Note: OMG I didn’t think it would be this popular, more than half the sticker sheets sold out overnight so if you want to get some better be quick! Thank you so much to everyone who has bought them so far!

I disappeared for a while there, it was partially because I have just been SO unorganised. I gave up keeping a to do list and my diary was just for appointments for a while. I thought it would make me less stressed to not look at all the things I had to do… but it turned out it just meant I didn’t have a reminder to do them so they never got done >_>

So I went to the dark side… the planner side. I went and got some *cough* 3 *cough* mini planners from Kikki K and went to town.


The spiral into addiction was quick. From buying the journal I thought “Hmm a pretty journal deserves pretty insides…” so I started collecting stickers. But it wasn’t enough… I wanted to make my own stickers.

The next thing I knew I had a printer and a die cutter and I was designing sheet upon sheet to decorate my things with. It was an extremely slippery slope!

And that’s how all of these happened:

todo2 make2


After honing my technique and printing a bajillion test sheets I’ve put a limited batch of stickers up for sale in my Etsy store. These ones are really limited runs and I’m not sure which ones I’ll reprint if any so go have a look now 😀


In the mean time, feel free to enjoy some gratuitous sticker photography…

hello2 gem4

I’m really glad I’m not the only person who is completely obsessed with diaries and organising things like this!

flower2 cats2 bunny3

I’ve decided that there’s no such thing as the perfect diary/organisational system so now I’m a little obsessed with making my own. I’m thinking of printing my own custom pages to go in the Kikki K diaries too… too far? I don’t think so >_>

bow4 berg3

Lottie also personally approves every order that goes out so you can be assured that it’s not full of tuna or bacon 😉

So in conclusion… I am going to be organised, and I’m not going to do ALL the things but I’m going to definitely do some things!

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