Video Lilac Lace Nail Art, Nail Polish storage and Eyeko Polish Review

Ok this post is pretty huge if I do say so myself, it even has two tutorials including a lilac lace nail art… that’s right two!

I’ve been getting a lot of nail polish related requests lately so here is a gigantic post to take care of some of them!

DSC_0147_100221_7697 copy

Firstly a lot of people have been asking how many nail polishes I have… the answer is 87. That sounds like a lot… and well it is a lot but I’ve collected those over the last 4 years aaaaand a lot of them were gifts and the ones I bought were all like $2 so it’s not actually the gigantic money pit it sounds like!

DSC_0103 copy

Question 2: how do I store them? Well if I’m going to be making a lot of nail art to sell at once then I set them all up on a table organized by colour. Other than that they all live in a draw organized by whatever I shoved in there first.

The application was quite good it was a nice consistency and very shiny after application. It was opaque/the colour in the bottle after 2 coats. This next photo is a really good representation of the colour, it’s nice and soft and reminds me a lot of OPI “Do you lilac it?”. I didn’t find the smell of the polish over powering either which was nice.

DSC_0113_100221_7731 copy

The packaging is super cute too which is a plus!

DSC_0002_100219_7673 copy

The bottle is quite small at 8.5ml for £3 but for a boutique company that seems to be fairly standard. So the verdict = good! Everything they have is themed on a very cute manga which they update on the site every week, here’s some of the cute info they sent through:

DSC_0003_100219_7672 copy

Now back to the tutorial! After the first coat is dry write the name and colour of the polish on the other end of the stick!

DSC_0116_100221_7728 copy

Just like this 😀

DSC_0118_100221_7726 copy

Now time for the second coat, this time you should only paint the top 2/3rds of the nail.

DSC_0126_100221_7718 copy

Then leave that to dry. Once it’s dry you should paint one final coat on the top 1/3rd of the nail.

DSC_0137_100221_7707 copy

So you should have something like this, the numbers represent the number of coats. This doesn’t mean much for a polish as opaque as this one but when you have a more sheer polish it’s much more useful to know how many coats you’ll need for the finish you want. Now you can see at a glance without having to trial and error it every time.

DSC_0142_100221_7702 copy

This is an example of some polishes where the differences are a little more obvious, especially the orange.

DSC_0147_100221_7697 copy

So there you have it! Now it’s time for a nail art tutorial 😀 Today we’re going to make a pretty but easy lace finish on a base of the Eyeko Lilac Polish. Video is below!

<div-id= “lilac”>

Hope you enjoyed the double tutorial post! And please let me know if you have any other nail art related questions <3

Let me know what you think of it all especially the lilac lace nail art, I want to do more tutorials ^_^

Rapid Lash Review

A while ago I was sent a really interesting new product to test out for you guys: Rapid Lash eyelash serum.

I held off posting about it for so long because I wanted to be extra thorough while I was getting information about it because it’s a bit of a touchy subject for a lot of girls: EYELASHES

A  lot of my friends and girls I know are really self conscious about the size/shape/curve/density/whatever of their eyelashes and I have to admit I’ve gotten quite caught up in the whole thing in the past too. My eyelashes are naturally quite light so when I don’t wear mascara or false lashes it can be a little tough to see them and they don’t stand out against my eyes 🙁 There all kinds of solutions to this like fake lashes (my fav), lash extensions and dyeing kits and now there is something called “Rapid Lash Eyelash Renewal Serum” which claims to “transform each strand at the lash line from thin, brittle or short lashes into thicker, fuller and healthier-looking lashes by delivering essential proteins, vitamins and other moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients that replenish the lashes, while adding shine and elasticity.”

That’s a bit of a mouthful and quite a big thing to claim! So I’ve done a road test for you all ^_^

This is the packaging it comes in:

DSC_0008_091230_5489 copy

Their literature has a lot of before/after photos. Apparently the serum can be used for eyebrows as well, I don’t think I need my brows any darker though so I just used it on the lashes.

Eco Tools Bath Set Review

A while ago Eco Tools sent me a couple of things to test out and this bath set was one of them!

You can most likely guess from the name but Eco Tools claim to fame is beauty products that are also environmentally friendly. They also make things like make up brushes (which I previously reviewed) and other fun bits and pieces.

So let the review begin!

DSC_0562_100118_6093 copy

First thing’s first: packaging! The bath set comes in a reusable plastic bag which zips closed at the top. The zip has a little loop of cotton ribbon so you can hang it up. I really like the idea that the packaging is actually useful, I would totally use this as a bathroom bag when traveling. It would also be pretty useful to keep hair clips etc in because it’s clear so you don’t have to go searching to find things in it ^_^

Now the loofah! Ok firstly who the hell knew that a loofah was a vegetable? I always thought it was like a sea sponge kind of thingy… but apparently it’s a vegetable so that makes it sustainable too ^_^ So yes, I liked that it had a string to hang it in the shower, I can’t stand things that can’t be hung up in the shower. To start with it was really hard and rough but after adding water and using a few times it’s much softer. Jamesdidn’t believe me that it actually gets squishy with water so I took this photo to prove him wrong hahaha!

