Things here are starting to settle down, so I wanted to start posting again. No guarantees but let’s see where this goes?

A few months ago (*cough* ok like a year ago *cough*) we drove out to Werribee Rose Garden to catch it in full bloom!

Entry to the park is free but there is a gold coin donation box at the front which helps to maintain the beautiful flowers.

The last time we went there weren’t many flowers actually blooming but this time it pulled out all the stops!!

My dress is from Bodyline. I think it looks a lot nicer with the cream belt so I’m thinking of removing the bow straps on the back and sewing them in.

The flowers were honestly amazing. I love macro photography and while it’s cliche, flowers really do make great subjects.

Even better if you can get a bee to model for you too!

Look at us looking like adorable opposites!

This is more accurate, I think I said something highly inappropriate to Celina but maintained the smile for the photo ;D

But obviously the bromance is strong in this group so we should probably stop competing with who’s closest!

Definitely recommend the garden in full bloom if you time it for a really hot day you can even manage to get some photos without 2930804 tourists in the backgrounds haha!

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