School Dress Make Over Tutorial! – Do It In A Dress

Today’s tutorial is a special one! I’m going to make over a school dress for Do It In A Dress!

Here’s my finished skirt/shirt set:



And here’s the original dress:



Bit of a change yes? ^_^


20-School-Dress-Make-OverBefore we get into the full tutorial let’s have a look at what Do It In A Dress is actually all about.

According to the One Girl website, girls in Sierra Leone are more likely to be sexually assaulted than they are to attend high school. There are so many things wrong with that and as a woman in a first world county, basic educational rights are something that I took for granted.

The Do It In A Dress challenge is all about raising $300 to send a girl in Sierra Leone to school. You can sign up to do challenges in October wearing your dress or donate to someone else doing the challenge.

You can visit the Do It In A Dress website or the One Girl website to learn more. You can buy your own dress just like mine in their shop here too.

So let’s get into what you can do with an old school dress!

You can use any school dress for this but I ordered a larger size from the Do It In A Dress website so I had lots of fabric to work with.



I think I was fairly luck in terms of school uniforms, I lived in a very warm climate growing up and so we had loose shirt/skirt combinations in blue. The skirts were knee length and actually super comfortable and I kept mine for years after graduation to just wear around the house!

The goal of this make over was to see whether I could turn a generic school dress into something which I would still want to wear today. Recycling! I decided the most versatile way to use the dress would be as a shirt/skirt combination. I know, technically it’s no longer doing it in a dress but it makes it much more usable.

First step, turn the dress inside out and put it on.

Measure where you want the shirt to end around the waist and put a pin in. Make sure to leave enough room for hems! Next, pin down each side to make it more form fitting and add 2 darts to the under-bust to give definition.


Take the dress off and lay it out flat to work. Cut off the bottom of the dress to separate it into skirt/shirt. There was a big sticker on the back of mine with the website information so I cut around it.


So inside out you will have something like this:



The sleeves were still looking pretty ridiculous so cut them off at the seam and remove the white cuffs. We are going to attach the cuff back to the shoulders to make mini sleeves.

Cut the extra fabric away from the side seams along your pins. Again, make sure you leave enough fabric there to sew it back together again!



Flatten the shirt out so you can easily pin the white cuffs to the arm holes and stitch them in place.




Next, sew the darts down and resew the side seams.


It looks like a shirt again, yay!


Now it’s time to hem the bottom. I was lucky that I was able to cut the hem so it didn’t conflict with button placement but if you aren’t, you can just move them or add a zip/snap closures.

Shirt done!


Next the skirt!

The skirt area came with a little pocket which had a zip closure. Because the original dress was meant to be loose it didn’t require any other closures around the skirt. I decided to use to pocket zip as the actual skirt zip. To do this I just cut the pocket out and left the zip so it aligned with the top of the skirt. If you can’t do this with yours, you will need to include another way to get your skirt on and off.

Now, put the skirt on inside out and pin on either side to form an A-Line shape. I made mine very high waisted so it could be worn with the matching top or other things in my closet easily. Originally I wanted to make a pencil skirt but that would have meant cutting a slit in the back to allow movement and would have required more zip placement changes etc so I just went with this.

Once you’re happy with the fit, sew up the side seams and hem around the top as well.

Done!! Add some matching accessories and you’re ready to rock 😀


Quite the change and definitely more my current style!



Of course realistically I probably wouldn’t wear the two pieces together very often so the real test was weather they would go with the rest of my wardrobe?



I’d say that’s a resounding yes!




These kinds of make overs really are my favourite sewing projects!



As much as this project has been really fun to do, it’s important to remember the reasons behind it. Please visit the One Girl and Do It In A Dress websites to learn about how you can help a girl get an education.



Let me know if you take up the challenge, I’d love to see your school make overs!


Win $150 Westfield Voucher- Australian Reader Survey

Morning! I hope you had an awesome weekend ^_^

As you guys know, I have recently joined a new agency and they were hoping to get some information about you guys to make sure the campaigns they pitch to me are actually relevant and interesting to you all. It’s been forever since I did a proper reader survey so I figured why not!

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete and as a thank you, they will be sending a $150 Westfield Voucher to a random reader who submits (make sure you put in a valid email if you want to be in the running for it).

Unfortunately this time they can only send the voucher to Australian addresses (feel free to fill it out anyway!) but I’m working on a big competition which will be open internationally soon!

You can fill it out below or click here. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to help and good luck!

My Week In Snapshots ^_^

Snapshots! I’ve decided to take the whole weekend off to get through my sewing pile. It’s gotten a little ridiculous how many things are in there which I keep meaning to do stuff with but never getting around to it >_> So instead of sitting here, I’m going to go and actually do it now! Don’t worry, I will take photos for tutorials and possibly vlogs too while I’m going. In the mean time, enjoy snapshots!