DSC_0559_100129_6395 copy

The body wash! Omg I wish someone had invented a scratch and sniff computer because this smells so good that there aren’t words to describe it! It’s kind of like some kind of fruity cocktail of apple-kiwi-other-random-yummy-things.

I thought the viscocity was a little odd for body wash because rather than being like a gel it’s very runny. That said it lathered up really nicely and didn’t leave that icky soap feeling after. I’ve been using it since I received it and every time I step out of the shower Jamescomments on the awesome smell hahaha!

DSC_0555_100129_6399 copy

The body lotion! This stuff has a really similar smell to the body wash so you really need to go to a Priceline and smell it because it’s seriously awesome 😀 I found this to be a little bit thicker than other body lotion that I’ve used but it rubs in well and doesn’t feel heavy when you’re actually wearing it. It’s made from shea butter which feels really nice and it’s not hard to rub in like some other shea mousturisers I’ve used before.

DSC_0545_100129_6409 copy

Following on the eco friendly thing the lotion and body wash are also paraben free (YAY!), Phthalate free (if anyone knows how to pronounce that let me know!), recyclable, dermatologist and clinically tested (not on animals!) and hypoallergenic 😀

DSC_0575_100118_6080 copy

I’m not a huge fan of shower flowers or whatever else they’re called so I gave it to James to test and his verdict was that is was much softer than his current non-eco friendly one.

DSC_0569_100118_6086 copy

So all in all I would say this set is well priced at RRP$24.95 from Priceline. I think it would make a really good gift too because of the cute bag! I sure wouldn’t complain if some one gave me one *cough*Valentines Day *cough*XD

DSC_0568_100118_6087 copy

Have any of you tried out the Eco Tools Bath Set?

Skin MD Moisturiser Review

Today I hope you all enjoy this Skin MD moisturiser review!

So those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know how I’ve had some troubles with allergies. One of the things I’ve discovered is that I’m allergic to parabens which are a common ingredient in make up and skin products… when I say common I mean when I checked the labels of the products in my bathroom there were only like 2 that didn’t have them >_< I’m not going to debate whether parabens are good/bad I just happen to be allergic so I’ve been looking for alternatives.

One thing that I’ve been especially looking for is moisturiser. The back story to this is that as long as I can remember I’ve had insanely itchy legs, I mean like drive you crazy itchy, worse than the worse mosquito bite you’ve ever had! What didn’t click until I started looking at the labels in my bathroom was that I’ve also been using a moisturiser with parabens on my legs for like 10 years now… Mystery solved.

Aaaaanyway a few weeks ago I was sent some moisturiser from a company called “Skin MD”. When I received the package it had some pamphlets which were a little infomercial-y for my tastes so I took the claims with a grain of salt.

The general idea is that this isn’t so much a moisturiser but a “shielding lotion” that creates a barrier on your skin to keep natural moisture in and bad things out. I decided to give it a try for 2 weeks and see how I went… here is my morning routine/review!

DSC_0348_100113_5985 copy

I have *very* sensitive skin on my face so this was where I decided to test it out.

I start by dotting little bits all over my face.

DSC_0335_100113_5998 copy

Then starting at my nose I massage it in the directions of the arrows.

DSC_0341_100113_5992 copy

After rubbing it all in my skin feels nice and smooth. Also hearts totally appear everywhere 😛

DSC_0342_100113_5991 copy


DSC_0350_100113_5983 copy

So the verdict:

While I don’t think this is a miracle cure, I have noticed a significant difference in my skin since using it. I like the texture, the smell and how my face feels after using it. I actually recommended this to a friend with more severe eczema and they noticed an immediate difference too which is really exciting!

The part that I like the best is that it is free of parabens so I’m not allergic to it. After trialing on my face I started using it on my legs too and they haven’t been itchy in weeks now! After having itchy legs for the last 10 years I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling that is!

Another great point is that it comes in a version with sunscreen built in, for girls like me that live in sunny Australia that’s a huge plus! If you would like to read more just check out their website here.

So I’m going to give it an 9/10 (loosing a point because of the packaging and stupid clicky lid) I would definitely recommend it to others with skin problems or who just want yummy soft skin ^_^

DSC_0326_100113_6007 copyPersonally I love it and I am going to keep using it every day 😀

Have you every tried Skin MD moisturiser or had bad allergies?

Grand Opening Of Violet's Nailart Store

Well this week has been all about nail art hasn’t it?

Today I’m happy to announce the grand opening of my nail art for sale section ^_^

Scroll down to see some of the false nails I’ve got for sale or scroll to the bottom to see how to order!

DSC_0246_100104_5254 copy

Set 1. Princess Pink Nail Art

Part 2 of Setting Up Your Blogging Space- Decorating

I’ve had a lot of questions about the mechanics of blogging lately so I’ve decided to make a series of posts with tips on setting up a your blogging space ^_^

Before I get into today’s post I just want to let you all know that I’ve started a second Twitter account called Violet’s Cuties which will basically be me posting cute things that I’ve found along my internet travels. I’ll be posting pretty much anything I think is adorable from clothes to puppies to Hello Kitty shaped sushi makers. Click here to follow me if you’re interested 🙂

DSC_0356_091207_4266 copy

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