You guys are always teasing me about whether I even own any pants well haha I managed to dig some out!

This was a nice casual outfit to go and pick up a guitar James bought off a lady on Gumtree.

The shirt/jumper I bought for $2 from the Camberwell markets when we first moved down here. The sleeve had a hole in it so I cut them shorter a few months ago.

The jeans are from Aly about 8 years ago-ish. I’m surprised they even still fit haha!

The shoes are my favourite obnoxious sneakers. They were the last pair at 7Angels and they’re both comfortable and blindingly gold.

My make up was super light. I’ve been wearing a lot less make up lately and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s a new look that I’m trying out but it might really just be laziness >_>

My eyes still haven’t totally recovered from a string of late nights, allergies and colds so I’m going to keep giving them a break for a while.

Bonus shot because I’m so cool. I actually lost these sunglasses a few weeks ago and I’m so sad. I wish I could remember where they came from so I could get another set because I love them so much ;_;

Hope you’re all having a good week so far!

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