Bergamot Bunny Shop Holiday Update

It’s coming up to the holiday season so if you’re looking for gifts look no further than the Bergamot Store ^_^

I’ve been taking the opportunity over the last few weeks to update and make more products available so let’s take a look 😀

The big news is that The Tale of Bergamot Bunny is finally available in hardcover!

It’s being produced via so you can visit the shop here to buy your copy. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this so get in now to have delivery before Christmas!


Don’t forget the book is available in the iBooks Store for free download too.

Now on to the clothing and trinkets!
The holidays are just around the corner so Bergamot and friends have made a special “Hoppy Holidays” shirt. It comes in a bunch of colours (pink is my favorite of course!) and they are joined by Miss Lottie for the first time! This one is a limited edition and will only be available until the end of December so if you want to order get in quick!
Screen Shot 2012-11-19 at 5.17.52 PM

There is the classic range of Bergamot tshirts in various styles.


Nana Bunchkins also has her own shirts.bergamot-bunny-advertisements4

As does Sir Reginald T Bunnikins!


If you have kids or are buying for someone little they also come in children’s sizes!


The bunnies are also available on iphone cases:


And for stocking stuffers you can get sets of 5 buttons.



There are a couple of charms and items left in the Bergamot store which I’m clearing for a whole new range in the New Year too!

I’ve been making a lot of progress on the stuffed toys too (can’t believe how long it’s dragged on) so they will be available very early in the new year! I know you guys have been looking forward to them so don’t stress there won’t be much more of a wait!

Thanks again for all of your support and have a great holiday!

The Tale of Bergamot Bunny Book Available Free in iBooks!

Morning everyone!

Just a quick note today to let you all know that The Tale Of Bergamot Bunny book is officially available in the iTunes Book Store!


If you have an ipad follow the link below to go to the ibooks store and download it for free!

View The Tale of Bergamot Bunny in iTunes!

I’ll be making updates about the hardcover version next week along with updates to the Bergamot Shop for the holiday season 😀 If you have any requests in the mean time make sure to let me know!

Gloomth Lolita Clothing Competition Open Internationally!

This competition was sponsored by Gloomth.
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YAY finally I can bring my lovely international readers a competition they can enter 😀 😀 😀 That’s right, it’s my birthday next week and you guys are getting the presents haha!

So many many months ago Tae from Gloomth contacted me to see if we could work together, we talked over several months but the timing wasn’t quite right as I kept getting booked out before we could put something together. Fast forward and here we are with a competition for some beautiful clothing 😀

Firstly let me show you guys the dress Taeden custom made for me!


Shipping took around 2 weeks so standard for airmail to Australia. The dress was packaged in a bag with wrapping paper and some little cards. There was also a Gloomth pin too, very cute!VioletLeBeauxP1060348_17259This dress is a custom version of the “Sorrow” dress from their site in a dusty pink colour.


I’m wearing it in these photos with a small petticoat for a more traditional look. It’s made of light cotton which will be great in Summer and features detachable bows on the collar and wrists.


The silhouette is a standard bell shape and it could fit a large or small petticoat depending on the result you preferred.


There are so many tiny ruffles and details including several rows of pin tucks around the collar. The collar can also be worn flipped up or down.


A little about Gloomth as taken from their website:

Gloomth is a clothing label specializing in unique apparel and accessories. Exquisite quality and original designs set Gloomth apart from the flock. Our pieces are produced in extremely limited quantities, and cannot be found elsewhere- online or in a retail environment.
Gloomth exists between definitions, betwixt subcultures. Forging it’s own decadent path on glittering feet. Our influences can be traced to street fashions and historical attire, to wildflowers and basement clubs. We’re a little bit- of a lot of things.

Each Gloomth piece is made in Ontario, Canada. Free of any unfair or cruel labour practices. We use all new materials, and will occasionally combine some antique fabrics or notions when suitable. Our pieces are  professionally made from pattern development to each stitch- and will last for years.


