I went through a pretty serious weaving obsession for a little while last year. I set up myself a makeshift loom using an old frame from a cheap canvas and wrapped the yarn around it.


James made me a rigid heddle using coffee stirrers and chopsticks and then I bought a shuttle from the Melbourne Spinners and Weaver’s guild.

_1310877 _1310881

It really looks super dodgey but it’s super functional.


These scarves were gifts for my parents. The frame was just long enough to make a decent size scarf._1310891

And it was easy to figure out how to do basic colour work by alternating colour strands!


What I would love to do next (though I say this knowing full well that I haven’t looked at the loom since I did all of these scarves…) is made a massive blanket sized shawl/scarf. Like double the size of the loom, it would be so warm and awesome!_1310902 _1310908 _1310909

These scarves were awesome as stash busters too, all of that super soft acrylic that I just didn’t know what to do with ended up as big cushy scarves 😀
_1330718 _1330720 p1040967 p1040968 p1040969 p1040970