Last year I went on a mitten binge. I made like 4 pairs of flip top mittens in a month. The first pair I made was a going away present for Stef and I based them roughly off this pattern.



They were made using light pink from Bendigo Woollen Mills and the red from Fibra Natura Sensationals which was left over from my cardigan.

_1220528 _1220530

I changed the pattern to make the thumbs flip top as well so they could be used for texting but I wished I had ribbed the edges to make them a little longer too so they could cover up the hole more.

_1220533 _1220534 _1220535 _1220536 _1220538

I really loved the yarn I used on these but I didn’t love the end shape. I just can’t seem to find the perfect mitten shape!


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