These are some of my favourite things from this week.


Holy crap these Lindt balls are amazing, I don’t usually like their chocolate because it has that odd finish but these ones are SO GOOD!


I’ve been working on my macro photography a lot with the lovely flowers around this time of year ^_^

Ack, this dress is one of the ones I need to sew! The darts in the back are a little awkward around the butt so I’m going to finish them off a little ^_^

Hope you guys are having a good week!

All Time Beauty Favourites- Best Foundation For Pale or Fair Skin

I get asked a lot which make up I’m wearing and honestly most of the time it’s pretty much the same thing. I don’t change stuff up very often once I find something that really works for me. So I’ve decided to do an “All Time Beauty Favourites” series and today we’re going with foundations and bb creams for pale or fair.


I’m very pale. Like disturbingly pale. And I have pink undertones which makes me look terrible in anything close to orange toned. It makes it so hard to find a decent foundation but onwards I go anyway!
From left to right:
I Love BB Light, Maybelline Pure Dream BB for oily skin, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB, Illamasqua Rich Liquid 115, Bourjois Healthy Mix 51
All of these I’ve either tried at home or in store and thought “Yep that looks like a good match” but after wearing them consistently for a decent amount of time I fall out of love ;_;
The order is the same as above.
The one that lasted the longest on me was I Love BB Light and that’s because on my face it had a much greyer tone which worked decently when it was thinned out or mixed with the Illamasqua.
So I Love BB was good and the consistency was good and it lasted all day.
I don’t have oily skin but the Maybelline BB for oily skin was the lightest for some reason and the consistency was thin but ok. I don’t know why the non-oily version was so dark considering it was the same shade.
I wanted to love the Illamasqua so hard and it was definitely the closest to my skin tone. But it was really drying so without a heavy duty moisturiser it ended up a bit cake face-y.
The Bourjois looked awesome in store and then so orange at home 🙁
It got to a point where I was frustrated and out of everything and I went through EVERY foundation in Priceline until I found Models Prefer in their lightest shade.
It is crazy light and a neutral tone so it works with my skin well.
The colour is pretty much perfect and it lasts reasonably well through the day with good coverage. The problem is that it has a tendency to rub off on things :/ It ends up on my clothes a lot which is annoying. But it’s still #1 (even though it’s number 6 in the test).
Rubbed in:
Honourable mention is this Innoxa concealer stick which covers blue eye circles extremely well.
It looks crazy orange on my regular skin but over the top of dark circles it rocks.
It also stays on all day and doesn’t crease during the day. This I love.
So the search continues for the holy grail of foundation for pale skin but the Models Prefer foundation is a decent start! What do you other pale girls like? Have you found something which is the ultimate yet?
Hope you found that helpful and see you next time I do an All Time Favourite post!

How To Sew Lolita Style Wrist Cuffs – Sew Fun

Today’s tutorial is a reader request: how to make your own Lolita style wrist cuffs.

I really haven’t followed Lolita fashion in years but a lot of the things I post here could cross over easily so many of the reader requests I get are about how to diy Lolita items. I usually steer fairly clear of that because it doesn’t match with my style anymore (and I have no idea what’s even fashionable in those circles now) but this request was interesting to me because I made a lot of these when I wore the fashion!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Thick lace
  • Thin eyelet lace and ribbon to go in it
  • Needle and thread
This is the most basic of these style of cuffs and it is going to be hand stitched. You could easily machine stitch them, use elastic or any other kind of embellishments you want.
Begin by cutting a piece of the large lace which is at least 3 times the length around your wrist. Ideally you would like it to be even longer than that because more ruffles = cuter.
Cut a piece of the eyelet lace which is around twice the length of your wrist. My pieces below are a bit shorter than I would usually use because I didn’t have much of either of these left. I would also suggest using a longer piece of ribbon so it’s easier to put into a big bow.
Fold the edges of the thick lace over twice and the running stitch up it to seal in the edge.
Now loosely running stitch down the long side so it gathers into a ruffle.
Pull it tightly so the thick piece is the same length as the eyelet lace.
Fold and stitch the edges of the eyelet lace over.
Place the eyelet lace over the gather in the thick lace. I like to leave it a little lower so the top of the thick lace ruffle can be seen on the other side. Stitch it in place all of the way across and then stitch another row under the ribbon so it’s very secure and even.
You should have something along these lines…
You can just put them on like this but I prefer to move the ribbon through the eyelets so it sits on top with the split in the lace at the bottom.
Like this:
Tie the ribbon into a cute bow and you’re done!
Wearing my old clothes makes me wish it was 2007 and I was in Japan again!
You can vary these easily by adding another layer of the thick lace.
Hope that answers the request and make sure you let me know if you have any others!
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