Earlier this year we went to visit Warook Farm. We’re on a mission to find a petting zoo for grown ups but they seem to be fairly few and far between here haha!

It was super hot but that obviously didn’t stop James from being James. I think he should have sheep groping as his back up career. Seriously, wtf is going on here:

The main draw for us was that they have many different kinds of farm animals that you can feed and pet, like this super cute hairy cow.

The farm is divided into different sections and we the paddocks first to see the bigger animals.

Look at this pony doing a poor job of pretending to be interested in my conversation!

The animals in this section were really curious and friendly (probably because we paid extra for food).

There was a selection of alpacas, sheep and goats here as well.

Clearly these guys were all full because the only one who was interested in me was this extremely forward goat.

The camels weren’t shy either and pretty much just went for it. This is a photo of me discovering that the camel’s skill level to take all of my feed is much higher than my grip strength >_>

What a smug jerk.

Not like friendly goat, he just wanted to be friends. Nothing to do with snacks!

After the heat got a bit much we headed to the other side of the farm.

For some reason, what I was wearing that day was just irresistibly delicious to animals as you’ll soon see.

My bag? Delicious.

My skirt? DELICIOUS.

Worst version of the Coppertone Girl ever.

And look at him there with no remorse!

This parrot had a go at my camera too, clearly I wasn’t making friends today haha!

After that excitement,  we wandered in the shade of the small animal area with bunnies and guinea pigs.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day, we headed to Caldermeade Farm next as it was right near by. It’s good James was finally able to grow some hair too!

That was just a quick stop off though as we then headed to Main Ridge Dairy to cool down and get something to eat.

Obviously all we ate was cheese.

It’s a goat’s cheese dairy so everything was themed around that including a goat’s milk milkshake.

Which was interesting…

And James managed to drop an entire wedge of cheese into my milkshake while he was gesturing wildly and spent 5min trying to fish it out before I decided to cut my losses >_>

The cheese was absolutely delicious though!

On the way out we got to play with some baby goats. I know they’re called kids but I thought it would sound really weird if I said we were playing with some random kids >_>

They were really sweet!

Until one of them tried to eat my sunglasses!!! DELICIOUS!!

I need to figure out what made me taste so good this day so I can attract more pets!


So cute though!

What a nice day full of delicious animals, I mean animals who find me delicious. Whatever!


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