After we went to Bendigo to look for yarn and the not-so-pink cliffs last year, Celina and I discussed in great detail the need for mittens. I mean it’s Melbourne and they’re only needed like once a year… but can’t hurt to have nice ones for that once a year?

I decided for mine I wanted to practice some colour work so I drew up a basic flip top and flip thumb mitten shape and added a honey comb pattern with a bee/wheat/crown motif on the front. I loved doing the colour work but I didn’t consider my colours well enough so the bee pattern is too pale. I’m considering embroidering over it… but I guess I’ll think about it when I need mittens again that one time next year haha!


000-knitted-bee-mittens012-knitted-bee-mittens 001-knitted-bee-mittens 002-knitted-bee-mittens 003-knitted-bee-mittens 004-knitted-bee-mittens 005-knitted-bee-mittens
007-knitted-bee-mittens 008-knitted-bee-mittens 009-knitted-bee-mittens 010-knitted-bee-mittens 011-knitted-bee-mittens