What's in my handbag?

These “what’s in my hangbag” style posts used to be so popular a while ago and I never got time to do one so I’m making up for it now haha! My good old faithful red bag seems to be on it’s last legs so I’ve been borrowing this black/white one from my Mum recently until I can buy a new one. I don’t generally change bags often or to suit my outfits so it’s very sad when I have to put an old faithful bag to rest ;_; I’m waiting to find the perfect every day bag for my next one so if you see something I might like send me a link!!


So this is my current one, I like it because it’s big enough to fit a whole lot of junk but not so big that my shoulder wants to break at the end on the day. It’s a good size for work because it holds documents easily too.DSC_0324

I pretty much always have a scarf tied to the bag somewhere because they are so useful. Pretty but in a pinch they can: protect your hair from rain or wind, cover bad hair or fix ruined hair, mop up a spill, wipe away stray make up, be folded into a bag to carry groceries or shopping, smoosh into a pillow for long car rides, wrap around bag handles for more grip/padding and so many other things that I can’t remember right now XD

I like bags with lots of pockets so I don’t have to dig around for stuff. I tend to just throw random things in my bag so I like ones that keep my valuables away from anything that might damage them. This one has 6 pockets/sections which is not bag but I think I want even more haha!


In the top zip section and pocket I keep…


1. iPad
This is a new addition to my bag and it replaced my DSLite, a book and a bunch of other things I used to carry around with me. It also replaces having to take a laptop to meetings now which makes my shoulder much happier! This case is just until I finish making my custom case from scratch, so look out for that tutorial in a while!

2. Business cards
I don’t think I need to explain these… they are for work!

3. Notebook
I can’t give up the pen and paper completely so I keep a little notebook for important notes, dates and anything else which needs to be written down quickly or sketched to explain to clients.

4. Headphones
I wish I could take my big ones around with me all the time but unless I know I’m going on a long trip, these ones are just so much more space saving. I’m planning to customise them a bit more in the future and maybe add some more bling 🙂

5. Pens
Fairly self explanatory. The lipstick one is from the last MBBE swap and it’s adorable!

6. Mirror
Small mirror for just in case emergencies. I want to replace this with one of the cuter ones I have sitting in my drawer but haven’t gotten around to it.

7. Blog business cards
Much prettier than my regular ones haha! Again, the use is fairly obvious. These are so much harder to store because of the bows so I think I need to re-evaluate that when I design the next lot. Totally worth it for the cute outcome though.

This is what lives in the middle pocket:


1. Gloves
So important! I can’t stand my fingers being cold so I always like to have gloves in my bag just in case.

2. Fan
Seems silly but can be a life saver in Summer especially if you’re wearing a big frilly outfit.

3. Tape measure
Must have for fabric shopping, crafting and general shopping. I find it’s good for thrift shopping too because if you don’t want to try clothes on or there’s not a space to you can quickly measure them and make a decision on fit.

4. Small Bag
This holds tissues and toiletries like aspirin etc. It’s nice to have everything together in a little bag rather than rattling around in the bottom of your bag getting dirty.

The second large section of the bag holds these:


1. Make up case
More detail on that below in it’s own photo.

2. Sunglasses
‘Nuff said.

3. Camera
The charm is a Capybara that James won out of a vending machine!

4. Lip Palette
Love this so much because there are so many colours that I never need to worry about not having something while I’m out. It also has a gigantic mirror which is useful!

And inside the make up case:


1. Case
I got this one from Haigh’s chocolate shop, it was filled with delicious freckles but has been totally worth the money as a reusable tin. Mmm chocolate.

2. Lip Palette
So you can see the colours inside.

3. Comb
Always good to have one of these handy! This one is a very old metal base which is quite pretty. There are usually a heap of bobby pins in here too.

4. Lip Gloss
This is one of many that find their way into my bag… I can never seem to have enough though!

5. Perfume Oil
I’m not a big fan of perfume but I keep this one in my bag with me because it smells sooooo good. It’s very fruity and good for touch ups after a long day.

6. Cotton buds
Very useful for make up touch ups etc. These ones have water on the inside so you flick them and the end of the cotton bud gets wet for better make up removal.