Here are some close ups of the little details.


The middle sash is also long enough that it can be wrapped around twice and either tied at the front or back which is great!


So what you’re actually waiting for:


Gloomth have very kindly donated 3 gift vouchers for me to give away to you all.

1st place will receive a $75 gift voucher for the store.

2nd place will receive a $50 gift voucher for the store.

3rd place will receive a $25 gift voucher for the store.

Here are the terms:

  • Competition will be open from now until midnight AEST on the 29th of May 2012
  • Winners contacted via email and must respond within 7 days to claim the prize
  • Entries are open internationally so long as you are legally allowed to enter where you live
  • Winners will be judged on creativity.
  • The rest of the terms and conditions over here.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you would spend the voucher on and be creative!

Thank you very much to Gloomth and I can’t wait to read your entries!
Bonus photos because I was having fun, now I just need to get around to recovering these stupid couches  ^_^


Outfit of the Day and Face Facts Competition

This post was sponsored by Face Facts Tees.
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Time for some outfits and there’s a competition for Australia readers at the bottom of the post ^_^

It’s getting really cold here so I’ve busted out all of my Winter clothes finally!


Hat- Imagination

Scarf- ebay

Dress- Valley Girl

Stockings- Ebay

Shoes- 7 Angels

VioletLeBeauxP1060323_17262I like this outfit a lot, mostly the stockings because they have little hearts all over them 😀 The shoes were a bargain at only $10! I really need to poke another hole in the belt because it’s quite loose.VioletLeBeauxP1060315_17254I took the time to tailor my trench a bit last week so it’s more fitted. I do need to get around to properly taking it in but I can’t decide whether it would be a lot less effort to just sell it and buy a smaller size. It’s a really nice jacket but I’m not as in love with the cut as I was when I bought it last year.


Some make up shots from the last few weeks.


Haha epic laziness= having hair and make up done for a skype call but not changing out of my pajamas 😀


This outfit was another one I bought on ebay recently. I’ve been on a little bit of a shopping binge  and I couldn’t resist the cute nauticalness.


It’s made of tshirt fabric too so it’s really comfortable!


You guys will probably remember a while ago that I did a post on a Drug awareness competition called Ecstacy. Face Facts. The competition was for young designers to make shirts raising awareness for the National Drugs Campaign.

Thanks to everyone who voted, the winners have been announced! Congratulations!

Major Prize Winners

Georgie Dunn (15-18 yrs category)
Ellenor Argyropoulos (19-21 yrs category)

Runners up

Naomi Chilcott (15 – 18 yrs category)

Natasha Michels (19-21 yrs category)

Judges’ pick

Rob Di Giovanni (15-18 yrs category)

Kaitlyn Hackney (19-21 yrs category)

The lovely people who ran the campaign have offered me some of the winning shirts to give away!


Here I am wearing one of the winning designs ^_^


I have 4 shirts to give away in different sizes so there will be 4 winners.

Here are the terms:

  • Competition will be open from now until midnight AEST on the 18th of May 2012
  • Winners contacted via email and must respond within 7 week
  • Australian residents only for this one sorry!
  • Winners will be judged on creativity.
  • The rest of the terms and conditions over here.
To enter just leave a comment telling me the number of the shirt you want to win and what you’re going to wear it with.


Can’t wait to see your entries and good luck!

My Hair Post Dove Nourishing Oils- Dove Nutri-Oil Advertorial Part 3

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Dove.
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So last post on the Dove Nutri-Oil trial today!

The biggest thing I’m guessing you’re interested in is the results? So did I notice long term differences? Not a huge amount, my hair was in good condition at the beginning of the trial so I wasn’t expecting to see gigantic before/after results. But I imagine that had my hair been dry or in need of more repair I would have seen a more noticeable difference. I’m looking forward to seeing how the winners of the competition go with it and whether they have different results to me.

