What's in my handbag?

These “what’s in my hangbag” style posts used to be so popular a while ago and I never got time to do one so I’m making up for it now haha! My good old faithful red bag seems to be on it’s last legs so I’ve been borrowing this black/white one from my Mum recently until I can buy a new one. I don’t generally change bags often or to suit my outfits so it’s very sad when I have to put an old faithful bag to rest ;_; I’m waiting to find the perfect every day bag for my next one so if you see something I might like send me a link!!


Outfit Of The Day- My New Pink Gradient Hair

Today’s post is quick because I’ve been taking photos for new hair tutorials all day and I am so sleepy now!

I just wanted to show off my new hair cut and colour XD I’ve been thinking of a new style for a while now, my hair had gotten so long and I really needed to trim the ends. I haven’t had layers since I was about 14 so I decided to do that. I also decided it was time for a colour change so I gave myself a pink/copper gradient rather than the dark one I had previously.

This is the dodgy phone pic after I did it all and styled with hot rollers^_^

My new hair

This one shows off the colours much better and was after pin curling for a night…

The back:

My new hair

And lastly, here is a bonus pic of me having myself a Farrah Fawcett moment in front of a display fan while we were out shopping XD

My new hair

So many of my friends are having total hair make overs at the moment, it’s really exciting! What are you all planning to do with your hair next?

Keeping cool in style over the years… Nuffnang Competition!

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Over the years I’ve gone through a whole lot of styles. I didn’t always like pink things, in fact when I was growing I was the biggest tom boy! I’ve been going through my wardrobe to clean out and make space for things and it’s kind of been like taking a journey back through time!

I’m pretty happy with my current style. It’s not perfect but I think it represents me pretty well where I am in my life right now. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Keeping Cool Photos

The Melbourne Way- Competition!

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Morning! Everyone is always asking me where I get my ideas from. How do I come up with craft ideas? What possesses me to add lace to everything I own? Why on earth do I insist on wearing such impractical looking clothing?

Today I thought I would try to give you a bit of an insight into myself and take you into a very scary place… my brain.

I was given the opportunity by Nuffnang to take a Panasonic Lumix TZ10 camera for a spin so I thought it would be a good way for you all to take a look into how I see the world! The best part is that there’s a competition at the end too ^_^

So are you ready to go in my brain? Make sure to wipe your feet before you enter, I don’t want you tracking mud all over my pretty pink brain!

Step 1.

Press play on the video below. It’s “Super Jet Shoes” by Perfume and it’s my favorite song at the moment. It’s been stuck in my head for several months now! This will be your soundtrack to my life ^_^

Gigantic Nailart FAQ

Yay time for the Gigantic Nail Art FAQ!

Thanks everyone for sending in so many questions I hope this is helpful to you all ^_^

About Nails In General…

How long do acrylics last?

  • Depending on whether they are professionally done etc they tend to last maybe 3-4 weeks then you will need to get an in fill or a completely new set. This obviously doesn’t include chips or breakages.

How long do stick ons last?

  • If you use good glue they can last around 3 weeks. I think the average for my nails is around 2 weeks.

What are the options for attaching stick on nails?

  • Depending on how long you want them to stay on you can use standard nail glue, nail stickers or double sided nail tape.


I have crazy work/moving to Melbourne stuff going on at the moment but I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so here’s some purikura that James, Susie and I did yesterday!

Susie is full of awesome and she makes the coolest hair bows ever!


As soon as I have a moment to myself I’m going to take care of a bunch of reader requests and craft tutorials I’ve been planning. I have so much planned and no time >_< I promise lots of awesome things soon though so keep reading!

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