7. Lash glue
Just in case of lash mishaps!!

And in the final 2 sections of the bag….


1. Mobile phone
Of course!

2. Facewasher
Again like the scarf this has so many uses!

3. Wallet
I don’t actually carry a wallet much these days, partly because James keeps all my important junk in his wallet and partly out of never going out that much haha.

4. More lipgloss/balm
Only having 3 in my bag is pretty good for me! Usually they just accumulate at the bottom because I never take them out XD

5. Handkerchief
I embroidered this one myself!

And that’s it! To be honest this is like the neat version of my bag after I have a clean out, generally the bottom of it is full of crap like sugar packets, other people’s business cards and napkins >_< It’s nice to pretend I’m neat though sometimes!!

Hope this was a fun post to read ^_^

Outfit Of The Day- My New Pink Gradient Hair

Today’s post is quick because I’ve been taking photos for new hair tutorials all day and I am so sleepy now!

I just wanted to show off my new hair cut and colour XD I’ve been thinking of a new style for a while now, my hair had gotten so long and I really needed to trim the ends. I haven’t had layers since I was about 14 so I decided to do that. I also decided it was time for a colour change so I gave myself a pink/copper gradient rather than the dark one I had previously.

This is the dodgy phone pic after I did it all and styled with hot rollers^_^

My new hair

This one shows off the colours much better and was after pin curling for a night…

My new hair

The first day I wore it out:

My new hair

I have to say I absolutely LOVE it. Couldn’t be happier with the result and I think it’s really me! I didn’t lose much length but it’s made it so much more manageable and healthy.

My new hair

I think the cut is so much more versatile now and I’ve already been able to try a lot of new styles to wear so I’m very happy ^_^ It also means I’ve been able to wear curls all day just from pin curling over night so that is a massive improvement too. Also it’s majorly bouncy so I feel like I’m in a Pantine commercial every where I go now XD

The back:

My new hair

And lastly, here is a bonus pic of me having myself a Farrah Fawcett moment in front of a display fan while we were out shopping XD

My new hair

So many of my friends are having total hair make overs at the moment, it’s really exciting! What are you all planning to do with your hair next?

Keeping cool in style over the years… Nuffnang Competition!

This post was sponsored by Nuffnang and Panasonic Air Conditioning.
For more information on sponsored posts please click here.

Over the years I’ve gone through a whole lot of styles. I didn’t always like pink things, in fact when I was growing I was the biggest tom boy! I’ve been going through my wardrobe to clean out and make space for things and it’s kind of been like taking a journey back through time!

I’m pretty happy with my current style. It’s not perfect but I think it represents me pretty well where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keeping Cool Photos

But I’ve been at a lot of different stages in my life and each had its own look. Not many of you might remember but when I started my blog I looked more like this:

Keeping Cool Photos

That shade of red has always been my favourite, I spent a year in it then and maybe 4 years with that colour in high school. My look was much more toned down during this time.

Even before then I had short black hair like this…

Keeping Cool Photos

Back in those days I was a Lolita. I wore Lolita clothing pretty much 24/7 and I loved it to death. I was obsessed with it completely and uncontrollably.

Keeping Cool Photos

I couldn’t find any photos because before that I was quite camera shy so I made you an artist’s representation of how before that… I was really into punk and alternative styles! I wore red eyeliner all the time and I had spiky blue extensions. I even had blue/green hair at one point but I still can’t find photos of it on my hard drive. Apparently I was wearing this style was before I understood the importance of labelling photos for future reference! XD

Keeping Cool Photos

Back in those days I was also a pirate 😉 Historical re-enactment for the win! I need more excuses to wear my corset again!

Keeping Cool Photos

Now you’re probably wondering what the point of this is right? Well the one thing that all of those fashions have in common is that they are full of layers and very un-summer friendly.

Australia is hot. With the exception of Melbourne right now everywhere I’ve lived in Australia has been ridiculously hot. If I was picking fashion based on climate I pretty much failed miserably.

So the question is how do you keep cool in summer when you’re wearing like 20 billion layers of clothing? I’m not proud of this but….

