About Violet LeBeaux

These days, Violet spends most of her time painting, making stickers and knitting.

Violet hates writing these things because it takes up valuable time that she could be crafting, traveling or drinking tea. For some reason she does however, enjoy writing in the third person.

Blogging since 2002, Violet writes about pretty much anything that takes her fancy. These days that includes knitting, taking photos and drawing. Previously it was beauty, travel and hundreds of tutorials.

Thanks so much for reading and come back soon!


Violet has worked professionally with both major brands and local businesses to bring her viewers the best products, places, experiences and services from all over the world.

She and the blog have been featured in many major publications including Tokyo Kawaii InternationalToni and Guy’s Blogged and BoundFrance 24 ObserversThe Age, Sydney Morning HeraldBrisbane TimesStuff.nz and PR Report

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