Ages ago I grabbed a heap of these little crop tops for $2 a piece at a sale. They didn’t have my size in a lot of them though so I just took the next size up. They are perfect for Summer or for wearing underneath dresses that don’t have sleeves though so I got my overlocker together and finally took them in a bit.


This was a super easy fix because they are made of stretchy tshirt fabric. All I had to do was find one that did fit and then trace around it.

Pinning is useful for this kind of thing.

_1250148 _1250149 _1250151

So helpful.

_1250152 _1250155 _1250156

Then overlock down the side seam from the sleeve down.
_1250161 _1250162 _1250165

Rinse and repeat for the bajillion others!

_1250167 _1250169 _1250170 _1250172

This also works for long sleeve!

_1250173 _1250174

And depending on the kind of knit sweaters too!

_1250176 _1250179