So earlier this year I got it into my head that I wanted to collect flowers, press them and make resin jewellery with them. Results on the resin jewellery were mixed but more on that later because today is all about flower pressing!

You need:

  • Flowers
  • Baking paper
  • Heavy books

I collected my flowers from a random park we did some filming at out on the East side of town. I tried to get a variety but I ended up sticking with a lot of daisies because they’re my favourite.

Cut a piece of baking paper double the size of the flowers you’re pressing and fold it in half.

Lay the flowers down and make sure they don’t overlap. If they do overlap they will get stuck to each other and you won’t be able to get them apart easily.

You may need to smoosh them down with your fingers to get them to lay the way you want them.

Fold the baking paper over the flowers so they are completely covered and press gently so the flowers lay nice and flat.

Transfer the baking paper into the middle of a book. I didn’t have any thick books so I just used a stack of thin ones with 1-2 layers of flower sinside.

Stack the books somewhere out of the way. If you don’t think they are heavy enough stack something on top, I used a subwoofer from the TV.

Leave them for at least a week. I was very impatient and kept peeking inside but it really did take a week for them to dry properly. Apparently you can speed it up by using your oven/microwave but I think it’s nicer to have something to look forward to!

So one week later…

Smooshed and lovely!

The small detailed flowers worked a lot better than the bigger ones.

So pretty!

Cherry blossoms:

And all kinds of others:

After gently removing them from the paper I put them in some tupperware and left them overnight to completely dry out.

This was a really fun project and really just the start because now you get to decide how to use the dried flowers 😀

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