A funny thing happened when I was going through my accessories section. I picked up an Angelic Pretty bow and it was exuding Lolita…

Keeping Cool Photos

So much so that I was accidentally pulled through a time machine vortex which was swirls and swirls of petticoats and frills. I was lucky not to be crushed by the sheer weight of the petticoats.

Keeping Cool Photos

It took me back in time… but as I didn’t have a camera for my magical adventure you’ll just have to make do with my time machine induced “artists representations”.

This was me:

Keeping Cool Photos

Unfortunately this was the climate I was in:

Keeping Cool Photos

See the thing about Lolita clothing is that under the dress is a blouse, under the blouse is a petticoat and under that petticoat modesty says wear bloomers… plus socks or stockings. Pretty much the only places you’ve got to sweat are your knees and arms if you’re wearing a short sleeve blouse.

In Summer it’s not fun. Bloomers are great for protecting modesty but they are also insanely hot to wear under so many layers!

Keeping Cool Photos

But I was a crafty Lolita.

Keeping Cool Photos

I used a trick which has been in play since fridges were first invented…. underwear (in this case bloomers) in the freezer!

Keeping Cool Photos

Epic cool = EPIC WIN!

Keeping Cool Photos

And this allowed me to be cool and breezy as I did the miserable walk to the train station to work in the mornings.

Keeping Cool Photos

Hopefully you enjoyed my little walk back through memory lane ^_^


So Panasonic and Nuffnang are holding a giveaway for those of you who are just coming in to Summer (like me ;_;)

Panasonic have just launched a new range of Eco air conditioners which are aparently both smart and stylish. They’ve even won awards like “Good Design” Award. They have also launched a smart phone application to help people with choosing an air-conditioner easily. Here’s what they say about it:

The simple-to-use Air Conditioning Sizing Wizard application allows customers to enter information on their room environment and receive product recommendations. Once you have made your selection, you can access product details, features, images, videos and locate your nearest retailer instantly.

Panasonic has launched a new stylish range of Air-Conditioners featuring improved energy efficiency for reduced power consumption.

  • The 2010 range features the new Eco Patrol Sensor – a human sensing technology
  • Inverter technology, providing temperature control for greater energy efficiency and comfort in the home.

AC Sizing Wizard App features:

  • Easy navigation that allows you to find the right Air Conditioner you, and locate your nearest dealer/installer.
  • Enter information about your room and then it pops out recommendations for the right a/c.
  • Scroll through product recommendations and see the main product features, specifications
  • You can also find out more information through videos, images and handy hints.
  • Once you have chosen the right Air Conditioner you can use the ‘Where to Buy’ function to find your nearest retail outlet or specialist Air Network Installer on Google Maps, or contact Panasonic Customer Care for more info.

They are also starting to make little webisode things to explain the technology in simple terms. Here is one of the videos/TV Commercials from their site:

So the prize for this competition is an air-conditioner from Panasonic’s new range PLUS the installation into your home! That’s pretty damn awesome, I want one… I need an aircon XD

What you need to do is leave a comment answering the following question:

“What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done to stay cool in summer?”

You know what my craziest thing is so I’m looking forward to hearing all about yours 😛

This competition is for Australian residents only and you can view the full terms and conditions here and the information from Nuffnang here.

*edit* Please note that the date has been extended until the 25th of November. The updated terms and conditions can be found here:

The update Nuffnang information is here:

Good luck, I hope you enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to see your entries!

The Melbourne Way- Competition!

This post has been sponsored by Nuffnang and Panasonic.
Read more about my policies on sponsored posts here.

Morning! Everyone is always asking me where I get my ideas from. How do I come up with craft ideas? What possesses me to add lace to everything I own? Why on earth do I insist on wearing such impractical looking clothing?

Today I thought I would try to give you a bit of an insight into myself and take you into a very scary place… my brain.

I was given the opportunity by Nuffnang to take a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 camera for a spin so I thought it would be a good way for you all to take a look into how I see the world! The best part is that there’s a competition at the end too ^_^

So are you ready to go in my brain? Make sure to wipe your feet before you enter, I don’t want you tracking mud all over my pretty pink brain!

