This bear looks like how I feel >_> Over the weekend our horrible neighbours finally moved out and they had a loud blow out party and trashed their place as a final “suck it” to their landlord. It was loud and late at night and I just want to sleep for about a week now. I don’t really have a lot of energy lately to start with!

Instead let’s make a crochet bear coffee cosy 😀 I’m using a 3mm hook and crocheting with 2 strands of yarn at once to give it a mottled effect.

I measured the size off a Starbucks cup holder but I think the Aus sizes are smaller than the American ones so probably best to measure your cups locally!

Start by chaining 40 and joining in a circle.

Chain 2 and then start single crocheting around the chain. Continue going around in a spiral around and around. Make sure you mark where the beginning of the round is so you can count accurately.

I wanted a thin bear so I did 6 rounds then bound off.

Next, join on some yarn around the front where the first ear will start. Single crochet 4 stitches then turn, chain one, skip the first stitch and single crochet into the next 2 stitches. Slip stitch into the next stitch and bind off.

Repeat this for a second ear on the other side.

To finish the top and make the ears look nice and round, slip stitch all the way around the top.

Use some black yarn to sew on a face. You can choose to make it look a little happier and less sleep deprived if you like >_>

Of course, it’s much cuter if you add some blush too. I always used to use yarn or felt or something physical to make blush spots but lately I’ve been using actual blush and it’s so much softer and cuter!

Yay grumpy bear!

I hope you guys are well and having a good week. I will catch up on sleep and have enough energy soon to stop disappearing for weeks at a time I hope soon!

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