Last year we finally got our act together and visited the Melbourne Cat Cafe! I had been wanting to go for quite a while but never really had an excuse to until Valentine’s Day 😀 Cat date? Yes please!p1040432

The location we visited was inside a big Victorian style house near to the Vic Markets but I understand they have now moved to a different location on Guildford Lane and it looks totally different.


In the entry there was a gift shop and the ticketing area then you walked through the doors upstairs to find the kitties.


I was particularly excited to find Lottie the cat…


And I thought I did but then I overheard one of the staff calling her by a different name so apparently I wasn’t very good at cat hunting haha!

The cats were all very friendly and pretty much just lay around napping and enjoying the attention.


There were probably another 8 people visiting in the time slot we were in (mostly school girls) and the cats were spread out around several rooms so it was a bit awkward trying to find them without disturbing other people. I was expecting the kind of hustle/bustle of a regular cage but the whole ambiance was actually very quiet (no music playing) other than giggles when a cat did something adorable.


After wandering a bit, we found a room with table and chairs and ordered some snacks and drinks. There were no cats when we ordered but the second our food was brought up this happened…


Then this…


Then I was the most popular person in the place haha!



The food was definitely the Australian version of a cat cafe. Here, the laws about food preparation are a lot stricter than other countries so you can’t actually have anything served open. The options were things like plastic wrapped muffins, slices and small bags of chips and bottled drinks or coffee from a vending machine. I had a slice and James had a muffin and they were ok for packaged food but it did feel more like a picnic than an actual cafe especially considering Melbourne’s ridiculous obsession with cafe culture.


The cats were definitely happy to pose for photos and they even let me use my macro lens!

p1040482 p1040484 p1040490
p1040501 p1040508 p1040519
p1040526 p1040530 p1040537 p1040540 p1040546

All of the cats here are rescues so it’s nice for them to have so much affection from people now.

p1040548 p1040550

Overall while I really enjoyed myself and I’m glad we went to check it out, I can’t see myself going back to hang out.


On the way home we were caught up in the LNY celebrations in China Town!
p1040567 p1040576

Definitely a good day!

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