Stiff Crochet Doily Plate

A while ago a lot of stores suddenly started selling crochet doily plates, baskets and trays. They were out of regular yarn but treated with glue to make them stiff enough to be functional. Very out of my budget though so I decided to give making my own a try!


All you need is a cotton doily and some PVA glue. I decided to just crochet my own out of some stash cotton to use it up.

_1220844 Once it’s finished, wet block it out into the shape you want.

And if required iron it.


Next take some PVA glue and water it down so it has the consistency of milk.
_1220851 _1220853

Dump the doily into it and make sure it soaks up the liquid evenly and completely. If you want something very stiff, you will need a higher ratio of glue._1220854

Squeeze out extra liquid._1220855

Lay out to dry on a plate or something else the shape you want to the finished item to take._1220856 _1220858

Leave it overnight to dry completely and then peel it off._1230283


Depending on the glue you use the stiffness will vary so if you want something like a bowl then use extra glue so it holds shape well. Enjoy! 😀

Target Beret and Charming Cushion Published with Knitpicks!

So excited to say that my first 2 patterns have been released in book form as part of KnitPick’s collections this month! You can get them in physical books, digital books and individually. We’ve been working on these together for almost 9 months now so it’s really awesome to see them out and released finally!!

Briar Rose Home Collection

Charming Cushion Pattern


52194220_2 52194220

Little Luxuries Collection

Target Beret Pattern

52217220_03 52217220_06 52217220_07 52217220_04


Fireside Beanie – Knitting Pattern!


Some of my knitting patterns are finally available online! The first one is my Fireside Beanie which is part of a 4 hat set using KnitPicks Wonderfluff yarn.

The pattern is available on KnitPicks and Ravelry!


Fireside is a simple beanie pattern featuring polka dots over a three-colour base. The hat is worked in the round, bottom up and can be worn with the ribbing section flipped up for a fitted look or with it down for a slouched style. With an easy to memorise stitch repeat, this fun, fashionable and very quick knit, is great for last minute gifts.

3 4 5 6


The Melbourne Flower and Garden Show


Back when I had long hair… (doesn’t that feel like an age ago while I wait for it to grow back out?!?!) we went to the Melbourne Garden and Flower show. Actually it’s probably on again soon so maybe we should go again!


This year wasn’t as interesting as the first year. I think the entry fee is quite steep considering it didn’t really include anything and most of the stalls were actually shops. I really dislike events which charge you to shop.


The competition entries of floral arrangements were really amazing to look at though!

_1320746 _1320755

Extremely fun to get macro shots in here!


I love my little clip on glass thing but I wonder when I will want to upgrade to a real macro lens.


I think I want a lens that has macro but is less depth of field-y?

_1320776 _1320782 _1320794 _1320808 _1320815 _1320822

How cute does Celina look with that short little bob hairstyle? She looks awesome with long hair too but this looks so chic!

_1320831 _1320840

This is pretty much our friendship in a photo:

_1320846 _1320848 _1320857 _1320861 _1320894 _1320901

The fun part of a flower show is that that they bring the bees too 😀

_1320980 _1320983 _1320991 _1330016

There was a display of those squishy bead things you can grow plants in and obviously we spent about 10 minutes just poking our fingers into it because they feel so weird. I wonder if we actually bought some if our stupid plants would stay alive…

_1330021 _1330038 _1330043

This flower reminds me so much of the petticoat in my dress in the photo below 😀

_1330066 _1330071 _1330085 _1330087
_1330112 _1330118 p1320761 p1320795
I wonder what other kinds of these festivals are around that we haven’t been to yet! Excited to find some more this year!!

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