing now XDHmm maybe our conversation could go more like this:

Me: How about I get you a special edition of Rolling Stone?

Dad: What’s so special about it?

Me: I’m on the front cover because I totally formed a band in the last 20 minutes, wrote some  awesomely deep songs, toured 50 cities and played to sold out crowds and broke up due to musical differences… *strikes excited pose*

Dad: *insert Monty Python/Black Adder quotes*

Me: -_-‘


Anyway Magshop are having a competition at the moment and here’s what they have to say about it.

Still need to get a Father’s day gift? Surprise dad with a music magazine subscription from Magshop online magazine subscriptions  before 4th October and you could win a Volkswagen Golf!


Do all Dad’s have music obsessions and quote a lot of British comedies too? It probably helps that mine is actually English XD

Outfit of the Day – One Day in Paradise #2

Remember a while ago the lovely Marie from One Day in Paradise sent me some dresses? I showed you the ways I co-ordinated the first one over here. I promised to show the other dress and the shoes she also gave me and here it is!

You’ve seen the first couple of co-ordinates before in other posts but my favorite one is at the bottom.

I first wore it at a Keihls event.


Dress details: Infanta Deer Jsk with pompom trim (just sold out before I put up the post so no link *_*)Worn with… Shirt: SES Stockings: Myer Shoes: BodylineKIEHL-S_www.JimmyAmerica.com_065_595

I wore it again up in Brisbane, it’s made of a fairly heavy fabric so it doesn’t crease easily. Perfect to throw in a suitcase.

photo copy

Again perfect suitcase material so I wore it the second day at the Langham 😀 The pearl/bow chain at the front unclips so I wore it as a bracelet too.


This next one  is my favorite co-ordinate though, because the fabric is so nice and thick it’s perfect for winter here.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_014

Stockings: Myer Shoes: 7 Angels (I think, it was one of those discount clothing stores along Swanston St) Gloves: Junk Store Neck thingy: Present from my Mother Shirt: SES

All of that fluffiness makes it so nice and warm!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_011

The skirt is huge with ample room for a petticoat if you choose to wear one.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_013


The front bow also detaches and so could be moved around or worn in your hair etc. The pearls used are glass too so they have a nice weight unlike the cheaper plastic pearls a lot of companies use.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_029

My absolute favorite part of the dress is a fluffy adorable faun applique! SO CUTE!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_016

The back of the dress has crossing lace up to make it completely adjustable. Unrelated but my hair is getting so looong!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_021

Better view of the lacing:

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_017

And a better view of the lace and detailing:

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_018

Love this dress very much, it’s been a really good staple of my Winter wardrobe 😀 Thank you One Day in Paradise, I’m such a lucky girl!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_027

Along with the dress Marie dropped off a pair of shoes for me, because we walk everywhere now I’m always looking for good walking shoes. I love my Bodyline shoes to death but I can’t wear them every single day XD

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_035 Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_036

Please excuse the fur on my stockings, I had just taken off the boots from the shots above and the are shedding like crazy because I haven’t brushed them through yet >_< Of course the camera flash picks up a lot more detail than my eyes do!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_037

So the shoes have cute little heart buckles on the sides, lace details ad bows on the front and backs. They are made of very thick material (thicker than my Bodyline ones) and don’t seem to scuff easily.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_038

The heel is not very high at all and considering the front has a small platform too it makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The soles are quite grippy too do they don’t do badly in the rain.

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_039

Very cute for many different outfits and styles!

Violet LeBeaux_One Day In Paradise_033


Thank you again so much Marie! I always have so much fun doing these posts and dressing up 😀

One Day in Paradise information:

Infanta Jsk – Just sold out before I put the post up ;_; But check out the other Infanta pieces on the site, they are very pretty. Do get in quick though because as you can see, they sell out fast!

Medium Heeled Mary Janes and they are available on the ODIP site for $59.95. These white PU Mary Janes have a 6cm heel and 1 cm sole, ankle straps and double buckle straps. All sizes are available. One Day In Paradise is permanently open for business at the Visage n Vice Boutique, 248 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 7 DAYS A WEEK!

One Day in Paradise is going to be at AVCon in Adelaide 23-24th July and is sponsoring the Lolita Fashion Show and the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Brand competition on Saturday 23rd July at 11:30am.

Reasons why Microsoft should hire me a personal assistant…

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I actually previously hated the 07 Office Suite for Mac set, I found it to be slow and Word never shut down properly for me. I’ve been using various Microsoft products for Mac for 7 years now and the difference between the programs then and now is pretty extreme! You can imagine when Nuffnang asked me to review Mac Office 2011 I was full of both apprehension that it might be better and dread that it might not be. I was pleasantly surprised so yay!

The main difference I noticed using the ’11 version is that everything is faster, had fancier graphics and is more Mac designed rather than just being Mac compatible which is what the older ones felt like. Windows is really pushing the cloud mentality so there is also the option to connect everything online and get extra templates etc. The templates still look like Word templates though so you need to inject your own creativity. Over all they are definitely an improvement over the last lot, the speed difference alone is reason to upgrade considering how much time I used to waste waiting for Word or Excel to open.

