Covered External Hard Drive Tutorial – Home Sweet Home

Time for another Home Sweet Home tutorial! Today I’m recovering my external hard drive so it matches my desk more!

For this tutorial you will need:

  • Hard drive
  • Old magazines or pretty paper
  • Book covering contact
  • Glue
Clean the outside of your hard drive to make sure that you have a nice smooth surface.
I used pictures from an old fashion magazine. You can use whatever you like. Cut out some pretty paper in the shape of the hard drive. Mine wasn’t big enough so I had to do it in 2 pieces.
Glue the paper to the hard drive. Don’t use too much glue or the paper will go soggy. Just use enough that it won’t move around.
Now cut out contact which is slightly larger than the paper.
Lay it out over the entire hard drive and smooth to make sure there are no bubbles.
Snip off the edges and fold the contact around the corners so it all has something to stick to. You can use a scalpel or art knife if you’re good with them, but I just used scissors.
Done! Easy! Now to do the 102938029384 other hard drives >_<
Much cleaner and it actually matches the house!
Hope you enjoyed the craft and let me know if you give it a try!

No Sew Draped Cardigan Tutorial

Another no sewing tutorial, this time I made an easy draped cardigan!
I think the real key to all of these draped clothes is using the right fabric. I am using a really stretchy fabric which is also thin so it flows really well.

Stretch is much more forgiving if you’re just experimenting too! It’s really important to use a fabric which isn’t going to fray like stretch cotton if you’re not planning on hemming anything.
Of course you need a good little helper dog to do this even if she is really not very helpful.
To begin with I draped the fabric over my mannequin as if it was a wrap. Most of the fabric was bunched around the neck.
I pulled it tight so that the back looked more fitted.
I then cut out some arm holes.
Even this just by itself looks quite cute with a belt!
I wanted to have a few different ways to wear it though so I cut a slit on either side
Now to close it all I needed to do was take the corners and wrap them around to the back.
The underneath one pokes through the slit inside so you can tie them at the back.
It only took around 10 minutes to “make” if you can really call it that. And quite a few ways to wear it!
I could see this being really good in cooler months with a long sleeve shirt under it.

Now this is definitely a quick craft! Let me know if you give it a try!

Pressed Sugar Cookies – Cute Food

Random cute food today: cookies! These cookies have so many different names but I’m going to go with Spritz cookies at the moment because that’s what my recipe said.



I’m not going to bother posting the full recipe because I didn’t change anything when doing it. You can find the recipe on the Wilton website here.

It’s pretty much just a matter of adding the correct ingredients to your mixer until it turns into dough anyway.
Then the fun part happens: Cookie press! I have had this for years but have never found a way to get the recipe perfect. This one finally is the right consistency!
They didn’t come out completely the same which I think is more user error than anything really >_>
But not bad either for a first try!
Then into the oven to bake for a little while then cool down completely.
I tried to double press the bottom one so he’s a little chunky >_>
I then mixed up a batch of royal icing and coloured it.
This was pretty much about practicing my non-existent piping skills and I think I improved a lot just in this time frame!
The one thing I don’t have is stamina, my hands get so sore after about 10 minutes of using something as thick as royal icing that I needed to take a break!
Plus side, they were seriously delicious!
Yum yum yum yum! This was a really fun way to spend an afternoon and I want to make cookies again soon so I can practice even more icing. Next time I think I will try flat sugar cookies and ice proper designs onto them. What kinds of cookies do you like? Do you have a favourite recipe I should try?


School Dress Make Over Tutorial! – Do It In A Dress

Today’s tutorial is a special one! I’m going to make over a school dress for Do It In A Dress!

Here’s my finished skirt/shirt set:



And here’s the original dress:



Bit of a change yes? ^_^


20-School-Dress-Make-OverBefore we get into the full tutorial let’s have a look at what Do It In A Dress is actually all about.

According to the One Girl website, girls in Sierra Leone are more likely to be sexually assaulted than they are to attend high school. There are so many things wrong with that and as a woman in a first world county, basic educational rights are something that I took for granted.