Step 1.

Press play on the video below. It’s “Super Jet Shoes” by Perfume and it’s my favorite song at the moment. It’s been stuck in my head for several months now! This will be your soundtrack to my life ^_^

Step 2.

Hover your mouse over each of the images below to see the difference between how the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 sees life and how I see it. You might have to hover a few seconds for my view to load but don’t give up, they are all there!

Step 3.

Put on your Super Jet Shoes (mine are my boots) and let’s get going!

My constant companion for the day is my phone. Music, friends and fun are just a second away with this…

ThePanasonic Lumix TZ10 is around the same size as my phone though it’s a little heavier. I have been keeping it in my jacket pocket ever since I got it. It has a lot of features that a gigantic camera has like a big zoom but it still has a little body. Great for snapping on the go. The “Intelligent Auto” feature makes it quite difficult (even for someone as uncoordinated as me) to take a bad photo.

We have started to catch the tram places now to see friends but it’s so different to Brisbane public transport!

Quick start up means you can get photos in a few seconds and snap stuff you wouldn’t normally see like the inside of a tram without the driver.

I actually think trams look like gigantic electric kitties. The second I saw them I was reminded of Susie who is obsessed with kitties!

The big back wires that hang everywhere remind me of spider webs or maybe knitting… or maybe gigantic knitting spiders.

Fancy “Intelligent Auto” feature means I can take photos in terrible lighting without having to fiddle with stuff or have the technical knowledge that James does.

Sometimes not having a car can be tough with getting all of our groceries or bigger items home but it’s much easier with a little help ^_^

Of course you really just can’t go past the shopping here 😉

We visited Chadstone that day too and it’s massive!

Do you see a bit of a continued theme here yet??

More interestingly is what happens when I see something like this…

That happens quite a bit. I really try to see what something could turn into rather that what it already is 😉

I wish our landlord allowed pets but I can always dream!

Very big zoom which allows you to take covert photos of other people’s pets from the tram 😉

That pretty much sums me up I think… I hope you’ve enjoyed being in my brain for a day!

This shot was taken using the “Pin Hole” setting which is my favorite of the ridiculous amount of settings. I’ve been using the food setting lots too ^_^

So all of the photos in this post were taken with the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 aaaand thanks to Panasonic and Nuffnang you guys have the chance to win one just like mine! Well maybe not *just* like mine because I’ve already deco’d mine mwahaha 😉

So about the actual camera, I’m going to do a big proper pros/cons review on the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 this week in terms of being a good camera for blogging and showing the quality of the HD video etc but here is a quick run down of my 3 favorite features:

-The big thing with Panasonic Lumix TZ10 is that it has built in GPS so if you go on holidays or you’re traveling around town near landmarks it will remember where you were and tag your photos with the location! The drawback to this is that unless you specifically switch the function off, it chews through battery even if the camera is off. The photo organization software it comes with also only works on a PC so I wasn’t able to test it.

-My absolute favorite feature is that you can register people on it so when you focus on me it actually says “Violet” and comes up with a little heart, how cute is that?! You can even register your pets!

-It can also take HD videos and fits neatly in my bag or pocket which is very useful for blogging!

This is the basic information from their website for the more tech savvy of you:

Key Points for the Panasonic Lumix TZ10:

  • Built-in GPS for easy organization of the photos you took on your holidays!
  • 25mm wide-angle 12x optical zoom f/3.3-4.9 LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens…allowing it to have twice the shooting area of the standard 35mm lens
  • Double hand-shake correction allowing you to take beautiful night shots at slow shutter speeds without blurring
  • Record movies in HD with no loss of image quality!
  • 12.1 Megapixels
  • RRP AU$650

More information for the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 can be found here.


If you like the look of this camera you can enter into the draw to win one very easily ^_^

To enter just leave a comment on this post and answer this question “Where in the World would you take the Panasonic Lumix TZ10 and what photo would you take?”

Comments here will go into the draw to win the grand prize!

You must be a resident of Australia to enter, please view the full terms and conditions on Nuffnang’s blog here.

Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoyed being in my silly pink brain today 😀

Love Violet

Gigantic Nailart FAQ

Yay time for the Gigantic Nail Art FAQ!

Thanks everyone for sending in so many questions I hope this is helpful to you all ^_^

About Nails In General…

How long do acrylics last?

  • Depending on whether they are professionally done etc they tend to last maybe 3-4 weeks then you will need to get an in fill or a completely new set. This obviously doesn’t include chips or breakages.

How long do stick ons last?

  • If you use good glue they can last around 3 weeks. I think the average for my nails is around 2 weeks.

What are the options for attaching stick on nails?

  • Depending on how long you want them to stay on you can use standard nail glue, nail stickers or double sided nail tape.

Are stick on nails as hardy as acrylics/gels?

  • It depends how gentle you are and the glue you use to attach them. The nails themselves are not as hard a acrylics but they are more flexible so you are less likely to chip a nail.

How do I remove stick ons?

  • If you used nail tape/double sided tape then soak the nails in warm water, after 10 min gently peel the nails off. If you have used nail glue you will need to to soak your nails in nail polish remover and melt the nails off. Do not peel the nails off or you could damage your natural nails.


Can I re-use stick on nails?

  • Yes… but it depends how gentle you are at removing them. If you attach them with stickers or tape you can reuse them. If you remove them with nail polish remover you will most likely melt the nails and they will be unusable.

Does all the stuff like the diamantes and 3d parts really stay on? How long do they last?

  • Yes. One or two might occasionally fall off and need re-gluing but if you stick them on well to begin with and make sure to top coat a couple of times with clear polish any damage should me minimal. To stick them on you can either use clear nail polish or epoxy glue. DO NOT USE EPOXY ON YOUR NATURAL NAILS.

What is the process of sticking the nails on with glue?

  • First clean your nails and remove any old nail polish.
  • Then lightly file the flat part of your natural nail. This is to give it some grip so the glue with stick to it. Do not file too much.
  • Place glue all over the nail in a thin layer.
  • Place the nail over the top an position it how you like
  • Press down firmly on the nail. If you have a transparent fake nail you should make sure that all air bubbles in the glue are pressed out.
  • Apply pressure evenly for around 1min. Do not take the pressure off until you are sure it’s stuck.
  • When you remove the pressure your nail should be stuck on. Do the rest of the hand then leave it to dry for around 10 min.
  • If you feel they need more glue you can always add a little more at the cuticle edge or underneath the nail for extra hold.
  • Special tip: If you’re going to get long nails you should do the 4 fingers on your left hand first, then 4 fingers on your right hand and do the thumbs last so you have as much mobility as possible until the end. Obviously if you’re left handed you should start with your right hand 🙂

What is the easiest way to make french tips?

  • You can buy special french tips stickers to guide but I’ve never really liked them. I’ve seen people use painters masking tape as guide lines too but I haven’t tried it.The easiest way that I’ve found so far is to use a very long thin nail art brush with a slight curve in it. Use that to make the line you want the curve to follow and then fill in the rest of the tips quickly with a larger brush. You really need to have something to lean your hand on to keep it steady for this though. If I find an easier way I’ll let you all know!

DSC_1299 copy
How can I reuse ceramic flowers and charms?

  • This only works for ceramic parts not acrylic parts… If you don’t mind wrecking the false nail they were previously attached to, the easiest way is to dissolve the nail in polish remover. If you can pull the flowers off your nails then just soak them in some polish remover until you remove any polish or dirt, rinse them in water then they will be as good as new.

How do you paint all the small details?

  • With a very small paint brush and a lot of patience.

Does having acrylics/stick ons damage your natural nails?