So you can judge for yourself, the photo from before we started: philosophers

And more recently after using:


Like I said, short term results are good. I like that my hair is shiny when using it, I like that it’s easy to style and I like the my hair is very soft. Overall it feels very good after putting it in so I really enjoyed the short term results.Will I keep using it now the trial is over? Yes I will continue to use it but probably not as religiously. I think it’s a nice treatment to use after washing but I most likely won’t continue using it every single day before styling as I really don’t think my hair requires it that often. More likely I will use when I think my hair needs a boost or keep in my handbag for an emergency shine boost.

Using the Dove Nutri-Oil system has definitely given me a different perspective on oil hair products, I have been happy with the results and it’s reasonably priced so there’s no reason I wouldn’t continue along with it.

Easy styling, with my adorable friend Julia at Fashion Park:


Lastly, here’s a shot from the LMFF show I did last week so you can see the current state of my hair and judge for yourself!

And a more recent one from last weekend while I was trying on glasses at an accessory store 😀

So did any of you guys try out the Nutri-Oil range yet?? I’d love to see if you had different results to me!


Transform My Hair Competition- Dove Nutri-Oil Advertorial Part 2

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Dove.
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A lot of you guys seemed to enjoy my previous hair history post, I promise next time I get boxes out I’ll scan all those old photos too!

So next steps: actually using the Dove Nutri-Oil system. There’s a giveaway at the bottom of this post if you want to try it out yourself too.

This is how my hair is currently, it’s a bit oily around the roots as it was unwashed when I shot this but the rest was in decent condition. The pink needs touching up and I’ve got 3 day old curls >_< I don’t know why I chose to shoot this today!


This is the bottle of oil, it’s a reasonable size considering you are only supposed to use a couple of pumps at a time. It looks yellow in the bottle but once it’s out it’s completely clear.Dove-Nutrioil-Advertorial_4291

You can’t even see it on my hand.


So the bottle says use 3-5 pumps depending on your hair length, I used 4 because my hair is still really long even after I cut some off a little while ago. Basically you distribute it evenly through your hair but avoiding the roots then brush through and style however you want. You’re supposed to use it every day in combination with the shampoo/conditioner for the best results. You can use on wet or dry hair and I found it suited my hair best when it was wet.


I found when using it that 2-3 pumps was more than enough for my hair otherwise while it was super shiny it became a bit too wet. Definitely do avoid the roots too, anywhere near my roots gave it a bit of an unwashed result. Lesson learned: less is definitely more! It took a couple of applications before I found the perfect balance to use for my hair type but once I did it was a really nice product to use.

On the bottom 2/3rds of my hair it gave a really shiny finish without weighing it down at all. Like I mentioned in the last post, I was a bit worried it would be oily and heavy but I was pleasantly surprised because it wasn’t at all. The end result felt smooth and had a very healthy looking finish to it.


Done! I’ve been using it for around 2 weeks every day now and  while I haven’t seen any long term improvement to the texture or condition of my hair it feels nice going in and works for me as a short term product. As my hair was in quite good shape to begin with so I wasn’t really expecting to be able to see the kind of results you would expect in a before/after infomercial and I’m happy with what it’s done so far. I think as far as hair treatments go this is a good cost effective solution as at $9.99 it’s quite a bit cheaper than a lot of things I’ve used.


And here’s the comparison, before on the left and after on the right. The easiest to spot difference is how much fluffier the right is, I think that’s mostly due to the extra brushing. The right definitely seemed shiner to me in real life but it’s quite hard to capture that on camera.


So if you’re interested in trying Dove Nutri Oil for yourself Nuffnang and Dove are giving away 10 x Nutri Oil Samples to readers.

To enter you just need to leave a comment telling me about your hair and why it needs transforming!

This one is for Australian residents only and entries close the 16th of March 5:00 pm AEDST. There will be 10 winners and their entries will be the ones which are most creative.

You can find the full terms and conditions from Nuffnang over here.

Good luck, I’m interested to see whether it makes a difference all of your hair!

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