The Do It In A Dress challenge is all about raising $300 to send a girl in Sierra Leone to school. You can sign up to do challenges in October wearing your dress or donate to someone else doing the challenge.

You can visit the Do It In A Dress website or the One Girl website to learn more. You can buy your own dress just like mine in their shop here too.

So let’s get into what you can do with an old school dress!

You can use any school dress for this but I ordered a larger size from the Do It In A Dress website so I had lots of fabric to work with.



I think I was fairly luck in terms of school uniforms, I lived in a very warm climate growing up and so we had loose shirt/skirt combinations in blue. The skirts were knee length and actually super comfortable and I kept mine for years after graduation to just wear around the house!

The goal of this make over was to see whether I could turn a generic school dress into something which I would still want to wear today. Recycling! I decided the most versatile way to use the dress would be as a shirt/skirt combination. I know, technically it’s no longer doing it in a dress but it makes it much more usable.

First step, turn the dress inside out and put it on.

Measure where you want the shirt to end around the waist and put a pin in. Make sure to leave enough room for hems! Next, pin down each side to make it more form fitting and add 2 darts to the under-bust to give definition.


Take the dress off and lay it out flat to work. Cut off the bottom of the dress to separate it into skirt/shirt. There was a big sticker on the back of mine with the website information so I cut around it.


So inside out you will have something like this:



The sleeves were still looking pretty ridiculous so cut them off at the seam and remove the white cuffs. We are going to attach the cuff back to the shoulders to make mini sleeves.

Cut the extra fabric away from the side seams along your pins. Again, make sure you leave enough fabric there to sew it back together again!



Flatten the shirt out so you can easily pin the white cuffs to the arm holes and stitch them in place.




Next, sew the darts down and resew the side seams.


It looks like a shirt again, yay!


Now it’s time to hem the bottom. I was lucky that I was able to cut the hem so it didn’t conflict with button placement but if you aren’t, you can just move them or add a zip/snap closures.

Shirt done!


Next the skirt!

The skirt area came with a little pocket which had a zip closure. Because the original dress was meant to be loose it didn’t require any other closures around the skirt. I decided to use to pocket zip as the actual skirt zip. To do this I just cut the pocket out and left the zip so it aligned with the top of the skirt. If you can’t do this with yours, you will need to include another way to get your skirt on and off.

Now, put the skirt on inside out and pin on either side to form an A-Line shape. I made mine very high waisted so it could be worn with the matching top or other things in my closet easily. Originally I wanted to make a pencil skirt but that would have meant cutting a slit in the back to allow movement and would have required more zip placement changes etc so I just went with this.

Once you’re happy with the fit, sew up the side seams and hem around the top as well.

Done!! Add some matching accessories and you’re ready to rock 😀


Quite the change and definitely more my current style!



Of course realistically I probably wouldn’t wear the two pieces together very often so the real test was weather they would go with the rest of my wardrobe?



I’d say that’s a resounding yes!




These kinds of make overs really are my favourite sewing projects!



As much as this project has been really fun to do, it’s important to remember the reasons behind it. Please visit the One Girl and Do It In A Dress websites to learn about how you can help a girl get an education.



Let me know if you take up the challenge, I’d love to see your school make overs!


Win $150 Westfield Voucher- Australian Reader Survey

Morning! I hope you had an awesome weekend ^_^

As you guys know, I have recently joined a new agency and they were hoping to get some information about you guys to make sure the campaigns they pitch to me are actually relevant and interesting to you all. It’s been forever since I did a proper reader survey so I figured why not!

The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete and as a thank you, they will be sending a $150 Westfield Voucher to a random reader who submits (make sure you put in a valid email if you want to be in the running for it).

Unfortunately this time they can only send the voucher to Australian addresses (feel free to fill it out anyway!) but I’m working on a big competition which will be open internationally soon!

You can fill it out below or click here. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to help and good luck!

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