I can’t believe I haven’t done an nail art tutorial for this look before *_* I’ve worn it so often that I figured I had already done one… but I guess not?

This year I’ve been keeping my nails really short again but I’ve started to grow them again recently so I’m  interested in making them pretty again 😀

So let’s get going with some chocolate nails!

Start off by doing a base coat in a pastel colour. I went with a matte peach this time which was a mistake because it chipped in about 3 seconds flat >_> I love matte polish but it’s so hard to maintain!

Pick a nice chocolatey colour and load up your brush so the bottom of it is round like a drop. Press the drop onto your nail and drag it up slightly to make a tear shape like this:

Use the same technique to make another drop which is lower than the first.

Join them by adding a drop between them. This polish has a shimmer in it so you can see the drops well.

Add another drop on either side so the whole nail is covered. You want the brown to take up about half of the nail.

Wait for it to dry and then use a toothpick or a nail art brush to paint on some sprinkles. I used some more pastel colours that came in the same set as the peach bottom coat.

Once the whole thing is dry, give it a top coat.

Rinse and repeat for all of your other nails! … Don’t actually rinse though because that would probably bump the nail polish!


Celebrate with some cake in real life now!


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