Well I couldn’t find my shots from Christmas/Billy Idol Day… so this week will be all about Melbourne’s different seasons.

Most of you guys are overseas and I get a lot of questions about the seasons here. Probably because I talk about them like they are exciting… which they are to me because I grew up in North Queensland which only has 2 seasons: hot and slightly less hot. Growing up there, seasons were something you saw on American tv and I don’t think I really saw trees dropping their leaves until a few years ago!

Melbourne has 4 really distinct seasons.

Winter – June, July and August.

Winter is quite cold, I don’t think it’s gotten to below 0C while I’ve been here but the highs are usually between 8-12C but the wind chill is lower.

Winter always has a kind of blue tinge to the light for some reason. All of the trees in the CBD are deciduous so there are sprawling branches to go with the old architecture. I think Melbourne’s building’s look the most beautiful in Winter.

It’s the kind of weather which makes you want to eat cake under a blanket and knit.

Autumn- March, April and May.

We’re supposed to be hitting Autumn at the end of the month and it’s definitely starting to cool down more! It’s a beautiful season here because the city is so full of trees that everywhere you turn it’s orange. The light is still tinged with an orange glow from Summer but the wind is the chilly like Winter and will whip in your face.


Of course, it happens very quickly so it’s not long before it looks like this:

Big coats are usually still mandatory which reminds me that I need to get mine dry cleaned so I can bring it out again!

I think Autumn seems like the windiest month, but that might just be because you can see the leaves being whipped around.

I think Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons because they are the ones I really missed out on growing up it’s still a novelty for me to watch the leaves come and go.

And then we’re back around to Summer. I just realised that I’m going through these backwards… well the photos were already in that order and I’ve come this far…

Summer -December, January and February.

Clearly Summer makes me lazy. Heat really does make me pretty lazy. Even though I grew up in much warmer temperatures than this, I don’t function well in anything over 35C. I cannot wait until we can move somewhere that has air-conditioning.

Summer here is hot but it’s a really dry heat so it doesn’t feel as bad as it is. The worst part is the hot wind though, it makes going outside feel like you’re walking into a city sized hair dryer.

The upside of Summer is that Melbourne is FULL of beautiful flowers and plans. There are events practically every day of the year to explore and because people actually enjoy Summer (unlike me) everyone is in a good mood.

The sun doesn’t go down until like 9:30 at night which is very strange for me as in QLD it pretty much went down at the same time every day regardless of the time of year. Melbourne also takes part in daylight savings which obviously factors into that but no matter how long we live here I just can’t get used to eating dinner while the sun is still up.

Summer means an orange glow in the sun and sunset lasts forever. This year it’s been really mild so there have only been a few hot weeks. The year before, the temperatures were up to 45C for almost a week *_* All of my plants died and Lottie, James and I survived by eating frozen vegetables and Slurpees all week. Frozen minted peas = best Summer snack.

Even though it’s been mild, I’m still ready for it to be over!

Then lastly we come to Spring which is one of my favourites.

Spring – September, October and November.

Spring here is full of daisies and dandelions which I absolutely adore.

Spring means flowers everywhere even in the city. I get really excited and want to start doing lots and lots of new crafts. I think Spring is my most productive month because I want to get out and take photos and I actually have the energy to stay up late and follow projects through.

Out in the suburbs there are areas which are full of cherry blossoms too!

Of course, Melbourne is known for having all 4 of those seasons within the space of an hour so I don’t know how accurate any of my descriptions really are!

It’s pretty much impossible to dress comfortably here without layering a bunch of stuff to slowly put on or strip off.

This post got a little weird! But I hope that gives a decent picture of what it’s like living here ^_^

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