  • To a point they will damage your nails but it really depends on how you wear them. If you wear false nails all the time for several months straight it can make your nails soft and yucky. This is because nails need air to breathe so when you cover them for ages you deprive them of air. It’s like when you have a bandaid on for a really long time and then take it off and the new skin is all white and smooshy. This is why most nail artists will recommend you take a 1 week break from nails every 3 months. Also you should never peel your false nails off! Only ever remove them following the instructions provided, peeling with damage your nails!BUT!!!That’s not to say that you can’t wear them without damaging your nails. If you properly remove them, take care of them and take appropriate breaks in between you can safely wear nails with no problems. My naturals nails are still the same as they have always been.
    What you need to remember when you wear false nails is hygiene! You can’t see when the underneath is dirty because they are opaque so please remember to wash your hands and use an orange stick to clean out any gunk. If you ever see any mold or it starts to smell weird that is a good sign you aren’t cleaning them well enough and you should change your nails. Having a good anti bacterial wash is very useful.Also there are many repairing nail treatments that you can buy to solve any damage problems.Follow those tips and you shouldn’t have any problems ^_^

What do you hold the nails on when you paint them?

  • I’ve tried quite a few things for this but what I’ve settled on is a block of wood with several hooks screwed in. I then blue tac the nails to the hooks. Like this:

DSC_0828 copy

Do you have tips on how to do Konads stamps?

  • I have a billion tips for Konads, they are so awesome but it really takes time to work on the best technique! I think I will dedicate a separate post just to Konad tips as well as posting some of the most useful ones here…
  • Have everything set out and within arms reach *before* you start. This will save you so much time if something goes wrong!
  • Have an orange stick with a tiny little bit of cotton wool on the end dipped in nail polish remover handy. You can use it to gently wipe away any Konad mistakes without damaging any of the polishes underneath. This way you don’t have to re-do the entire nail if you make a little mistake.

How can I stop my Konad stamps from running and bleeding?

  • Running is all about technique. Firstly it might be the polish you’re using, if you’re not using a Konad brand polish then the polish you’re stamping on might not be thick enough. Thicker is better for Konad. Secondly it might be the topcoat. The way you brush a top coat on can mess up the stamp. Again in this area of Konad more is more, rather than using a tiny bit of polish I have found that loading up the brush with a huge amount and very gently pushing it around the nail in around 3 strokes works well. The less you touch the nail the better and the top coat will dry in the same way no matter how thick the coat is.

Why don’t my nails look as good/shiny/awesome as the nails I see in Japanese magazine?

  • Most of those nails tend to have gel overlays. This makes them suuuuper shiny and bright, you can’t get that effect without gel overlays.

What do I do if one of the charms falls off my nail?

  • If you have kept the charm you can easily re-attach it with clear nail polish or nail polish glue. Once it is dry you should be able to do a top coat which will protect it.

About *My* Nails Specifically…

Are your nails natural?

  • No. I have very short natural nails because I’m terrible and I bite them.

How on earth do you do *insert menial household task like dishwashing/cooking/scrubbing the toilet*?!

  • The same way the rest of you do… with my hands.

You must sit around doing nothing all day to keep nails like that? Clearly you never do any work/are a horrible girlfriend who makes James do all the housework.

  • Nope. I type all day long for work, then I do just as much cleaning as anyone else in my home life. Nails do not make you an invalid.

What’s the hardest thing to do with nails on?

  • Picking up small change from a table top.

DSC_0830 copy
What kind of glue do you use for stick ons?

  • I use pretty much whatever glue I happen to have. I don’t buy a specific brand.

Do you wear decorated nails all the time?

  • No. Between work and everything else I don’t always have time to make myself nails. If I had time to make them I would probably wear them all the time though. When I don’t have time to do fake nails I do try to paint my natural ones but life does tend to get in the way ^_^

Can you make me a set of nails for *insert special reason here* I can’t pay you for your time or materials but could you do it anyway for free?

  • No. I am more than happy to take commissions but due to my current work load and because it would probably send me broke… I don’t work for free!

That’s it for this time so let me know if you have any other questions! I’m going to be doing a big old Decoden FAQ in a while, let me know if you have any other nail art questions 🙂


I have crazy work/moving to Melbourne stuff going on at the moment but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so here’s some purikura that James, Susie and I did yesterday!

Susie is full of awesome and she makes the coolest hair bows ever!


As soon as I have a moment to myself I’m going to take care of a bunch of reader requests and craft tutorials I’ve been planning. I have so much planned and no time >_< I promise lots of awesome things soon though so keep reading!

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