You know the one thing missing from this though? Clippy the office paper clip! Sure he was a little enthusiastic but I feel it was a feature that could have been improved on… Like you know if it had been a mini version of me. That would be a pretty sweet improvement in helping me write blog post I imagine it would be so advanced it would be pretty much like having a personal assistant. In fact let’s view the conversation in the eyes of the new Clippy and me on a typical morning here…

Early morning at Violet’s house:

Microsoft Advertorial

Microsoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft Advertorial

It’s amazing what a difference tea can make, sometimes it can completely change your outfit and apply make up…

Microsoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft Advertorial

Of course saying it and actually doing it are pretty different…

Microsoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft Advertorial

But see that’s where the Office helper would come in!

Microsoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft Advertorial

Even computer programs need to occupy themselves so mine took up knitting.


Microsoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft AdvertorialMicrosoft Advertorial

Are you listening Microsoft development team?!?! So really what this post has made me realize is that I don’t want a new computer program I want a personal assistant. Or a cloning machine… Or a holiday? Yes ok a holiday.

So as a blogger what can you use the new Office suite for ?

• Excel is great for tracking stats for number junkies like myself.
• I’ve also seen wardrobes catalogued through here like your own at home poupee!
• As much as it sucks budgeting is an important part of my life so keeping track of every penny is important!

• Obviously good for drafting blog posts now that most WYSIWYG editors have an insert Word button which will strip all of the non- HTML friendly formatting out. It’s good to have an offline copy of posts just in case you ever lose things too.
• Drafting fun things like media packs. If you make things with a lot of text in programs like Photoshop then it’s a good idea to draft first in Word so you can spell check. There is nothing worse than sending something really important out to a bunch of really important people and realizing you spelled your own name wrong.

• I suppose you could put together a super awesome slideshow on how great your blog is…

•Keeping in touch with blogging friends, though these days I prefer email so I don’t feel guilty if I can’t answer straight away.

• Email obviously is good for getting blog notifications and everything else!

You can also drive a Windows PC from your Mac now which I imagine would be useful in some situations.


Competition time!

Over on the Nuffnang blog they are giving away Microsoft’s Office for Mac, Arc Touch Mouse’ and Lifecam’s. Click here to enter or get more information.

So out of interest, if you guys had a magical personal assistant how would you use them?

Why I Don't Play Board Games… Pictionary Nuffnang Competition

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Pictionary
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I’m an only child so growing up board games were never my favorite pastime. It’s kind of hard to play them with one or two people-me and my mum. James however has 2 siblings so he grew up loving them and his love has forced me into many a game of Scrabble!

So when Nuffnang contacted me to test out the new incarnation of Pictionary I was well… apprehensive. I’ve never played Pictionary before so I don’t really have anything to compare it to but I took it along to our romantic getaway at the Langham to see if we could have some fun. That’s what happens on romantic hotel getaways right? People play board games? Uhuh. Well this is what happened…

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosYeah I didn’t say the extra imagination I had was actually any good…

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

Of course we totally read the instructions. James and I were Team Awesome and Shakespeare and the apple were Team Not As Awesome. The game was fast paced and full of smack talk. Some of the clues were very hard, we considered switching to the children’s deck of clues.

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

So the idea is that you roll the dice, move your piece and then pick a card. You have to draw the item on the card with the corresponding colour for your partner to guess. If you do it within the time limit you get to roll again. There are several versions of the game but this seemed the simplest to me XD

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

Unfortunately we are both very competitive with short tempers.

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

It’s all done in 60second time limits but considering we were the best, most awesome Pictionary players ever that didn’t bother us!

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

Who knows what James was trying to draw there! Try and guess in the comments if you want, I bet no one gets it mwahaha!

We would definitely never let a game effect our relationship…

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

Luckily, when you’re playing with fictional opponents you are pretty much in control of the outcome…

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

And we were very gracious winners.

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

For some reason everyone left after that… noooooooooo idea why.

Pictionary Advertorial PhotosPictionary Advertorial Photos

So competition time!

Here’s what regular-people-non-scary-competitive-Pictionary is all about…

– Quick sketches and crazy guesses
– You don’t need to be Picasso to have fun! The worse you draw the more fun it is.
– You can play anywhere, anytime
– Fast-paced game of imagination, comical drawings and players’ ability to interpret them.
– It will transform your next family get together into an uproarious occasion where anyone has a winning chance.
– Kid-directed clues/cards make the game more accessible to a wider audience and levels playing field for kids ages 8+ playing with their parents
– Fun, vibrant and engaging family game play experience.
– Game play is collaborative, social and engaging for everyone involved

If you want to win your own copy of Pictionary so you can have heartwarming family moment just like ours all you need to do is guess what James was trying to draw in his picture. The winner will be selected on creativity. Click here for the Terms and Conditions.

Here’s his picture again incase you forgot:

Pictionary Advertorial Photos

Good luck everyone and I hope your board game experiences aren’t as traumatic as mine 😛

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